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Help me to develop a Betting System

Started by watchblue, Nov 07, 08:26 AM 2023

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Bad attempt at psychic, 6th sense, telepathy, uncanny joke.


Quote from: Blueprint on Dec 08, 01:53 PM 2023Bad attempt at psychic, 6th sense, telepathy, uncanny joke.

no probs...i want you to look at the post i quoted from tricycle ....tri means 3...then i,m going to revert back to my thread 37 back to basics ...probably tommorrow evening...and pose the same question and application to use as i did with other members....and the basic explanation...let me think on it..just to give you a different perspective


Thanks so much for this video ancientone, it looks very interesting nevertheless is not completely clear how he change sometimes the bet to straight up on which numbers, let me know if you have the complete list of rules to follow for that particular strategy  :)