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Anyone Bought This Chaps Book On Roulette?

Copy of the recent email sent to me by the Publisher.


----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Alan
To: Chris
Subject: The Amazing Roulette System - Featured in Wired Magazine

     Roulette Book
December 2010
     Balvinder Sambhi - Roulette Book
Dear All,
Some few months ago, I mentioned Balvinder Sambhi who wrote a book on how he was banned from the casinos as he had stumbled on a winning formula which resulted in him taking £28,000 (around $45,000 USD) in 2 months. A few of the readers purchased the book and I have been able to consistently win at the casinos playing roulette.
Anyway, I wanted to write about him again as he has now featured in the UK Wired magazine'
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I wish you all a very Merry Xmas and New Year. All the very best Wishes for 2011
Alan Lee   

US Amazon link
UK Amazon

Newington Causeway, London, London SE1 6BA, United Kingdom


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Cheers mate.  :smile:

I wasn't going to buy it or anything, just wondered if anyone else had heard of it and picked up one cheap.

Sounds like its all about nothing eh.

R well, something to tick off the to-do list, and another email I can delete.

Thanx again for the swift info.  :thumbsup:


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One of the reviewers says;

"Its (sic) basically double your money when you lose type thing, despite wheel turns being unrelated to the previous result the author tries hard to convince otherwise.

You can find the system on the web for free. "

Gawd....Another. Flippin'. Martingale. System!!  >:(


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They're Everywhere!

I'll lock the Topic now- nowt more to be said is there really.

Cheers all.


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