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Dyksexlic interpretation.
Mar 15, 04:48 PM 2020
Hello , i just want to share my interpretation about Dyksexlic RNG roulette system old thread on VLS forum ( i think a lot here know the thread). https://www.vlsroulette.com/index.php?topic=8906.0

Maybe not an original idea maybe yes? I don't know just want to share.
1) So first step, take last 37 spins.
2) Second step: put your numbers in order from the first to the last on the table, not betting obviously just write them on paper/excel etc.
in correspondence with you table numbers ( for example first number is 23 corresponds to 0 , second number 15 corresponds to 1 and so on)
3) Now you have your 37 spins on your table, you look repeaters into your 37 spins and write down the corrisponding numbers ( for example 23 repeats in corrispondence of number 18, so two of your betting numbers are 0 and 18). Look for all the repeaters, and write down their corrisponding numbers you will bet them, but with a change on the amount bet. For example if our 23 is repeated 3 times in our 37 spins (third time on 34) you will put 2 chips on 0-18-34, if the number is repeated 4 times 3 chips etc..
4) play same numbers until profit, for a max of 38 spins.




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Re: Dyksexlic interpretation.
Mar 21, 09:04 PM 2020
Hi, good luck with your system. Although I'm pretty sure it's not what Dyk was doing. He's system doesn't wait for any repeat or pattern, etc. His system is based on number cycles, and it always wins before a repeat happens.
I'm also pretty sure that what he described in the thread you linked is not a system, it only proves a principle. Apart from probably less than five people, no one really understood what he did, so anyone who says he was full of sh!t is wrong, because no one understands his very vague clues. I know of one very intelligent person who worked it out, and it took him years, even with the extra help he received from Dyk. My opinion is that it is impossible to find out what how his system works from the very few clues that are still available on the forums.

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