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Precognition - PROOF! results from MPR - the real holy grail

Started by precogmiles, Jun 25, 04:16 PM 2018

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Klausy and winforus I completely concur with your findings about distraction. When attempting rsim I also find focusing on the top right win/loss area and wanting that to turn green to work, as klausy mentioned. I find that any number I select after hits quite often.

The Russian I posted before also talks about his best results coming when he is distracted or drifts from his own consciousness.

I would like some help from you guys to understand what we mean by distraction.

How engrossed do you guys become on the distraction?

Is the roulette selection still in the back of your minds while in a distracted state?

Do you feel a sense of defeat, resignation or giving up on the number you wanted?

How long does the distraction last for?


Nowun's explanation was that you are just out of sync and when you are out of sync it happens
Interesting, I've not read nowun's posts, will do so.

When I play online, I play with live roulette table as I don't fully trust RNG and don't want to use it as an excuse in case something goes wrong. So for me, what works best is to pick a number, and just bet on it, while distracting myself with some other activity like reading something or watching a video.

And the most times that I had the success, is when I was distracted and almost totally forgot about the roulette, while automatically repeating the bet. And vice versa, when I want the number to hit too badly it almost never comes :)

Yes this is very familiar. I'll reply to precogmiles's post shortly on this topic


I can give a non-roulette example from today for which I think the principle is the same, re. disassociation.

I read your last post while out, about 15 miles from home. I decided on the way back to do a fun experiment on the way home to see if it illustrates the issue. Basically, it is manifesting certain cars that one will see in the journey. I said to myself on the way home, I will see a cerise pink car. The key to manifesting is the feeling, not the actual outcome. By this I mean that if you want to win 1 million pounds/dollars/euros, you feel the emotions that you will experience if you had that million (I am happy and feel secure now that I have a million and relieved that I have no financial concerns). This is a tough thing to master without wishing it, you have to get into the state of already having achieved it before it actually happens.
Back to the experiment, I conjured up the feeling of elation that I had(will) manifest(ed) a cerise pink car. I then drove home and noted the cars that passed on the other side. Nothing. After a couple of minutes, I did the same process but said I would see a Lamborghini and focussed on that alone. Within 30 seconds a cerise pink Volkswagen Beetle convertible passed on the other side. I can tell you I very rarely see cerise pink cars or Lamborghinis where I live but with manifestation, if you do it right then it will happen. I believe that once I had detached from the desire of seeing the cerise pink car, it came to pass.

I know this is a small example and could easily be just chance but I do this a few times a week and often get incredible results. Please do though drive carefully whoever is reading this, I don't wish to encourage people to not concentrate when driving. It works just the same when riding a bus or just watching a road from a window.

So back to roulette, it is harder as on the drive home there are all sorts of other things the brain has to engage with (changing lanes, observing speed limits, being wary of other cars and pedestrians) so the process of disassociation is naturally easier. With roulette, if you bet on 16 then even if you try and concentrate on something else then some part of you is still aware that you are wanting a 16.
@winforus saying that good results can be achieved by watching tv or just coming back after a certain number of spins and checking results I think validates this phenomena.
One possible route is not to focus on individual spins, rather to manifest a successful session or a certain amount to be won and accept that there will be losses on the way. This can remove some of the emotional attachment to betting a certain number and it not appearing. I quite often manifest my balance to reach a certain number in the current session, it may take 5 spins or 30 spins but don't get stressed if I am not there after 5.


Thanks that's really interesting. I definitely agree with the roulette strategy of just focusing on a successful result.

So from everything we have said so far the basic principles seem to be.

1. Believe or have 100% certainty you know.
2. Envision along with emotion your intentions or goal
3. Hold that thought for some duration.
4. Distract yourself completely so the intention is no longer in your mind

Would you agree? Feel free to add or change.


Yes I think absolutely we should work towards putting together a process list. I think though that there are some fundamentals of the manifestation process which are better described elsewhere. Below is a Reddit post which goes into the general manifestation process. I'm a bit busy this evening but I will look into a roulette specific list tomorrow.


