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New Working Method (Roulette of course)

Started by Queen Of Roulette, Aug 11, 03:38 PM 2023

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Can anyone name me a bet that isn't an inside, outside or call bet?

Unless he means a section of the wheel, which is an inside bet.


"Hi TriCycle,
Maybe you're right. "There is no prophet in his own country.")
Sometimes I think about it too. Because the method is really promising, but everyone either criticizes or scoffs... Three days ago, I wrote a few responses to such attacks and answer questions regarding the method in details - but so far they have not been approved by the moderator) How did your message manage to break through so quickly?)"

Hi Queen Of Roulette, it only takes a few to upset the apple cart.


Hi there Queen of Roulette, (User 'Queen Of Roulette' can not receive personal messages.)

suspicions always gets me when I'm trying to spell it, it's one of those words that doesn't sit right or left with me. Maybe that's just me.

If only a few would use 10% either way they might be able to understand what it is you're trying to help
them with.

Anyways, nice to talk to you as I couldn't encapture your response as the mods are restricting on the forum.