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Cycle lenght stats

Started by praline, Apr 25, 10:35 AM 2023

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Hi guys,
I was reading old Priyanka's messages and found that I can't confirm her stats on line cycles.

At first I always get same stats as she published, but suddenly after reading one of her posts I can't get those stats again.((((

So what I'm getting is this

Line cycle lenghts:

Cl1 55,54,45,45
Cl2 23,27,37,35
Cl3 7,13,11,15
Cl4 12,5,4,3
Cl5 1,1,3,2
Cl6 2,0,0,0

Spins 508, 445, 504, 480
I don't have TheHolyGrail.


The beauty is, that under certain conditions with 6 numbers you can get even better stats in less spins


I don't have TheHolyGrail.


quick lines cycle test:

222000 spins:

CL 1, 9760     16.61%
CL 2, 16306    27.75%
CL 3, 16355    27.83%
CL 4, 10866    18.49%
CL 5, 4556        7.75%
CL 6, 925          1.57%

I didn't check against Pri results ...

Hope it helps