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Help me to develop a Betting System

Started by watchblue, Nov 07, 08:26 AM 2023

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Hi everyone,
I am new here and I am wondering if someone can help me with a betting strategy that is in my mind but cannot find a proper way (yet) to place it in action.

The idea is do not use a progression to increase the bet but ... the next spins instead to increase the bet just move the bet where pay better.

For example: wait to see the number that come and it is 1, ok then Level 1 of betting is one unit on the double street 1-6.

Now next number is 8, ok we didn't win so Level 2 of our betting, we "enter" on the table with our betting with a corner bet, so we cover the previous spin with a double street 1-6 and a corner 1-2-4-5 and the next number that came was 8 so new double street 7-12 and 1 unit in the corner 7-8-10-11

As you can see we don't increase the bet on the single position (yes in fact increase the total bet) but we are start to cover more and more of table with more chance to hit the right number. Clearly it pay better if we hit a number covered by the corner  and not for example 3 or 6 or 9 or 12, but they are still covered by the double street betting so we have the money back.

Level 3 of the betting in case we have not yet hit the number, not sure if to use the street betting (that pay 12 to 1) or increase the corner or the double street.

Anyway I think I am on something, we are covering in the progress more and more of the roulette table with a good chance to get a win. I think the best would be to stop at some sort of Level 5 when you are covering already 6number x 4levels and the betting can be too big.

Let me know what you think and if you have some ideas on how to improve this draft first version of the betting system.

Thanks, Cheers


Quote from: watchblue on Nov 07, 08:26 AM 2023The idea is do not use a progression to increase the bet but ... the next spins instead to increase the bet just move the bet where pay better.

Hello @watchblue, you are describing a "parachute" system (progression in risk).

If you want an example of this way of betting, starting from the double street location, you can check "Manrique's 34-unit parachute":


Hope it helps.
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Thanks so much for the answer VLS, looks very interesting, I will look into it even more and trying to apply to my strategy  :)


Hi watchblue. There's always a way to construct two different results from the same position on the table, this means you can combine these results to produce more intriguing results (it's called concatenate). By not using one single event you have opened up a whole new world of events. Hope this helps.


And further to my point, if you put numbers or distances or anything you like together you are no longer playing their game you are playing yours. Why would anyone want to play their game when facts show that it is a losing proposition?


Thanks for the followup TriCycle, please can you provide me an example of the concatenate strategy you have mentioned? I am trying to concatenate events but with no great success for the moment. What I am trying to do is to assume that I cannot win all the spin, but the next one that I will win then I will recover the losses and get a profit, and doing so I am "entering" on the table with different betting each subsequent spin in order to better positioning the betting based on the new spins and results, that's my idea of concatenate, but looking forward to your inputs  :D


Not sure concatenate is the way unless you have something it's built upon