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Olds or or really old Books from Roulette game

Started by Asterix, Jan 24, 08:15 PM 2024

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And after it explain: But here the player should take refference or indication on 3 previous spins
And the fourth determines the pattern or figure.

here i will use, number coming from Duisburg casino from year 2019.

So with this 3 first number, the french table in duisburg, have opening is day. So is Same, if player coming in Casino only on 8pm so, it should take only the 3 spin Before as refference to future figure or pattern. here also R-R-R

And it follow with explaining: we start also with Winning side, or follow the pattern from 3 spin before. So for this, we should nothing bet
W = Win Loss = Loss

To 4th spin, coming number 3 = Red, so from here we have opening pattern on Red to bet on next.

Here are first attack stage = So bet 3 time of 4 spins.
Theo have use 64 spin as exemple:
So first Bet here was on Red, and i have lost number 13 coming is black. So, 1st. start on black.
So as Also have say, start playing on Winner (last coming color), we bet so on last Spin. So here bet on Black.


Nop, i have stop it, with hi's strategy to bet each spin or 1 to 2 spin.
Because, here Théo d'Alost, don't use the Ecart we one chance can go in 20 spin as exemple, yes on End night,or End Game, so all two chance, so as Red and Black, can just coming to Egality, so as exemple on 200 spin, the end game = 95 Red and 100 Black with 5 time 0 out.
But on this day, or Night, the Ecart can go from +20 to -15, so 35 part, wo player can usefull play and win his bet.

So yes,i have found any others. please look...


here was Ecart of +10 highest point for Red Side.
And here i don't bet on spin, but real figure, or Pattern, so first pattern, we are Favorite was Pattern 1 and 5, and so as Pattern 5 was just coming out, yes it can make double, But here to favorite follow it give many solution, too, here 8 pattern to 4 spins.
And so Black should comming back to make 50/50 chances, so, Pattern 6, was make on Black side, so my next bet, is Pattern 8, so after 1 Red, should comming 3 time Black.

I will look, if play pattern in 3 spins, can me done better result. Because 3 = only 4 possibility for Black or Red.


Asterix, faut qu'on parle. Tu nous ramènes à ces bouquins de roulette, vieux comme Hérode. Écoute, je suis Français, un vrai de vrai, et j'ai bouffé du jeu de roulette depuis plus de 35 ans. J'ai chez moi une bibliothèque de ces livres d'époque, des trucs que tu trouves plus nulle part.

Mais soyons clairs : la plupart de ces livres, c'est de la camelote. Les auteurs ? Des charlatans ou des arnaqueurs. Ils vendaient ça à prix d'or, profitant de la naïveté des gens. Et maintenant, avec l'ère de l'ordinateur, toutes ces méthodes sont bonnes pour la poubelle. Elles ne valent pas un clou.

Ces livres, c'était juste un moyen de faire cracher du fric aux pigeons. Aujourd'hui, avec un peu de jugeote et un ordinateur, tu comprends vite que ces méthodes sont dépassées, inefficaces. On s'est tous fait avoir à un moment ou à un autre, mais là, il faut ouvrir les yeux.

Donc, Asterix, merci pour le souvenir, mais franchement, ces livres, c'est de l'histoire ancienne, et pas la meilleure. On a évolué, le jeu a évolué, et s'accrocher à ces reliques, c'est juste se voiler la face.
Asterix, we need to talk. You're bringing us back to these ancient roulette books. Listen, I'm as French as they come, and I've been immersed in roulette games for over 35 years. I've got a library of these old-time books at home, stuff you can't find anywhere else.

But let's be clear: most of these books are junk. The authors? Either charlatans or swindlers. They sold this stuff for a fortune, preying on people's naivety. And now, in the computer age, all these methods are just trash. They're worthless.

These books were just a way to milk money from suckers. Today, with a bit of common sense and a computer, you quickly realize that these methods are outdated, ineffective. We've all been duped at some point, but now it's time to open our eyes.

So, Asterix, thanks for the memory, but honestly, these books are ancient history, and not the good kind. We've moved on, the game has moved on, and clinging to these relics is just self-deception.

And the show must goes on


So now, i have try it, with 3 spin and compare it.



Quote from: roulettefanAsterix, we need to talk. You're bringing us back to these ancient roulette books. Listen, I'm as French as they come, and I've been immersed in roulette games for over 35 years. I've got a library of these old-time books at home, stuff you can't find anywhere else.

