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Olds or or really old Books from Roulette game

Started by Asterix, Jan 24, 08:15 PM 2024

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QuoteThe roulette in PARIS

The playing tradition in Paris was very

old Even at the court of the Bourbon kings, games were played high and daringly. Liselotte von der Pfalz often complains in her letters. that her husband, the rather baseless brother Louis had his police minister Sartines take stricter action. Concessions were attached to the games of chance and generally only suffered from the so-called roulette, which was already a rotating one back then. Disc divided into black and red compartments onto which a ball was thrown from the side. Even though roulette is a purely random game, fraudulent manipulation is completely eliminated. Famous physicists like Pascal have carried out extensive research into the course of the roulette ball and it has been proven that no one can influence the course of the ball in its course, which is completely subject to chance. This roulette was spinning day in and day out on numerous beaches in the Old Palais Roval when Blanc's two brothers came to Paris. At that time there were all sorts of things going on in the former Richelieu palace leisurely people settled down. In addition to numerous caf├ęs, there were drinking rooms and playrooms. The operators of the gambling games were licensed. In addition to the actual roulette, they usually also ran the "Trente et Quarante", in which two rows of cards win. which comes closest to the number 31, but without exceeding 40. This game only appeared in Paris around 1800 and was further developed. As the two brothers soon discovered, the owners of the casinos usually made a lot of money. The state collected large sums of taxes from its franchises, but it was common knowledge that King Louis Philippe did not appreciate the casinos and was concerned about this, as well as in England (Norman Leigh had reported in his book). It was not until 1960 that the first casino existed London) to ban open gambling. This is how it happened on New Year's Eve in 1837-1838, everyone who organized gambling had to close.

And yes it was on this year 1837-1838, wo etablishment should close, because, i have read a other French old book, wo was say 10 minute before 12o- clock the famous word speech on close "The 3 last"....
The book, should be are publish in the year 1840-1850...

And a other old player, who have write about monte carlo "Sextius", he 1870 have mentionned, the train voyage from Paris to Monte-carlo, need 32 hours. So if you have seen old Movie wo Indian and Cow-Boy have make hold up with voyager in train, yes was very slow. should not more make as 5or 10 K/h.