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Try this

Started by Mister Eko, Feb 24, 01:52 PM 2024

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Mister Eko

PART 1 (1-30)

Track until first repeat. Then bet that number with 1 units. If no hit, raise by 1 unit always. If second, thirs repeat shows up, keep adding, and raise always all repeats with +1 until win. This period is maximum 30 spins of the game. If you win example on spin 16, reset all back to 1 units, and start again. If again you win on spin 25, reset back to 1 units, but dont raise again on repeaters, because we already won 2 times in part one, and the part two is close.

PART TWO (31-60)

If one of our played numbers hits, we raise all the numbers, so we use positice progression. If we lose next spin, back to one units. If win, 2 units, win, 3 units, lose, 2 units, lose, 1 units, and so on until spin 60, where whateber the balance is, we have done the session.

+5000 units up with this so far, but need a large bankroll