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The only way to beat roulette is by increasing accuracy of predictions (changing the odds). This is possible on many real wheels.

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Roulette Simulator - Method Testing

Started by MoneyT101, Sep 09, 10:07 PM 2021

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Hi Alex, help us understand the scheme, friends and strangers, thank you

Person S

Quote from: alexlaf on Nov 19, 02:24 PM 2022How about not betting on all of them?
If we don't bet on everything, we'll miss something somewhere. Well, how? Choose 3-4 numbers and go with the flow, risky in my opinion. This situation will not always occur, but only in some cases.



Quote from: 6th-sense on Nov 18, 03:02 PM 2022you can adapt any number to the number out...neighbour..wheel neighbour...its opposite number...split number etc...even the cross reference number here vertical and horizontal only coincides once

6th-sense shows above a very important sentence.

- If you ever find a way to beat the housedge (I didn't), the sentence above has to be fullfilled for mathematical resaons.
- advantage: you can hide your game to a high level


Quote from: JahVinci on Nov 18, 01:43 PM 2022Definitely interesting ;)

Hi JahVinci,
do you like to post the numbers from your table as an excel sheet, cls or txt file if possible?
Meanwhile I try to OCR the table.




Thanks for trying to explain, I see the patterns, but what's the bet selection or trigger?




Alexlaf, thank you for your xls map.

I managed to OCR the JahVinci data and program his double repeat structure.  (slowly,  I'm working in a daily job  :sad2: JahVinci Data OCR2.png )

Quote from: 6th-sense on Nov 18, 03:54 PM 2022the end results only betting for the 1st 18 spins is now 360 loss 517 profit...=157 profit...

I'll try to repeat 6th-sense results from above.



Time for a bit of bragging   :wink:

Proudly I present a peace (should be piece ) of the famous JahVinciCode.

JahVinciCode[n_] := Module[{xx, erg1},
  xx = thr[[n]];
  erg1 = Flatten[Position[thr[[n]], thr[[n, 1]]]];
  If[Length[erg1] == 3, 70 - Total[Differences[erg1]],
  If[Length[erg1] == 2, 35 - Length[xx] + 1, -36  ]]]

ergJV = Table[JahVinciCode[n], {n, 1, Length[thr]}]




Let's post one more.
How would you play VDW on str8 up?