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Countermeasures give clues to what scares casinos, and what works.

The data casinos give freely, like hot numbers, are the opposite.



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Yes it's a big clue as to what casinos are scared about as to what "helpful" information they give, and what they don't like.

Marquees with the previous 12 numbers or little cards with the table betting layout on and free pens to cross off the numbers. Some one mentioned the pit boss wanted to see what was on his clipboard. They get the all clear when it was just his lucky numbers and betting progression. The eye on the sky can also zoom in on paper the players are holding.

If you've got a table of rotor speeds and ball decelerations or a stopwatch you're going to taken to one side, or be out on the pavement with a size 12 boot print on your backside pretty sharpish. All that stuff has to be well hidden. Preferably in your head!


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