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Twins-Hunt - Flat Bet - only for patient gamblers

Started by winkel, Jan 12, 12:39 PM 2018

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This is my gift for the New Year 2018.

It is the one and only Favorit-Twins-Hunter.

Preparation: Quite easy:
Take the spins from the day before.
collect all twins (numbers hit back to back)

The day you play:
follow the numbers coming up. If one of your Twin-hitters comes up bet it in hope that it will become a twin again.

Yesterdays spins (2018-01-11) from Hannover Table 1 #s hit back to back:
2 7 11 15 23 25 28

here todays spins: link:://spielbanken-niedersachsen.de/perm/han/archiv-w.php

a) you want more numbers : Just collect data from the last 2 or 3 days
b) you love to bet sleepers: collect at minimum 2500 spins or more. select the sleepers and bet them to become twins.
c) whatever you do: don´t use more than 15 numbers to watch
d) take sleepers and favourite numbers and bet them paralell

have fun and a lot of chips
There is always a game


I think a progression would be unavoidable with this method (since hits would be few and far between). What progression do you recommend that we use?


Quote from: Locomotivist on Jan 12, 08:50 PM 2018
... What progression do you recommend that we use?

First: Think about the idea behind this strategy.
Second: Test it to find out: it works
Third: Find out, why I said "Flat Bet"
There is always a game