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Mar 23, 02:17 AM 2019
Understandably a marty will eventually be dominated like a whoreish woman.

My question

A 3 number progression long as possibly. Doesnt need to recoup on one hit and yet is more beneficial than flat bet. Is there such a prog
Boom boom sir



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Re: Progression
Mar 23, 06:23 AM 2019
Nope, there is no such progression. Assuming the chances and the payouts remain the same.

Progression is nothing more than bigger bets on some spins. A larger bet is still subject to the same odds and chances. In fact it stands to lose more as it exposes more capital to the zero edge.

A negative progression gambles your own capital to claw back losses.

A positive progression gambles winnings in the hope of further winnings.

But the outcome is the same. Loss to the house edge.

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