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Playing at the table

Started by FreeRoulette, May 30, 11:39 PM 2024

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I would like to share my money management system for those who like to play at the table in the casino.

I developed this system because I do not like to keep track of calculations while I'm playing. It is based on a very simple idea. A straight number pays 35 unit.

The basic strategy will use a $105 bank roll.
Start out by buying 105 single dollar chips from the dealer and place 3 stacks in front of you with 35 chips in each stack. (I actually make 3 sections of 2 stacks each. The section that you get the chips from matters.)

Overall Goal:
Place a bet on a straight 35:1 number and win.
Any win on a straight number will resets all stacks and the system starts over.

Stack Rules:
Play from stack 1 until the chips are gone, then play from stack 2, and finally play from stack 3.

Bet Rules:
When playing from stack 1, you need to win a straight number with a 1 unit bet.
When playing from stack 2, you need to win a straight number with a 2 unit bet.
When playing from stack 3, you need to win a straight number with a 3 unit bet.

What to bet on:
You can bet anywhere on board, but to meet the goal, you need to win a straight up number.

How I play:
I bet 4-5 straight up numbers and two or three quads, sometimes a line all at once.

If I win, and it is not a straight up number, then I use the winnings to rebuild the stacks.

So if I am playing from stack 2 and win a quad, then rebuild stack 2 so it has 35 units, and put the
remainder on stack 1. Now I am betting from stack 1 and only need to hit a straight up number with 1 unit.

Ending Conditions:
Loss: If the $105 is gone, then session over.
Win: I usually try for 3 wins and leave the table for awhile.

  • I try and make sure that others are playing at the table.
  • The profit is what remains in the stack.
  • To set min profit, remove the chips from the first stack before playing
  • You can add more than 3 stacks. If you add a 4th stack, then you have win a straight bet with 4 units.

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