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US And Governments of the world

Started by Mean, Jan 12, 12:34 AM 2021

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Even at the highest levels, incompetance and unprofessionalism reign. If you have a serious crime to report, please don’t. They are sure to fuck it up... Very corrupt


red diamont:

start school again, as long as you have a chance
There is always a game

Tobacco Vanille

Quote from: thereddiamanthe on Jan 12, 11:21 AM 2021
where hitler prewar wanted nothing ekse but peacefull redolution.

The Industrial Military Complex don't do peaceful revolutions as JFK found out and now Trump is going to find out as well.
Trumps long time backer and Vegas mogul Sheldon Adelson died yesterday! It looks like everyone is deserting him one way or another in droves.


Quote from: winkel on Jan 12, 02:29 PM 2021red diamont:

start school again, as long as you have a chance

the only truth in 'school' is math .. & even that is questionable after a certain degree.
based on what you said you know shit about the truth, do your own reasearch bssed on FACTS (rather that distributed fiction) & homework - & it might just surprise you ..


Winkel, I know its hard to digest something so extreme & in a direct opposite of decades of purposefuly intended brainwash .. but look into the facts, independently verifiable. Start with one or two & soon you'll find a mountain-chain of them behind. Imagine an American President, a presiddnt of the country who actually fought a war against Hitler, voicing such words (do you wonder what all else he knew, threatened to expose & then even killed).

Come on man, you can't believe everything you were told & read .. most is bullshit anyway, as you already probably know. I know its a taboo topic, proved by a post deleted even though it was not adressing anyone on the forum. Fuck it, do your own research. FACTS

John F Kennedy Even Knew The Truth
ACTUAL QUOTE “Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived… he had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made” - John F. Kennedy,President of the United States of America

Start here & then if you really want to you'll watch the city walls crumble & towers fall like dominoes..
Enough! Of lies. For me. For you if you prefer delusion, they will accept you with open hands.



People like you are brainwashed to tell all others that them are brainwashed. Think about.
There is always a game


The world’s biggest criminals are the governments of the world. They operate and obtain massive power through lies. I am followed by several drones regularly. The series of lies starts off with something like I must be nuts/delusional. “Why would they waste time and money following you?” The lies go to my head, like “who cares?” or “they are actually helping you.”

I am a poor, homeless one with no real reason to be followed, unless they are so super paranoid of something, because I can hardly connect with the psychic realm.


I think that at all times there were people who wanted to exterminate humanity. There are no positive aspects to Hitler's government. Read the chronicles of people who survived in concentration camps. It's horrible.