I believe I already said this quote in one or multiple posts but here I want to emphasis its importance even more  because it is probably one of the greatest factor when it comes to the practical knowledge of manifesting. 


Most people who "manifest", especially beginners of course, come to the point of manifesting from a place of craving, longing, desiring, idolizing and of course lack. Their focus is not really on the law factors or the knowledge but on the deep sense of wishing and hoping and quite literally idolizing what they want. So their practice is more about fantasizing about the "idol" (the circumstance, thing or person) rather than actually GENERATING and REINFORCING and EMPOWERING their inner state of having or being what they want as a state. 

In a strange way most people actually train and feed their attitude of fantasizing and idolizing so ultimately pushing away what they want. This is naturally a serious issue: 
because no amount of wanting or wishing or hoping or idolizing can give you what you want. Because lack energy is the opposite of having or being energy. 


Once you think you know what you want and once it is clear in your mind: you have no other choice but to give up the attitude of wanting or needing or fantasizing. I repeat: You truly must give up on wanting and everything that is related to such lack state and replace it with the FEELING or THE STATE that is associated with you actually being or having what you declared as your goal. 

You may remember my other posts like "NORMALIZATION" or probably many others with the similar message because there is literally countless ways of saying the same truth, in all cases you are asked to give up on feeding despair or sense of lack and therefore forcing, wanting, needing etc. 


Please understand that there is a difference between feeling that state of excitement and bliss and intense emotions related to you FANTASIZING about your desired reality AND THE ACTUAL FEELING STATE OF BEING WHAT YOU WANT TO BE. Many people still think that this is "the end" state or that it is what I teach to do, yet if you feel very emotional, crying or immense joy, **chances are** that you are more in a WORSHIP STATE rather than you being or having what you want. 

ANYTHING YOU CONSIDER AS YOU AND YOURSE DOESNT INDUCE YOU IN ANY WORSHIP/IDOLIZATION STATE. This happens only when you declare that something is extremally huge for you so you give it the power to give you such an extreme bliss and therefore declare it as very difficult for you to have or be. 


**The feeling/state of you living in the end or being what you want to be means that it is your NORM.** It is your base. It is a knowing more than an emotion while it has its own feelings and emotions, of course. The more natural and "sure" it feels the more you feel calm and content and KNOWING rather than being in some trans ecstasy. I mean sure you can allow yourself those intense emotions at first or for some time but like I said chances are that they are a sign of you idolizing rather than "living the end". 

Therefore I invite you to withdraw your focus from worship, idolization, wishing, wanting or generating despair and start living in that "feeling-state" of BEING-HAVING which is calm, sure and stable. So stop forcing, trying, "manifesting" and start ENJOYING AND BEING COMFORTABLE AND BEING SECURE in your INNER STATE of being.   



Regarding distraction, when I am distracted I don't think about bet selection at all. In my mind, I pick a number or 2 numbers, and place the bet for 6 spins. During those 6 spins after picking the number I am distracted and just check back to repeat the bet. Once the number hits or 6 spins last, then I go back to focus and try to select a number. Then I am distracted again.

At this point I don't feel defeat/resignation that often when number doesn't come, unless if it happens for a very long streak. The mindset that I have is similar to what Klausy mentioned - I don't expect to it always hit and for me to turn profit, I just need my accuracy to be a bit higher than random (credit to Steve)

As I was writing this post, my number just hit btw :)



Wow, thank you for sharing this. That is amazing and incredible to read about. And a clear example of becoming detached with the cerise car appearing after you letting go of it and moving on to lamborghini.

I will see and try if I can practice like this when outside as well.

Not sure if it's related to to manifestation but now more often and often when I think about people who I haven't seen for sometime, they end up contacting me same day or next day.


Also found this to be quite interesting. Steve has talked that psychoactive herbs could potentially be helpful and recently I found that if I was to vape some cannabis before roulette session, my accuracy would improve and it would be easier to get myself to be in the present state with no noise. The key with it though would be get just enough but not crazy high, so you could focus.

