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Odds and payouts are different things. If either the odds or payouts don't change, then the result is the same - eventual loss.

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Try this

Started by Mister Eko, Feb 24, 01:52 PM 2024

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Mister Eko

PART 1 (1-30)

Track until first repeat. Then bet that number with 1 units. If no hit, raise by 1 unit always. If second, thirs repeat shows up, keep adding, and raise always all repeats with +1 until win. This period is maximum 30 spins of the game. If you win example on spin 16, reset all back to 1 units, and start again. If again you win on spin 25, reset back to 1 units, but dont raise again on repeaters, because we already won 2 times in part one, and the part two is close.

PART TWO (31-60)

If one of our played numbers hits, we raise all the numbers, so we use positice progression. If we lose next spin, back to one units. If win, 2 units, win, 3 units, lose, 2 units, lose, 1 units, and so on until spin 60, where whateber the balance is, we have done the session.

+5000 units up with this so far, but need a large bankroll


I got two questions:
If you reach Part 2, do keep adding new repeaters, or do you only play with the repeaters from Part 1?

And once you reach Part 2, do you place 1 unit on all repeaters right from the beginning, or do you place one unit on a repeater only if one repeater "repeats"?
Let us assume from Part 1 you carry 3 repeaters over from Part 1.
So e.g. your repeaters from Part 1 were 6,19,27.
So now you play spin 31. Do you now cover 6,19,27 with one unit right away or do you only start to cover one of the three numbers once one a number out of the three (6,19,27) repeats?
Part 1 is easy to understand, Part 2 not so much.
Maybe you can give us an example session how you play Part 2?

Mister Eko

1. Yes keep adding which number didnt hit

2. It depends when you have hit last time. If spin 20, then raise +1, is spin 26, then not sure, I would check the BR. But there is no spin without bets.

3. Check latest roulette simulator session

Had only 8 hits in 60 spins, still "only"-295 units loss. I hasnt played since half year or so, i dropped since last -2800 units. Overall i an still up like 3500 units, or one bankroll. If we can twist it somehow, this can be a mooner method.

In part 1 we trying to boost up early, in part 2 we trying to catch the repeaters , as more spins, more repeaters will come.