But let's be clear: most of these books are junk. The authors? Either charlatans or swindlers. They sold this stuff for a fortune, preying on people's naivety. And now, in the computer age, all these methods are just trash. They're worthless.

These books were just a way to milk money from suckers. Today, with a bit of common sense and a computer, you quickly realize that these methods are outdated, ineffective. We've all been duped at some point, but now it's time to open our eyes.

So, Asterix, thanks for the memory, but honestly, these books are ancient history, and not the good kind. We've moved on, the game has moved on, and clinging to these relics is just self-deception.

Hi my dear roulettefan! i answer you in english because here we are on English language forum.
yes of course you have the right to criticize his old books,here is sure, Théo on his era 1910, have should use his calculation knowledge, but this don't be can compare it, to calculation method from today, so yes of course on second time,on era of Blaise Pascal, create so roulette, this was a real chalenge for him and for others we have help im.

And no, nothing all olds book, coming from charlatans or scammers.So here with this rudimentary system on Figure or Pattern, yes today, everything has been forgotten, have you see any player play this old on pattern? i speak from today! I not. This is reason as i try it with 2019 year outcoming number.

And you also only mentioned titles of his old books. For example, what do you have in your famous book list "Roulette lexikon"?

or book, wo describe better Game day from Bad Homburg casino in 1870, wo Garcia have play?
Because today, is give so many variant on this, as we nothing real have knowledge on historical Progression.

I self as new book, i have "Thirteen again bank" but in the book self, don't are real specify, we crew have play his Unloos progression. Is say, or explain it, a men on Crew have win a bit more 19000 Francs, it explain, all member have start with 1-2-3-4 so with 5 Fr.and so as crew are 12 member, So if 6 crew member going play on same table, to play with all 6 chances, yes i self i have found, here it should play whithout security net, other to have change 90£ each, so become 1300Francs on this era 1963.So the lady from crew, was on 650 Fr.winning,and later see have should restart with 5 Fr..   


Well, while testing, I found something else interesting.

To win a series 8 or 10 or more. this appear only 1x per day, this is correct.
series 10 = 1/1024 chance to coming out, on 6 chances. So Series 8 = 1/256 chances to coming if this are R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R or by R-B-R-B-R-B-R-B as intermittences or Mix.

But this is alway correct.
But here only this old system makes it possible to manufacture many more series, than the conventional series, or the unconventional series.
Here for example if we wish to manufacture a series of 18 unconventional
Of course, here I'm not even talking to you about the basic chances that conventional series will occur. a series of
10 = 1/1024
11 = 1/2048
12= 1/4096
13 = 1/8192
etc... produce = also number of patterns of other possibilities.

Okay, so here as a Base, we already have the patterns of 2-3 and 4.
But the pattern of 2 only makes it 2*2 pattern or chances.
Either there is R-R or R-B or on the opposite side B-B or B-R.
So 9 * 2 = 18 pattern
or as there are 4 patterns with the 3 spins. = 6*4 = 24 patterns.

Because on 18 spins, already believing that we are going to win pattern 1, here it is better to bet then the conventional chances.
It's like intermittency, here you can also immediately remove it from your possibilities. But yes very sure, that there will be (R-R-B) (R-R-R) (R-B-R) (R-R-B) (R-B-B) (R-B-R). Or even including 1 * the zero.


Now to talk about the old system of the English player Jagger, it's not even worth trying to start, since here he was a player, who yes had not cheated, him by controlling with his friends, he he had discovered that the roulette cylinder was imperfect, and so when over 1 month, he had noticed one or two numbers coming out 60 times, he played them at the tables, of course subsequently, the Monte casino -carlo, had tried to counter it, where they changed the cylinders, and modified a few small things. Jagger, lost at first after the changes, but he soon noticed the changes, or he just had to change tables, and then he won again... until he managed to break the bank of the Monte Carlo Casino.
As I have already mentioned, from the end of the 1990s to the beginning of the 2000s, all of its old cylinders were removed, and replaced with new ones, which no longer had any imperfections. So looking again in the roulette cylinder, to find imperfections, this is just a waste of time, even the casinos located in Argentina, or Brazil, or another all change this old cylinders.