Going to be experimenting more with it but so far has found it to be quite helpful


Regarding the process list and fundamentals, here is what I keep in my mind at all times when I play and how I view this process in general. Keep in mind I only play for real money now (small stakes) and still consider myself practicing.

1) Before picking a number or numbers, have a feeling that you are sure about it. Avoid betting unless you are somewhat sure/confident that the number will come! (doesn't have to be always 100%, but should be at least 50%)
2) Once you pick a number or numbers, decide for how many spins you willing to go with it before switching. Don't switch the number unless it played through the desired amount of spins that you intended to!
3) After picking the number or numbers, distract yourself with something and just check the result after the result was already shown. Be emotionally detached from the outcome - single spins don't matter, it's about the entire session itself.
4) Only play when you are finished with all the tasks/responsibilities. Avoid playing when going through life challenges, etc. If you are in a bad mood, don't play. If you are facing financial issues/struggles, also avoid playing!
5) Never play when tired and always try to be well rested
6) Your accuracy will be the highest at the beginning and will go down the longer you play. Try to keep the sessions short if possible and stop playing if you are feeling any sort of fatigue.
7) Be focused, but don't take it too seriously. Too much seriousness leads to attachment. This is just a practice for the higher stakes and your accuracy will only get better!
8  You are NOT gambling. You are getting paid by the casino for your precognition skills.
9) In the long run you will 100% make profit but you will sometimes have off days. Look at it from the long run perspective of 50-100 sessions.
10) If you miss too much and things are just off, quit for the day.

Following these principles alone has been a game changer for me.


Winforus, that is an excellent list, thank you for sharing. This looks really comprehensive, I will follow the steps and test it out.
Regarding your point on thinking of do wine and them getting in contact, the different flavours of manifestation state that what we perceive as reality - the 4D world we live in - is a reflection of our own subconscious so yes an interaction with someone in our mind can lead to them appearing in the "real world".
I found this difficult to get my head round at first, it sounds such a ridiculous concept but after being able to affect reality with intentions in the mind, you can see how it is true.


Thanks both very interesting observations.

It seems to me a change of focus/intention is important.


I wonder if the number of distractions has an impact.

This opens up new lines of enquiries. By experimenting with the following variables.

The strength of the distraction.
The number of distractions.
If you do multiple distractions what is the rate of change of distractions.

Why does distraction work?


One of the fundamentals of Manifestation is that once you are resolved that something will happen and have confidence that it will happen, there is needs to be a "letting go" to allow the universe to bring that to fruition. Maintaining an emotional attachment to it, even if you try and fool yourself you don't care will prevent it from occurring.

It is very difficult to do when you have only just made a bet but I think it is possible.


@Klausy "Regarding your point on thinking of do wine and them getting in contact, the different flavours of manifestation state that what we perceive as reality - the 4D world we live in - is a reflection of our own subconscious so yes an interaction with someone in our mind can lead to them appearing in the "real world"."

If I am understanding you correctly - you are saying that the entire world/reality that we perceive is something that we imagine or our subconscious imagines, in other words it's all a dream (not just when we dream at night) ? If so, this is something that I have thought about myself and even seem some very advanced spiritual teachers talk about.



This is not important at all. The point of "distraction" (I don't even like this word in this context), is like Klausy said, is to allow yourself to let go and not be attached to the outcome.

If I make a bet and watch, as funny as it sounds, I feel a bit nervous/anxious in my body and feel attached, wanting the number to come.

So when I pick 1 or 2 numbers, and decide to play them until number hits or misses for 6 spins, there is really no need for me to be thinking about roulette or to be focused on it. I am free to do any other activity, while awaiting the result of the spin.

Also I am totally okay with missing, because weather the number hits now or later, I know that I will make profit regardless in the long run, because my accuracy is by far better than random. In other words, I know that my bets are +EV (positive expected value) in my mind and I have an edge