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Been testing here a lot recently. Its awesome.


Here is Speilbank-Wiesbaden land casino in Germany.

Just hit the Ubersicht button and you are live in the Casino. You can view up to 11 tables.

Latest spin is bottom.

Tisch is table, and there are 7 and TB is airball, there are 4. I know TB is airball because during the day, some tables are closed, but all 4 TB are open 24/7.

You guys in the states should be viewing this at its most busy, 22-00 to morning.

You can force a refresh or just wait for the page to autoupdate every minute.

Also, in archive, there are years worth of data, and you can select to download into txt with additional info, like spin times and hits.

When you import the txt to RX the output is correct (1st number comes out 1st)

ALso, ----------------- is a dealer change.