Hi, so i come back, with Jagger, i have say or write "it's not even worth trying to start" a thread or a answer about jagger, but here so this thread spoke about olds books and olds journal.
yes, i have found it a old article about jagger!!
From old french journal Journal de Guebwiller. dated from June 25. 1925.
The Alsace region, was hold many times from German country, so from 1870-1918, yes here we was give (so this should are statut from French président (nonono, not président, on this time was Napoleon III so French Emperor) and the winner from War Germany) to give Alsace and Moselle to Germany country, So Alsace region history, here in High Rhine,here give a amount another country, so as Swiss, Sweden (Allies from King of France)....
So this history to say, as you understand, in original writing was German language write.
but i have translate in English spoken language.

So title from Article in the journal or Daily news from Guebwiller in this era 1925:

Like "Bank la Monte Carlo was blown up"

QuoteThere is an entertaining book in London
with the title "Romans about Monte Carlo". It forms a
larger work, and its author is Charles Kingston, who works at Veterans!!.
Who knew the famous casino exactly and had been watching it for decades. Was able to collect a lot of material. One
The most interesting chapter in the book is that which talks about the people. who "broke the bank." There weren't many of them.
But the experiences of these few and the methods they used are of course extremely exciting. The two most famous bank breakers were both English. and Kingston was able to talk to them himself. The one of
Their name was Charles Wells. He came to Monte Carlo on a July day in 1897 with 4,000 pounds in his pocket, which represented the first entry in a series of forgeries committed in England. Nobody would have noticed this insignificant and uninteresting man. if his ordinary nature in speech and demeanor had not drawn attention to him. On the third afternoon. Since he played in the casino, the interest in him became stronger.
because he broke the bank no less than twelve times. It wasn't that big of an achievement, though. to break the bank.
writes Kingston in his book. as the mere communication of the fact that has happened suggests; this happened every time. if Wells won 100,000 francs. With a sum of this amount, the croupiers begin their day's work, and when the amount is used up, messengers are sent to the cashier. so that a new shipment can start again. All the guests in the casino became more and more interested in the lucky player. and British lords and Spanish grandees alike enjoyed it. to invite him to your festivities. He explained to them his system, which he described as infallible and which he claimed was based on mathematical calculations which he had discovered by chance while dealing with several experiences. In fact and in truth
However, only a phenomenal luck smiled on him, and this luck deserted him completely when he returned to Monte Carlo a year later on his ekg steam yacht. And then it wasn't long before he was transferred to "old-Baileh", the one in the city Seat of the London Central Criminal Court, sentenced to eight years in prison for forgery and fraud. He has Kingston admitted to him that in the first year he played for profit and loss, while the following year he played according to his "system"
went ahead and — lost. This is how the words of the bank's founder, the old François Blanc, came true: Whoever the bank today blows up, will be blown up by her again tomorrow.

So i self i have knowledge about Wells into jail, but i have only knowledge about it have lost why was too many people wo have him ask to play with his money.

But so, i understand more, as wells has play and blown up Bank from casino, yes it system by winning and lost, should are better as only Lost side.

And blancs words, yes is correct, because this game containt 50/50 chance on bet or in the Game,so one day are wining and one day is lost, so player should use or have 2 systems, one to wining side and another on lost side, so counter system. Or only play or bet, on day are wining side and d'ont Bet on day wo is opposite side we lost.

So now i follow with jagger history.


QuoteThe mechanic Jaggers from Yorkshire was smarter than Wells. His system wasn't built on the rules about average like most others.
He used the only sensible method - this can now be betrayed without risk, because it is inapplicable today.

Jaggers was a skilled mechanic, and during the many years he dealt with the finest and most delicate machines
he had come to the conclusion that an imperfect man could not produce a perfect machine;
his discovery was now gone. that the roulette wheel has pivots. And when he came to Monte Carlo, he had six helpers write out all the numbers every day. who came out at the six gaming tables; then he analyzed the figures of these numbers, and five weeks later he had worked out his system. which aimed to base the game on the weakest point of roulette. The small irregularities on the cylinder helped him succeed. Although Jaggers only had a very small amount of capital at his disposal, he still played with his
Helpem almost constantly with luck. Four days of "work" earned him around £60,000. The casino's most skilled and reliable supervisors were called upon. and to monitor his game. but they could do nothing
discover; they explained. He doesn't use any of the systems known in the casino. They now closed. to change the roulettes. and
now Jaggers lost two-thirds of his winnings. But he soon figured it out. what had happened on the gaming machine, and now he recently won 70,000 pounds. If he had been able to continue in the same style for a year. so he would have ruined the casino. Meanwhile, the management of the gaming halls notified the roulette manufacturers. These manufacturers soon discovered Jagger's secret; on the grand scale of their considerations
they came to the conclusion. that it was possible. to work against the system.
that movable components were inserted between the numbers of the wheel. and they had the work done immediately. After Jaggers lost £5,000,
he saw. that he was overcome. But he was a clever man, and so he did not hesitate to move away from Monte Carlo with a profit of 65,000 pounds or 1,625,000 F.
It is claimed. After that, he never set foot in a gaming hall again.


