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Alternating play styles for best opportunity

Started by dasbouk, Sep 07, 05:36 PM 2023

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I've been working on thousands of spin simulations over the last couple of months testing out different systems, but all seemed to fail regularly on their own. I think I've found a good combination of strategies. Either strategy will work on its own in short bursts, but this will give you more spins to play so you're not sitting there waiting for patterns to emerge. It's also recommended you play on an RNG kiosk and not the live wheel. My casino's electronic roulette has a min bet of 50 cents and max of $3000. The table is $15-20 min and $300-500 max. Try it out with the smallest unit first to minimize your risk. It's also notable that the electronic roulette continues spinning and producing information even when no one is playing, which can provide you with information. The live wheel won't play out if no one is betting. You are also not likely to be allowed to sit at the live wheel and watch results even if there are other players.

Primary strat: bet that the color will stay the same. If last spot was red, bet red. If last hit was black, bet black. One unit to start, martingale (2x) will get you 1 unit profit for each hit, but if you are losing, stop at 4 losses ($75 if using $5 units) and start over. Do not go past 4 losses in a row. This will allow you more chances without destroying your bankroll on the next 2-3 spins. It's also important you let the alternating play out without betting until you see another repeated color.

Secondary strat: Dozens and columns. For both dozens and columns, there are stretches where one of the doz/col goes missing for anywhere from 6-15 spins or even more. If you see one of the dozens or columns missing for 5 or more spins, bet 1 unit each on the 2 that are hitting. Continue flat betting this way until you lose. For this one, if you bet 1 unit each, you profit 1 unit total for each win. Alternately, if you see one of the doz/col go missing for more than 10 spins, bet 1 unit on the missing doz/col and martingale until it hits. Again, if you hit 5 losses, stop and start over. Dozens are MUCH easier to identify. Only 3rd column is obvious because it's divisible by 3, the other 2 are harder to see.

This is a recent strategy I've been doing and won my last 3 trips. It only took me about 30 mins to more than double my bankroll (I only start with $160 and bet $5 units). Once you double your money, stop and take a break or go home. If you take 5 martingale losses in a row, stop. Take a break and come back and start over. Over time every system will fail. That's why doing this in short bursts is the best option.

I based my system on the fact that every simulator I've used has shown these patterns. Color switches back and forth do happen, and can happen for many, many spins, but those longer patterns emerge only once or twice every 100 spins. Same for the doz/col bets. In several simulations, up to 90 pct of all spins were pattern-based. One dozen misses for 12 spins, then another misses for 9, then the dozen switches every spin for 8-10 spins. The streaks are there. You just have to know when to jump in and jump out.

If you are doubtful of this, go to the casino, sit at a roulette kiosk and watch the spins without betting for 15-20 mins. This should show you about 30-40 spins and you can see the patterns for yourself.


Hello @dasbouk,

My view on alternating play is to use one side for "slow & steady" production and the other side for recovery in a more sharp way thanks to a greater payout.

For instance:

- Production: 5 double streets.

- Recovery: one (1) double street.

Why not play only recovery? Because you are making both sides of your alternating play become a framework where each bet has a functionality, as in being a piece of an ordered bigger picture.

Always watching the overall session balance, always increasing and decreasing the bets according to how close or far you are from break even, including some form of positive progression to capitalize on the larger winning streaks.

Also, remember you can use positive progressions for recovery in these ordered frameworks. Limited positive progressions where you raise the base unit according to the units you need to break even, within some limited steps (e.g. 2 back-to-back wins).

This type of alternating play is more conservative that the "traditional progressions" one. Raising the base unit on the recovery side consciously can prove to be better thanks to the greater payout and hence the lesser unit exposure to bring the bankroll balance back into shape.

Thanks for your willingness to share your ways.

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