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Started by Proofreaders2000, Jul 13, 09:18 AM 2011

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I like this BLOG idea, so I'd thought I give it a try.

The Pressure of betting with real money.

A bettor can prepare for weeks, months on his/her "perfect bet", but when it is time to wager actual money (not knowing the outcome, the pressure can be enormous).

Casinos know this, so they offer so liquor to ease tensions, yet the pressure remains.

I often wondered if casinos feel the same pressure when a big bet is on the table (with their seemingly unlimited funds?)


Playing with a "designated" partner

When you've had enough to drink, you can call a friend to come instead of driving home and risking an accident.  Same think with gambling.  If you are the emotional gambler or know of a friend who is an emotional gambler (and may take the betting too far and abuse the bankroll).  You can signal to your friend and tell him/her "that's enough".  Even if your friend doesn't gamble, it would be wise for him/her to know enough about the mechanics to know it is time to end the gambling for the day.  (Like if the two of you agreed on a time to stop, or a stoploss on the bankroll, or see he/she isn't thinking clearly after that second drink.)


Is Gambling "Fun"?

It seems there are the recreational gamblers, those who don't mind losing money as long as there is entertainment value.  There are those gamblers that unfortunately believe that an overnight fortune can be made (which is almost impossible) and risk money they cannot afford to lose on haphazard bets.  There are a select few that have the training and discipline to make money somewhat consistently and leave when the trend turns negative. 

"Fun" would imply an pleasant emotional connection with the activity.  Would this emotion be helpful in the discipline required for successful wagering or would it cause you to lose your focus?  (A question for every bettor)


nice posts! keep the good job !  ;)
playnow, playmore, playborneâ,,¢


Is gambling fun? Great question Proofreaders2000.

If you end up leaving with +15% to +50% of your bank roll, it is indeed a good feeling.

I've noticed from my roulette journals that many times I would be up +15% to 80% on a  $100 to $200 bankroll. Yet, too often,  I kept keep playing and instead of a stop loss, I'd play till I was negative. 

After reading Brett Morton's book on roulette, I decided to to stop at 15% if I get up to say 30%. Better to leave a consistent winner and increase one's bankroll, than to go for a killing with a small bankroll.

Thank's for this blog.


"I often wondered if casinos feel the same pressure when a big bet is on the table (with their seemingly unlimited funds?)"

i read some book where the author claims seeing casino managers praying when high rollers have  a lucky streak. Also  i  read that if a certain dealer has too big losses (means too big wins for players) -- his job may be on a line.

also casino management is looking for suspicious activities like wheel tracking and so on. I guess all this means, that yes, casino personnel is under stress too.


Thanks Playborne, Canuck  :thumbsup:
Didn't know about the staff under pressure on big bets Iggiv.  Interesting!
Controlling Emotions After A Loss

I remember a guy that had a huge temper.  Nearly everytime, he would lose on a game he go into a loud, expletive filled tirade and vent on everyone around him--he nearly got into it with some of the onlookers.  Management nearly lost patience with him (but he was losing, so..)

One thing is certain about gambling is losses.  What is in a bettor's control is how he/she handles it.  Even with a proven system one may experiences more losses than usual.  If anger is present, take a break, eat/drink something.  Physical exercise may be helpful.  You don't want to make a rash decision and get banned from an establishment for disorderly conduct.  (If you're going to be banned, do so because you win too much :)
Also remember, you're on private property, being allowed on is a priviledge, not a right.


What Is A "Holy Grail?"

Such a system/procedure has been searched by many a bettor--the system that never loses or wins so big that losses are barely noticible.  Does it really exist?  How much would you pay for it?

From children's stories to movies/media fantasy we are told of "The goose that lays the golden eggs" or enticed in movies/media like "James Bond" knowing exactly where to place the chips on the Roulette carpet...to get the attention of the Blonde watching big-play bettors.

Truth is..do you really want to win big and often (where you risk being noticed by the pitbosses/management) and possibly banned?

Imagine telling everyone you know (or don't know) you just won $10,000,000!!  Sure it will make you popular, not to mention a big target for ransoms, extortion, and pestering by politicians.

My opinion, if a bettor can quietly average more profit than he/she loses, that's a good way to play (and still welcomed back to to the gaming operation of choice.)


Quote from: Proofreaders2000 on Jul 25, 03:46 AM 2011
My opinion, if a bettor can quietly average more profit than he/she loses, that's a good way to play (and still welcomed back to to the gaming operation of choice.)

Very good point.

All true consistent winners know how to look like "average" players...

i.e. I've known some who are showing loudly angry with losing bets, and barely making any reaction when winning.

Others hide their black chips silently in their pocket... when they are cleared out of color chips, then they always go and vociferate about how this game is only losses.

Some in the Advantage-players' crew disguise them as system players with RED/BLACK method charts and so on.

...you can have BIAS players tracking their target wheel while having that "martingale newbie" attitude and betting colors and dozens... trying to play the least with: I'm waiting for a series of X reds, because it can't come longer than Y times. And they are very welcome to play and stay long, when the actual value lies on the numbers collected themselves and all the tracking sheets, RED and BLACK pen and fancy accounting is only a bluff, and if the wheel qualifies, their "buzos" (spanish bias players call them" "buzos", which can be translated as "divers") are the ones who then go bet the biased numbers in turns...

