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Hello. I am new Member and from România and i have a Question For anyone who can see this. I want to use a strategy and For that i need your help to Tell me how many Numbers from a single dozen or collumn in a row do you see the most. I have seen a total of 9 Numbers in a row from first dozen in a row. My strategy is to use roulette in my advantage and know how many in a row ca  ocurr. So if the MAX is 9-10 number For Any dozen  i just watch the autoroullette and dont play until this happen and after that i will bet 100$ on the second dozen and 100$ on the third dozen For example, if i lose i will put 300 $ and 300$ and after 900$  And 900$, If i hit and win i just stop For that day. One single win on a day and is 100$ x 30 days..
For that to happen you need patience and time For that to happen, the progresion will be: wait For MAX spins For dozen collum then 100-100 , 300-300 , 900-900 So a total of 2600$ Or RON in my curency bankroll For 3 chances . Cheers!

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