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3 numbers bet

Started by MumboJumbo, May 03, 03:56 AM 2023

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This is 3 numbers bet system based on the last number for 12 spins only.

First find your number on the list:

1 3 5
2 4 6
7 9 12
8 10 11

13 15 17
14 16 18
19 21 23
20 22 24

25 27 30
26 28 29
31 33 35
32 34 36

Let say number 7 was drop
Now play numbers 7 9 12 for 12 times

When last number drop let say it is number 15
Now play 13 15 17 for 12 times

Have a fun day.... copyright MumboJumbo
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LOL .. this certainly is a wave of a fresh air.


It's a fun one. A losing one but fun and easy for a change :) Streets of colour...
I like a 'copyright' tough.


Duchobor, are you russian?
I don't have TheHolyGrail.



There is a russian etnic religion called Духобор (duchobor). Translates as spirit fighter.
I don't have TheHolyGrail.


Ah, yes, I understand where you're coming from.
"Duchoborcy" or "Duchobory" ( духоборы/духоборцы ) indeed translates as fighters of the spirit. That's from Britannica: "Dukhobor, (Russian: "Spirit Wrestler"), member of a Russian peasant religious sect, prominent in the 18th century, that rejected all external authority, including the Bible, in favour of direct individual revelation."
But I'm neither russian nor a member of a religious group.

Duchobor is (and was prior to the existence of that group) an ancient Slavic symbol. Its roots come from the native faith and old 'pagan' times.
Duchobor symbolizes the primal inner Fire of Life. This Great Divine Fire destroys in man all physical ailments and diseases of Soul and Spirit. It symbolizes the true essence of life, irrepressible strength, and energy, the animating principle that has the ability to overcome all manifestations of negativity, disease, and evil.
Duchobor cleanses from the spiritual level.
This Sacred Symbol embodies spiritual purity and harmony.
That's the best I can explain it in English :)

Thanks for a nice catch Praline, and apologies to MumboJumbo for an off-topic :)


Easy to play, easy to understand and the best part is easy to make money  :thumbsup:
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Quote from: MumboJumbo on May 04, 07:28 AM 2023Easy to play, easy to understand and the best part is easy to make money

How many spins did you have tested this strategy? if hit a number and still not are at profit we restart with the last number or keep counting the 12 spins?


Don't restart game, just keep betting for 12 spins.
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if win within 12 bets? then start a new set of 12 bets with the winning number?


No, if the last number was 16, then start with 14, 16, 18 for 12 spins, no matter if you have winning number or not.
HolyGrail price 100k € [email]tomislavija@hotmail.com[/email]


the problem is know if it will work on long term.. 20k spins, 30k spins, 100k spins