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Roulette martingale progression

Started by User123, Oct 24, 01:51 AM 2022

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Hello. I'm a new user.

1) I need help  :) .who have ready for use for roulette martingale system excel?

2) or who can create this : a) enter spins number. For example if last  number was red bet for 1usd for red. If win start again. If lost(black comes) bet 2usd for black. BUT ALL THIS WILL BE START 3 consecutive loses.

thank you in advance


It is not worth to create an excel-sheet.

The results will be: Losses losses losses etc.
There is always a game


This will open your eyes to begin with .. then start thinking on your own, in a unique way; the things you intended to rehearse don't work, MOST things don't work! .. otherwise in 200 yrs of roulette it would be beaten & removed from the casinos already. Ponder on that ..