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Would anybody be interested?

Started by RMore, Jan 06, 06:55 PM 2024

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I've come to the conclusion, after many years of trying, that discussions by email are fruitless. It doesn't matter the topic - anything that is conceptually complicated just cannot be adequately discussed by the exchange of emails. Or chat groups - basically anything that uses the written word.

Why is this? I suppose there are learned tomes somewhere to be found but I believe it is quite simple. Everybody thinks differently and conceptualizes differently. Not to mention general IQ differences. So the chance of a concept, when an explanation is attempted by the written word, is next to impossible to convey properly and fully.

How does this come about? Well, obviously English may not be a person's native language as a starter, so as a discussion unfolds words that are used are not checked along the way. And even if it is, a person's cultural background affects how we form concepts abstractly, so I might think I have explained adequately but the reader may have formed a completely different understanding and I will never know. Not to mention that words themselves are not mathematical symbols and so lack specificity of meaning. And finally - ego. Honestly, I've dealt with some real assholes over the years, and in a couple of cases I just had to terminate discussions due to the affect it was having on my mental health. Ignorance and arrogance is everywhere my friends.

Anyhow, I'm retired now and have a bit of time on my hands and have revived my interest in the game somewhat and would like to engage the brain again by entering into some meaningful discussions - just for fun and the mental challenge really. However I have decided that I will not do it by email or chat groups or the like this time. It would have to be in proper discussion - real time. With people willing to actually speak together in group discussion. Anonymously of course. It is the ideas that are important, not the identities. I don't care who you are, where you live, or what you do. I want to learn from your knowledge and experience and perhaps even expand that for you, too, with the input from myself and others.

So - how could that work? Well - there would have to be some rules and some structure I guess. I do have some ideas but we do not need to expound those right now. Initially, I would prefer if the discussion were limited to the concepts of RedDwarf (RRBB) and expansion of opportunities such as - well - let's wait to talk about specifics until we are set up shall we? And we would need to find a suitable time for everybody - this will be difficult given that we probably have a whole bunch of different time zones, but we should at least try. Once a week perhaps? Or ad hoc? Again, for discussion.

So would anybody be interested in taking part in such a group? Obviously there would be a period of setting it up and discussing the "rules of engagement" and so on, and to this end I would suggest that I create a private chat group somewhere where we could discuss the concept together in peace - a text-based chat group to start with until we have the rules ironed out. Hopefully such a thing exists somewhere that we can use. Initially I would be the boss - somebody has to be, right? But once established and operating it could be any of the members frankly - it does not have to be me. Expressions of interest can be sent to me privately by PM and if we get enough interested parties then I'll set up an initial private chat group to discuss how we could make it work.

Finally, I should say that this is all just a concept at this time. We may not be able to defeat the inherent difficulties of creating such a thing and it all may fall apart. That's OK - I just want to give it a go and see where it leads.

best regards to all for 2024


Anybody else? Last chance. I will put this message up on the general discussion board as well and see if anyone wants to respond. I'll give it 2 weeks and then call it.


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