Some wheel-only players also make themselves look like felt/layout players by knowing exactly how to attack wheel-based sections with layout-based bets. They make their play look like that of a common average chip-scatterer... a corner here, a split there, couple lucky numbers...

When they are in fact targetting precise sections of the wheel:

You really hit the nail on the head with this post Proof! Disguising as a regular player is really part of being a true winner. Congrats  :thumbsup:

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Is The Casino Honest?

Casinos offer games with the house edge built in.  That alone makes the casino industry suspect.  But what if casino operators manipulate the games to where bettors lose more than the set percentage?

Before you play at a casino, online or land-based, consider these questions first.
1) Is the casino licensed?  Where?  Is the licensing board reputable?
2) Is the casino part of a well-known brand?  What are casino watchdogs saying about the casino/casino brand?  How long has the casino been in existence?
3) Ask fellow bettors about the casino.  Were they treated well?  Was the staff friendly and knowledgable?  Did bettors notice anything odd or out of place during prior visits?
Management--were pitbosses/managers helpful or seem intimidating to players?
4) (Land-based) When you step into a casino, are you comfortable? (too hot/cold)  Feel rushed to make wagers?  Chip-buying, other information in short walking distance?
5) Specials on chip buying (online) How many times must you wager before a cashout?  Is the bonus withdrawable?  What is the minimum balance before a cashout?  Will taking a bonus affect future deposits?  How long will a cashout take? (days/weeks?)  What games are prohibited in the chip offer? (usually slots only are allowed)

Remember casinos are there to serve their guests, and all casinos are not alike (although they may offer the same games).  Choose carefully!     


Thank you very much Victor. I"ve never read that explanation of how to camouflage
one's style of play.

I know that when I go to a roulette table with pen and paper, I always draw attention
to myself. But I"m not close to being banned.

But one day I hope to have to actually play discreetly as I walk out with my winnings.


I too enjoyed reading these "instructions".

Nice one bro.


The Dangers of Large Bets

I was watching a show in which a bettor who desperately wanted to beat another bettor in poker, stole funds from his business, withdrew his family's savings and possibly more to satisify a dare.

Every wager is subject to the house edge.  So, when a bettor says "all-in" does he/she know what's at risk?

Over the past two weeks the United States Stock market had a severe drop costing investors trillions of dollars.  People with 401Ks were walloped with losses in the tens of thousands.

Why would a bettor wager large sums.  (To get rich quick?)  According to Rich Dad author Robert Kiyosaki the wealth is in the "small deals".

There is a general consensus depending on your bankroll, one should wager no more than 10% of their total bank, just in case the gambling doesn't go well for the day.
(I wished more stock/mutual fund managers would heed this rule.)

One more thing, the "sure thing" or once in a lifetime opportunity comes around all the time.  It is imperative one scrutinize every detail, or quickly say "no" if it appears too risky or a hint shady.


How Much Bankroll Should a Bettor Have?

"...we don't make the money from the 'high rollers' but the 'little shooters' (people with small bankrolls or those who lose a little at a time).  Those bettors come in large numbers over time.  They're our 'bread and butter'." (paraphrased from a casino manager on a television show.)

In other words, casino make their money from those who do not have an adequate bankroll to withstand the losing streaks.

It also depends on the purpose of the visit to the casino.  There are those who gamble for leisure.  There are those who negotiate deals while using the casino as a setting (and write off the gambling losses as a business expense.)  These types may or may not have large bankrolls.
The compulsive gambler which gambles out of frustration, depression or as a vice (like alcoholism.)
...and the small few that do bring a sufficent bankroll and win more than lose over time.

Quotes from vereran players on bankroll requirements...

(paraphrase) "If your base betting unit is $10 you should have a bankroll of $2000"--JohnLegend of RF.cc

"Not real sure if there's such a thing as 'too much' but I sure as heck know, you can have too little. You should not walk into the casino with $300, sorry..."--Mr J of RF.cc

(paraphrase) "Have a 50% non-negotiable stop-loss of the original bankroll amount"--Victor (Global Moderator of RF.cc)
In closing, one may consider not gambling with real money until he/she has accumulated the sufficent funds to play the system of choice comfortably. 
(It's okay to wait, the casinos will be there tomorrow :)  )


Beware of 'Bait and Switch' on Games

"The RNG gives me favorable hands/numbers until I play with real money....", an argument to not play simulated games.  However, it is also wise to watch carefully what is happening in live games or land-based environments.

In a live blackjack setting, it is now common the dealer may have several shuffled decks with the low cards (which are considered bad for players) immediately in play and change decks when the high cards begin to appear.  (Yet in practice with fun chips, you see plenty of high cards.)

Similarly, while playing with fun chips on Roulette one may have an inexperienced dealer spinning.  Once a bettor decides to play with real money however, a shrewd professional may take over as dealer.