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Odds and payouts are different things. If either the odds or payouts don't change, then the result is the same - eventual loss.

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I finnaly found the Holy grail.

Started by Will1196, May 28, 07:55 AM 2023

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So I know you will think that I'm lying because an Holy Grail seems too beautiful too be real.

But today I know that after a tons of testing my system is working and I already made a lot of money with.

I'm not here to selling you anything and it's useless to send me any private message.

I'm just here to tell you how to find the holy grail.

Here are the most important rules you have to know if you're looking for it :

1- Most important rule, you have to be aware that each spin is completely independant.
2- Never use a progression with your own money, you can use the money you won from roulette but never your own money. once you use a progression with your own money, you're literally pointing a gun on your head and waiting till it shots.
3- Losing a bet doesn't mean that you have the Holy Grail, a 100% winning system does not exist. Everything is possible.

Good luck for the search of Holy Grail, it does exist.




Yep, this post is bs.
But hg really exist he is right, there is really pattern how to bet on roulette table to make it possible.


Holy grail is a dangerous term  ;D