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Auto roulette vs regular tables

Started by Tekunda, Mar 24, 08:21 AM 2023

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Our hand-spun tables at the local casino only produce 20 rounds per hour which is rather slow.
In order to test a system on a live table it would take a whole evening to run 100 roulette outcomes.
Now do you think that an auto roulette might get different results when compared to a roulette spun by a live dealer, or does it not matter who or what spins the wheel?


I would suggest taking a few (or more, maybe even much more) sets of 100 spun numbers (past results) from a casino (live dealer tables) and testing your idea thoroughly before going to the B&M and putting real money on the table.
Then test it again using auto-roulette spins and compare.
Yes, 20 spins/hour is rather slow. Almost unplayable for many methods.
Good luck.

Kimo Li

Auto roulette verses live play offers opportunity for different styles of play.

Auto roulette offers the reasonable table stakes for the recreational player, starting at 1.00 minimum bet. A wide range of strategies can be implemented depending on the stream of random numbers. For the professional roulette player, the only disadvantage is the amount wagered straight up on any number. Anything over 33 dollars is subject to taxation (American wheel). As a result, the auto roulette kiosk will lock up and an attendant will "eventually" show up and present tax documents for you to sign and get paid in cash.

Live roulette table stakes usually offers a minimum stake of 10.00. If a player, with a proper bankroll, can tolerate the boredom of slow play, more power to that individual. For me, the only advantage of live play is higher table limits and the hit and run approach, hit once or twice and be done for the day.

Testing any strategy while playing live is rookie mistake.


That is exactly the reason why I don't like live roulette tables. They are just too slow for me. Especially if I use strategies that need many spins to work best. Theoretically for the number outcome it should not matter what kind of roulette you use but when I observed the numbers I realized that in live roulette happen more "crazy" things like the same numbers comes 5 or 6 times in 20 spins. In an online roulette with quick spins the numbers are more mixed. But that's just my experience.
I have a love - hate - relationship with roulette.