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Test the accuracy of your method to predict the winning number. If it works, then your system works. But tests over a few hundred spins tell you nothing.

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Started by ignatus, Nov 21, 12:37 PM 2012

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"Focus on predicting wheel sectors where the ball is expected to land" ~Steve


QuoteDid you use +2/-1 progression or just flatbetting?

Results with excel tracker made by rayhd63


Quote from: ignatus on Nov 21, 07:01 PM 2012

Thanks Roughy for the progression!

I can't take credit for this, it was suggested to me by Flat.



Why it works? If not the dozen repeat, the column will.


I'm not being critical at all.  I'm asking you to back up that statement you made in your initial post.  What you are saying is you have a guaranteed winner.  If not on the dozen, then the column.  This just isn't so.

It is quite easy to go on any site or use any permanence and make the statements you do.  It is quite a different thing to do it for real. 

If you want to impress anyone, go to a real on-line casino and make us a movie showing yourself using $5 bets and winning $1,000. 

All of us know you can shop for a trot from any permanence and find one that fits your needs.  Also, testing for 1,000 spins or so is nothing.  You have dodged the devil.  You won't do it for long and then you'll understand.

You say you will soon have some real money to throw at your systems.  You better check them long and hard.

Your intuitive is appreciated, but attacking me for pointing out the obvious flaw in your thinking is childish.

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Thanks Sam. Yes, it's not the world's best system! Agreed. But playing with +2 loss/-1 win - progression makes things alot easier. I won 4 times in a row testing... (It's also good system that can recover from long losing streaks) for an example: I was playing with 11-11 bet then got a double hit...that made my bankroll positive so I restet to 1-1......
If you like to donate link:://paypal.me/ignatus1

"Focus on predicting wheel sectors where the ball is expected to land" ~Steve


17 units / 11 spins. 1,2,3 neg progression


Cant say i. A fan