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Re: More games more looses.
Jan 12, 08:21 PM 2021
This has been at betfair online casino.
It does not behave badly at all, but I think it has behaved like any system playing flat, concentration and dispersion.
I imagine some ingredients are missing to make this work better.
Everything has been flat bet and playing all the time followed.
Here I leave the results of more than 500 balls, because I got tired and I already have to go to sleep.




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Re: More games more looses.
Jan 14, 10:48 AM 2021
This topic was created almost 3 years ago, and it was just an idea, I didn't even tried to code it to see if it works, because I found that you actually don't have to code or run million spins to see if an idea can work.
This one is a looser because spins are independent from previous and partitions are equally likely.
I stopped with this topic for another reason: people want you to test everything for them and to give them the solution on the golden platter. In fact you are the first person who actually posted a results for it.
I don't have TheHolyGrail.

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