follow with another coming from journal or news.
To andrée Citroen, here is nothing say, if this was on Roulette game, or on Baccara, because Citroen, play all two game.

QuoteGeneral Ludendorff one day won 150,000 francs, but Sarah Bernhardt lost a million. André Citroen broke the bank three times in one evening.

And this coming from publish edition news "La rampe" from August 1.1934

Quoteat the bac table there are fewer entertainers. Mr. Citroën is content to pass, sighing, between the tables. He only plays mentally. Mrs. Citroën has a blond smile in her black dress.

Suddenly we wake up. An Austrian that no one knows, a Mr. Simon Salleis, suddenly plays a Banco of seventy notes. Mr. Louis Bréguet remains there. And naturally, once again fortune favors the bold, The unknown Austrian withdraws without a word a wad of banknotes to make jealous all those who gain nothing through the sweat of the brow, to justify all revolutions, have never hadn't seen that in a long time.

But the unknown Austrian did not stop there. he took twelve tickets won at baccarat and placed them on a number on the roulette table. Then he returned triumphantly to continue his happy streaks at the bac. While he was drawing nines, at roulette his twelve tickets had produced babies on their own by spontaneous generation or by automatism, and happiness never comes alone.

the proof, Mr. Rénier justified, that roulette is not an intelligent game is that it is in no way necessary to play it yourself to win. It's a machine.

The prettiest women immediately surrounded the unknown Austrian. But he ended up believing that the unknown Austrian did not like pretty women, because he did not choose any to share his happiness.

There are several ways to lose money at roulette: First there is the learned gentleman, who uses mathematics, "statistics, zero probability laws and a system which does not manage to have a winning number.

There is the jaded and the resourceful who, between
monstrous figures like stock market quotations, admits: Me. I always put it on red, I have a secret And there is the one who consults sleepwalkers and who got the wrong magnetic current. There is the one who, having them closed, sticks a pin in the little paper given to her, trusts in chance and loses again.

But the only truly sure way to win at roulette or at bacara is to play with other people's money.

We associate ourselves with a rich gentleman. He advances the bets. If we lose, you have nothing to do with it. If we win, we claim half of the profits, as an associate.

it is the sporting method used by all pretty women who are not used to providing for their own expenses.

What is not in the shade is the little Normandy sun. He competes unfairly at roulette. While the pretty women were innocently watching the arrival of the London-Deauville plane, this little sun distributed. tans on the nose. blows on the buttocks, blisters on the shoulders. And the society columnists, who had already announced "that the hale would do less this year were well caught.

But, out of spite, the society columnists began to learn how to play roulette.

...\shadow, naturally.

Maryse CHOISY.

And for André Citroen, his highness Aga Khan and Zographos the Greek, they of course, like André Citroen, had lost 15 million in one evening. They therefore played at private tables, where there was no betting limit.
Zographos had a rule, which he never broke, that of not playing for more than 2 hours, and in this period, he could win or lose. for him it played no role.


oh wonderfull, i have found a book, about Tomas Garcia the Spaniard wo broke more time bank from the Blancs brothers casino in Bad-Homburg.
yes i would read it.

Don't forget, here the value of francs, was from year 1850, also old emperium Francs, because Napoleon III, has restore monarchy and his title to Emperor from France just 80 year after French Revolution from 1789.And after Napoleon I. First, was dead on Ste. Helen island.










In 1859, I had the honor of being introduced to Mr. Tomas Garcia Cortes, a Spanish nobleman, formerly famous in the spa towns of Germany and for whom the whole world had its day of admiration, by my excellent friend Andres Borrego, one of the most eminent people of Spain, not only as
politician, but also as a writer.

