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Odds and payouts are different things. If either the odds or payouts don't change, then the result is the same - eventual loss.

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Great Start then always a destroying downward spiral why?

Started by OrdnaryGuy, Feb 07, 04:51 AM 2023

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It's only vulnerable to systems short term.

The uneven pay off is like playing a ball game. You have 90 hits to kick the ball forward. Some one has 100 hits to kick it in the opposite direction. You play your hits randomly, but he  always has ten more than you in each cycle of 100.

Sometimes you will sneak ahead if you get your hits in first. But inexorably his extra shots tell, the longer you play and the ball will end up in his direction.

As for original post, systems don't always start off winning. Sometimes he gets his hits in first. You start behind and you stay behind. Sometimes you will win first then slip behind then rally ahead and finally his extra hits tell.

But the longer you play the more the downward trend in ball position becomes apparent as his extra hits build up from not just 10, but 50, and then 100. It's a very unfair game!


Quote from: OrdnaryGuy on Feb 07, 04:51 AM 2023Any ideas why this would be really helpful as I am struggling to understand it.
It's simple - you just have to learn to calculate whether or not the system gives you an advantage.
If it does, you will win and win steadily, depending on how big the advantage is.
If there is no advantage - you will have what you have now - no understanding  why sometimes you do win, but the end is always the same - a loss...
It's your choice...
Not try to beat the game, much easier to beat the wheel...
Some peoples very not like, when I say how to win, or why they can't win.


Thank you firefox and Bebe both helpful answers and appreciated