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Progression bets are nothing more than different size bets on different spins. You could get lucky and win big, or unlucky and lose even more.

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pinch betting

Started by roulettedealer333, Sep 29, 09:06 AM 2022

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Hello, my name is Brian. I was a roulette dealer and advantage player for over 10 years. I would like to share with you one of my most effective methods of placing bets on a live wheel...when time isnt on your side.
You have to realize something first, something very important: your win percentage will come from your actual betting strategy, and your advantage will come from your edge over the house. Now, win percentage means nothing without an advantage, and an advantage means absolutely nothing without an efficient method of placing bets. That being said, I developed a method years ago which i used very successfully called "pinch betting".
The idea derived from my experience as a roulette dealer, picking up losing bets from the board as fast as i can to speed the game along and keep the ball spinning. After all, this is where the casino makes its money...not in the dead air between spins. Gotta keep the ball moving. So i used a method called picking or pinching to pick up chips as fast as possible. Now, what does this have to do with the players side of the table?
Lets say through visual ballistics or some other effective method of spin prediction you manage to identify a landing zone on the wheel withing say, 9 pockets. This would be a significant advantage provided you had time to bet it, which in most cases you do not. Once you have determined a landing zone, you will in most cases be down to mere seconds before the dealer waives off the board and calls no more bets, but this is where pinch betting can become very advantageous for you.Here is what you do:
place a single chip on every number before the dealer spins, and wait. While you are waiting for the spin, notice the speed of the wheel, count it. Also, take notice of where the dealer begins the spin from, and additionally if he pushes the wheel again before spinning, which would render your initial speed count void. These are all things that will help your prediction emensly.
Once the ball is spun and you compare the rotation speed to the wheel speed and you have your prediction, you must now begin "pinching" your "losing" bets as quickly as possible. On a double zero wheel, you will only need to remove 3 chips to attain a one unit profit, and every chip you manage to remove beyond that, before "no more bets", will add to your profit. You begin on the opposite side of your landing zone and start removing chips. This will allow room for ball bounce and give narrow the board towards your landing zone while allowing you a cusion for slippage.
YES....normally this type of bet would be TERRIBLE, however, you have a high win percentage as the majority of the board is covered, and this is coupled with an advantage which is gained by leaving the majority of your bets on or near the predicted landing zone. This increases your your edge considerably.
Lets imagine you used the pinch betting method blindly, without the benefit of predicting a landing zone, you would gain a high win percentage as you have more numbers covered than not, giving you an edge in numbers, however, one loss would wipe out most if not all of your winners.....this is because you are betting blind.
The name of the game here is to bet as quickly as possible....better to have extra bets on the table in addition to the winning bet than to not place a chip on the winning number because you ran out of time....this puts time on your side. Assuming you have a solid prediction method which has been tested and provides you with a suitable edge, this method of betting will absolutely excel your play to another level. This is one of the methods i used for years, and it works.
One tip when using this method would be to avoid a busy game as other players chips may be stacked on top of yours keeping you from removing them....so how do you combat this? Its simple....always be as a team. My team and i would lock a table down, preventing any outsiders from betting. By doing this you not only eliminate the problem of bets being stacked on top of yours, but you also increase the speed and accuracy of your betting. Each player places bets in predesignated zones of the wheel and removes only thier chips once the landing zone has been identified. This speeds up the process emensly as each player only needs to remove a few chips from the table. It also keeps the casino from becoming suspicious of your advantage play as the winners will vary from spin to spin, no one person will be "racking up", however, what they dont know is that at the end of the night the winnings will be divided up amongst the players as you will be using a combined bankroll. This means there will seemingly be both winners and loosers at the table, keeping the eye in the sky from targeting your table. Its called "flying under the radar", and is essential if you want to make a career of beating the wheel.
Hope this helps, enjoy it. Its just one of many methods in the "vault". From a guy with the real time experience who has been there. Good luck to all. ----roulettedealer