If today I am allowed to raise my voice
and to make a few words heard in favor of his
compatriot Garcia, to whom he also dedicated a friendship
sincere and deep, it is to him that I owe it; It is
thanks to notes that he kindly communicated to me
about our mutual friend, that I was able to write this short
but true pleading.

Through my personal reports and through interviews
that I had with Mr. Garcia, I was able to judge his honesty
honesty, his generosity, his modesty and his
profound disinterestedness. Also, I did not hesitate, a
single moment, to put before the eyes of the public the lines
following, which summarize the whole truth about this perfect
gentleman, on this good man.





The man whose defense we are undertaking has announced himself to the world in a resounding and even romantic manner.

At a fairly recent time, German newspapers,
reproduced by all organs of the European press,
were filled with articles that can be summarized with these words:
"A great emotion is occurring at the moment in
"the spa towns of Germany. A fearless man
"travels through all the banks in triumph and attracts
"the attention of everyone through boldness and loyalty
"of his game. The bank of Hombourg altered in his honor
"neur the rules of its institution and carried 12,000 francs
"at 60,000 francs the maximum bets. »

Shortly afterwards we read in the same newspapers:
"The Frankfurt public flocks to admire the
"courage and composure of Mr. Garcia. He just removed
"TWO MILLION in the bank in a few days.

We make this declaration for the interest of the said Garcia and we hope that it will be of all use to him.

Please accept, etc.

Signed: GIRONA et Cie. »

The banking house Jean Goll et fils, from Frankfurt, expresses itself as follows:
"We hereby certify that Mr. Tomas Garcia, of Ricla, has done considerable business with our company and that his conduct towards us has always, without exception, been perfectly
honest and loyal.

Frankfurt am Main, April 9, 1864.

Signed: Jean GOLL and son. »

One of the most honorable and solid houses of
bank of Paris, the house of Marcuard, André et fils, written to

" Sir,
a At your request and to pay homage to the truth, we acknowledge that you were accredited to us in 1858,
for a large sum by a very honorable banking house in Barcelona and that, from then until 1862, our account gave rise to considerable transactions in which you always showed yourself to be perfectly punctual and loyal.

Signed: MARCUARD, ANDRÉ and Cie.

Paris, September 12, 1864."

Finally, in his native city he enjoys general esteem and consideration. Let us let the mayor of this city have his say, who lists the land properties that Mr. Garcia owns there and the tax rate that he pays to the public treasury.

I, the undersigned, Don Pedro Romeo, mayor of the city of Ricla,
certifies that Tomas Garcia Cortès, native and domiciled in this city, is registered in the land register as the owner of sixteen houses
and eighteen rural properties, on which he pays taxes, by
year, the sum of two thousand piastres (10,600 francs), according to what results from the registers of the last year kept in the town hall.

And, so that the above facts are known to all, we deliver this present signed with the seal of the municipality.

Ricla, this February 20, 1863.

Signed: L'Alcade, PEDRO Ronmo. »

Don Benito Garcia, mayor of the city of Ricla, I certify that
Tomas Garcia Cortès, native and domiciled in this city, where he is an owner, observed a behavior during his long stay in this city And, for this reason, and by his loyal procedures, he obtained the esteem and sympathies of all the honest people of the country And, so that he can do it, see where it suits him, I am sending this certificate which I sign with the seal of the commune.

Ricla, this December 28, 1867.

"Signed: L'Alcade, BEnito GARCIA. »

Thus, in his hometown and in all the towns of Spain where he stayed, Garcia is known with honor. Very different from those adventurers whose past is hidden in mysterious darkness, his entire life is full of light.

Here begins the interesting part of Garcia's story:
young and favored by fortune, loving travel, he traveled through the various countries of Europe frequented by the elegant world. He successively visited France, Italy and England; he then explored the banks of the Rhine. At the sight of this series of enchanted palaces where worship is given to the god of chance, of these splendid open stock exchanges, all along the old historic river, to the moving speculation of the players, he feels irresistibly attracted towards this enchanting land.

Follow Garcia in this series of excursions in Germany
which all the European press talked about, explain all the
The victories he won would be almost epic.

Garcia went from success to success in all the banks
from Germany: from Homburg to Wiesbaden, from Wiesbaden
in Baden, it was only a series of triumphs.

The Hombourg bank, which was already the most powerful at the time, changed the rules of its institution in honor of Garcia, by raising its maximum stakes from 12,000 francs to 60,000 francs. This was the beginning of a real struggle between the bank and Garcia, who responded to this challenge by playing the maximum of 60,000 francs on each spin.

