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Rigged "gaffed" Roulette Wheel

Started by Rigged, Mar 16, 09:28 AM 2024

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I've recently acquired a 1929 H.C. Evans "Deluxe" Roulette wheel with a Goddess of Chance turret. I'm currently in the process of restoration. Upon disassembly, I discovered that it was a gaffed wheel. There are two mechanisms on different locations of the outer wheel that are hidden underneath the laminate. The table would have had hidden electromagnets that would activate these devices. Small pins pop out to make the ball drop after winning numbers pass dropping the ball in a safe location for the house.  H.C. Evans made rigged gambling devices at the time but after speaking with a Chicago History Museum specialist - they said they didn't rig the full-sized roulette wheels.  They may have worked with a third party that would do that service for the customer.  They said most likely it was rigged by the purchaser. Since this is a prohibition-era wheel built in Chicago and rigged - I think it's a rare find.  I've put it out there on a couple of other forums looking for provenance on this wheel. It was purchased in Omaha Nebraska at an antique shop and they don't know anything about it.  The wheel was an expensive wheel at the time, so should have been used at a higher class joint.  I'll post pics of the devices, one of which was shimmed with a 1929 Baby Ruth box.  I'll post pics of the restoration once this topic gets approved.  Thanks!