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Rolling Repeats - Idea

Started by duchobor, May 02, 06:39 AM 2023

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I'm attaching an Excel image of three separate games. Games are 37 spins long, played on a 37-rolling basis, and consist of a 'number groups' (RL-RH-BL-BH) and their three states as a result: Unhit, Single (Unique), and Repeat. I think the image should be self-explanatory but just in case: the more intense colours indicate a repeat of a certain group. On the right are the results of the 'states'. In the frames some additional info on gaps. Games a chosen because of their diversity - different number of repeats, different gaps, and different distributions. (!)
So, looking at the spreadsheet image. Do you have any ideas on how to beat it? Have someone already tried a similar method? I think if one could come up with a solution that cracks all three, then it's (relatively) safe to say, it should beat most of the games.
One possible solution for flat-betting that is staring at our faces would be: to bet against the last outcome. But... since the group we would be betting against consists of around 3 numbers (average) then we would be covering almost the whole carpet for the gain of 2 (maybe 3) units. In that case:
No immediate repeat of a group: gain of around 70 units per game
1 repeat: profit of around 35 units
2 repeats: we arrive around the break-even point
3 (or more): loss
So, not ideal.
Moving on. If we disregard the number groupings and focus solely on the three categories of Unhits, Singles(Uniques), and Repeats, we know that the so-called "law'" of the third applies (of course) not only to the standard 37-spin cycle, but can be observed in the same way on the rolling basis - if we take 37 rolling spins, or 100, or 1000. I'm just focusing on a 37 of a rolling 37 as an example of gameplay. So we should see on average 1/3 unhits, 1/3 singles, and 1/3 repeats. But... in actuality, the number of singles in play may vary between 4 and 23 (yeah, big gaps). The number of unhits between 8 and 21 (smaller gaps).
Is there a way to take advantage of this? I can't see a flat-bet solution. The only way that comes to mind is d'Alembert. But... there is (almost) always a but. d'Alembert success relies on the distribution of results. With big gaps in between hits, the dept accumulated in the early stage may be too big to recover even with frequent hits later in the game if the results (hits) will be somewhat scattered.
Any ideas, guys? Or should I trash it all? :)


reminds me a lot of my rolling wave tracker i posted...just for unhits unique and repeats on a rolling 37 spin basis...you will notice on a rolling count that they do up and down on a spin by spin basis...all counts...1/3rd is a bit of a fallacy....as its not...maybe you could try it a different way to get a more stable count to suit...


All right, I think I found the waves tracker in the corners of the forum. Is that the one in the image? At first glance still, only d'Alambert comes to my mind while trying to figure out a possible betting strategy. Those waves though... maybe betting for keeping the balance intact? So either: bet the group that is furthest away from balance (in minus) or bet against the one that is furthest ahead (in plus). It's a raw idea, I'm thinking about this as I write in this very second. No tests done as of yet. But then again the waves... they don't tend to go just straight up and straight down, there are many fluctuations in-between and some sudden changes up and down. This certainly could extend the session beyond 37 or 75 or even 111 spins sometimes.
Hmm. Hmmm. I'm gonna have to sleep on this :)


that was one of them...

Quote from: duchobor on May 02, 02:49 PM 2023maybe betting for keeping the balance intact

was my 1st port of call back in the day...to keep counts on spin the same which you see...if furthest number away was a unique repeat etc...just bet to keep count the same accordingly...if it was a unique..bet unhits...if it was a repeat bet uniques...if it was a repeat with 2 or more bet repeats to match..to keep counts the same....pretty sure i posted another wavetracker on here to show these counts...on a rolling basis...

this method was just to keep the counts the same...which they do ,,,but counts slowly move up and down negating what you want to achieve.

ayk tracker is ideal to see this...


ayk tracker..put in a folder...extract click on index it will open up in your browser...config to 37...makes it a rolling tracker...click on unique and repeats tab to highlight them...and have fun