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Progression bets are nothing more than different size bets on different spins. You could get lucky and win big, or unlucky and lose even more.

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Started by Taotie, Feb 21, 06:55 AM 2022

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Quote from: TRD on Jul 10, 06:01 PM 2022

Not yet, still working towards.

Busy time for me right now and not much forum interest in this anyway, so I will finish the trial and post at the end.

Mister Eko

Quote from: Taotie on Jul 11, 03:30 AM 2022
Not yet, still working towards.

Busy time for me right now and not much forum interest in this anyway, so I will finish the trial and post at the end.

You will post here for free?


Hi, been a while. I managed to the finish 1001 games trying for 1st profit.

Sorry to report the excercise ended with 3 losses in the last 300 games. There were errors involved but I'm not going to make any excuses. The system tanked 3 times.

In the end it won 998 times with an overall profit of 8539 units.

You can see the 3 losses in red. The blue is not a loss, I forgot to hit 'big game' and went beyong 3k drawdown so had to make it up with next sessions, still pulled back and won.

Now I have switched it up with a minor tweak or two (explanation pending) and have reverted back to session goals of minimum 100 units. So far 41 sessions successful, no losses. Not resetting this time because 3000 units is not safe and makes things complicated.

I told youz it was a good system.

Anyway, I have made the account public again, so check it out. Best system in town, with no riddles and no one's asking for money! Haha!



Hi Taotie,
many thanks for the great stuff.
Surely you need no support.
But if (tweaks, permutations, obfuscating, ...) ... feel free ...



Hello again, been a while.

What's that saying; If only I knew then what I know now?

I've been testing this method on Rsim for a while now and put in a good effort so far, leaving the profile set to public so people could check it out and watch the games if interested. Now Rsim has announced any account with any resets has been removed from public viewing. No more resets allowed.
The account I used was an old account set up to test a street betting idea, hence the name of the account Street Party. The account had 1 reset and a few more sessions played peppered with losses. I had long given up on the street bet idea, so I did a second reset to clear the slate for this system test.
I'm currently well over 1000 played sessions while trying a few different formats with the betting. Now that Rsim admin have moved the goal posts, my Street party account record is rendered unviewable.
Like I say, if only I knew then what I know now, I would have created a new account with no resets.
Oh well, life's a bitch.
For the record I have attached a screenshot of the account. Sadly the account will now be left lamenting. I will make a new account and start all over again....I'll keep you posted with new account details and results.street party over.jpg