Mr. Garcia carried out, in a few days, against the bank of
Hombourg a net profit of two million francs.

Never, since the banks of Germany were established,
we had never seen such success. Until then it was a rare thing
that a bank blowing up was a phenomenon that happened once a year. Three days in a row, Mr. Garcia blew up the Homburg bank, which was the richest and strongest in all of Germany.

These successes, achieved so quickly, produce great emotion. Gathered in a general meeting, the bank's shareholders urgently vote for a capital increase.

The Frankfurt bankers and capitalists are playing up and down on stocks which, for the first time, are falling by 20% in a day. Mr. Blanc, the well-known capitalist and managing director, offers a payment of several millions, with which they are preparing to support the fight against Garcia.

This gigantic struggle was continued with perseverance and relentlessness. example. Garcia attacked the bank with great vigor, he played with notes
to order of the Banque de France for 12,000 francs, which
Mr. Blanc had sent from Paris expressly to facilitate
payments. The differences we made during the day
frightened even those who were not interested in it. THE
- Kursaal lounges were filled with thousands of people
coming from Frankfurt and all the other cities, where we meet
made an appointment to see Garcia play and admire his
cold blood. As for the shareholders, most of whom were
bankers, they abandoned their offices to go to the
Kursaal. They felt, for the first time, emotions
as if they had played themselves: moreover, they had
- for good reasons: the decline in stocks was accentuated
more and more.

It would be curious, as well as instructive, the story of all the incidents and adventures that happened in this all-out struggle with the bank. Let us cite just one fact: One day Garcia had been engaged against the bank for several hours. Luck turned against him at one point, so much so that he lost a very large sum and was close to succumbing. Suddenly Garcia leaves the salons; we believe he is gone, defeated, and the shareholders are rejoicing. It was just a clever move on his part:
he had gone to Frankfurt to ask for new reinforcements. He uses the telegraph with Paris. He receives 200,000 francs with which he returns to the charge. It was already dark when he arrived at the games room. At eleven o'clock they had to finish the games: at that time not only had Garcia recovered from his losses, but he had also won 600,000 francs!

The next day, Garcia attacked the bank very early. At noon there was nothing left of it, he had removed everything, and the fully liveried servants of the Kursaal walked behind him carrying away the bags of money which earlier belonged to the bank and of which Garcia had become the new owner. When he left the salons a large crowd was waiting for him and gave him an ovation.

So nop, nop, and new nop, the 1/3 and 2/3 bet, so we can read it, don't was he's betting progression.
He's use so as Bonaparte before him, has won in bad-Homburg, the flat full line, but with maximum betting limit autorised on table.
and here, i think, it was on a ascending or upwards series of + ecarts, and so reach more and more win.


But here follows writed in book.
QuoteWhile these successes were taking place in Hombourg, Wiesbaden, jealous of her rival (Casino Bad-homburg), and wanting to attract the animated atraction which reigned in this city, suddenly raises the maximum of his bets. The newspapers pompously announce that the bank in Wiesbaden cannot blow up and that it will hold all the issues we want; it's a sort of challenge thrown to Garcia's head: this provocation should not remain without answer.

One day when we least expected it, Garcia fell to Kursaal of Wiesbaden with enormous capital and, in what a few hours, he broke the bank by removing 500,000 francs in a single session. At this news, an emotion extraordinary seizes the shareholders and a kind of pack occurs; they come running and strongly reproach the administration for having changed the conditions of the bank
thus throwing a reckless challenge to this formidable wrestler.

We want to keep the danger away at all costs; we talk with Garcia, we capitulate and peace is signed on conditions humiliating for the administration.

Garcia was then at the height of his reputation and his fortune. The thousand voices of the press spread his name in both worlds. Alas! by an irony of destiny, it was at the time when everyone called him Garcia the Invincible,that he must have succumbed!

aha,so the other story, who i have read, so 1 year later it come back, was false.
And this don't was in Casino from blancs in Bad-Homburg, but this from Baden-Baden.

And yes, here it don't would play in this Casino. Because table maximum limit don't was raise up, this was correct in story, but here the false history, say "of a woman eager to know the system he was playing", this is the false part of the story.

And Garcia, have a rules, this was don't play on casino, wo max limit table don't was raise up.

