Are you going to get a coronavirus vaccine? Why?


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Agree.  Being passive is being complicit.

I'm afraid it will take just too long for people to wake up. It pretty much depends on when those enforcing the orders will become conscious.  Not us vs them but all in the same boat. If nobody obeys, those up there cant do much but to bark.
 Here too in Qc it comes down to two individues: prime minister and his medical advisor.
Most people are against the measures but few are ready to stand up or just ignore mandatory masks indoors, for example.  Some business arent too stiff but franchises go with the headquarter's views.   It's worse in the cities, I believe, although I'm not going there ever.  Stars are being fully bought or censored.

I'll just drop this: hang on,  Q and the White Hats are coming to get them mofos!
Life is hard, and then you die.
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Hi guys. I'm new here. You must watch this:


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The benefits of the vaccine probably outweigh the risks. Our bodies are tolerant when it comes to toxins, like coronavirus and stuff in vaccines. I'm sure they will make sure the vaccine is safe and effective, so it won't cause cancer, etc. Most people will get over covid, but many patients can overwhelm the hospitals. Also, coronavirus has permanently damaged people's lungs in major ways.

Vaccines are nothing like psychotropic drugs; this is what I was afraid of. Psychotropic drugs can permanently alter your mind, which nobody or at least almost nobody will admit, like doctors, because they simply do not know. I don't believe that a vaccine will cause problems like cancer.

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