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Simple new way to bet with patterns

Started by roulettepreditor, Sep 30, 07:28 AM 2022

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Just thought i'd share this way with everyone, i look for patterns in double and single numbers, so i see 1,3,6,5,4 then double numbers are due so i bet on 2nd and 3rd dozen and comes in 99% of the time, then i'm left with a 1,3,6,5,4,32 pattern 4,32 single double pattern, if it goes to a single number then i have a confirmed pattern to chase and break.

In a nut shell 4,32,1,24,7,32 won't last long so bet on the doubles breaking it like 4,32,1,24,7,32,23 << breaks on the doubles.

Test it, it works a treat for me

Good luck, hope this makes sense.

Betting on opposites is insane


What about the fact there are only 10 single digit numbers, and 27 double digit numbers?

How will this provide equitable patterns?