It was a Duke of Morny who was eager to see the casino bank blown. Who rushed Garcia to play, to make her blown up.


new literature:
Here for the date, France was in full occupation by Germany and this newspapaper was under goebbels authorisation.
Quote9 Mai 1943

Pariser Zeitung

Seite 8 — Nr. 127

Zwei.Bankiers aus Bordeaux Gründen EUROPAS BERÜHMTE SPIELBANKEN

Ein Tatsachenbericht von
— Dr. Hans STEEN —

May 9, 1943

Paris newspaper

Page 8 — No. 127


A factual report from
—Dr. Hans STEEN —

Red and Black and Blanc Win.

ON March 11, 1837, Bordeaux had a sensation. which was lively discussed throughout the city.

The two brothers Louis and Francois Blanc were accused of using fraudulent means in stock market speculation to have gained profit. When the good citizens from Bordeaux go back and forth about the expected court hearings batted. This happened less because of the two defendants, but rather because no one could have a clear idea why the two bankers had used unfair means in their speculations. The Blancs had been known for a long time. It was known that the brothers' father had been a small tax collector. and that a stocking maker and a respectable shoemaker were godfathers at the twins' baptism. So they were people from humble beginnings. It seemed all the more respectable. that they had worked their way up very quickly and were conducting their banking business in Bordeaux mainly with legitimate speculation on the rise or fall of French pensions.

And this writing about history from bad homburg kuursal is wery long, i need several day to translate all. thnx, to waiting time.



QuoteThese papers were traded on the Paris stock exchange. So it was important for a banking business in the provinces. To find out about course changes as quickly as possible - a wide variety of resources were used for this purpose. Because there was no telephone or telegraph yet. Contracts were concluded with the windmillers, who at that time lived in large numbers on the flat land. that by opening or closing one of the mill windows they could pass on a message to the next mill, and in this way a message could travel across the country much faster than, say, the fastest horse mail. But the millers were often slow. They forgot to close the windows. So false news got through and the bankers suffered the loss. Man. So it was important to find secure and even faster communication: in 1834 there was now the so-called Télegraphie Aérien between Paris and Bordeaux, a signaling system that the Chappe brothers had invented.

And on the high masts there were transverse boards attached that conveyed a certain meaning. From height to height, officials observed the positions of the crossbeams with telescopes and adjusted their own apparatus accordingly, which was then read again from the next height. The lines were used exclusively to transmit state telegrams. A private person was not allowed to use them. The Blancs now bribed several of these officials to smuggle an "H" French (bull market) or a "B" for (bear market) into any telegram as well as the price of the Paris securities

This trick worked perfectly for years. Although the forwarding officer was sometimes wrong, he also omitted to do so now and then
  smuggling in the letters, but in general the two brothers were able to make considerable profits from their secret until one day one of the bribed officials felt remorseful and revealed everything. The result: an indictment by the public prosecutor against the two bankers. The court hearing was a sensation of the first order. The brothers defended themselves by saying that basically no one had been harmed and that no one had been deceived with false news. Obtaining the correct courses in itself was exceptional. but in the end the whole art of every banker is not done fraudulently. One could not infer a case of fraud from this, especially since Parisian banks also regularly used their own pigeon posts for the same purpose. The court agreed with this argument. Regardless, approximately 35 cases remained. However, these misconducts were judged to be quite minor by simply burdening the two accused with the legal costs. No actual punishment was imposed. The Blanc brothers escaped with a black eye.

They had saved their wealth of perhaps 200,000 francs and could now continue to operate with it. However, this was no longer possible in Bordeaux because the process had raised too much dust in the provincial town. Even before the unpleasant court hearing, the two Blancs had often been to Paris. They were passionate players and there were many public and private circles in Paris. In which the games were played long and at a very high level every evening.

the sketch of Prince Louis Bonaparte = Nephew of Emperor Napoleon IIII, therefore being from the Corsican Bonnaparte family, he also received money from his uncle Emperor, the Bonaparte family disinherited the brother of Emperor Napoleon IIII , just because he married a commoner, and Louis is the son that the brother had with the commoner.
And he was one of the players who shook the Bad-Homburg casino.

200,000 Frs = Gold Francs = 4-5€ for 1 Gold Francs of this era, so with 800,000 or 1000,000€ it is useless to tell you the property you can afford.

And for Garcia, the amount he won in Bad-Homburg = 800,000 Gold Francs. That is 4x the total amount that the Blanc brothers invested in the construction project.