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Lets try again

Started by rrbb, Jun 18, 05:33 AM 2017

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Hi Mel

Hoping that screenshot is on its way.

Unfortunately I missed your idea before you removed excel, so am not sure about the math of converting 3 dozens to 50:50 chance there.



Sorry i forgot hahaha

It was a manual test so only 21 spins.   Stays pretty much even, but no solid method on choosing yet.  I believe it needs to be combined with something else
Simple once you get it!  Chased all the pigeons away and they were already in their hole


Quote from: MoneyT101 on Jun 21, 03:16 PM 2017
I believe it needs to be combined with something else

Yeah, at least...  8)


Quote from: rrbb on Jun 18, 07:03 AM 2017So to complicate things: how to NOT bet on events? What is the alternative??

All ships rise with the tide.

Person S

There are no bets at this place? (shown in green)
Does this process require progress?
What I played with does not win at a fixed rate ...


I was looking for some good film and found this man that is trying, but I don't like much his works (matter of preference). However you can check out his works if you like. His name is Gabriel Ochoa Peri's (seems a Dutch name to me LOL).
I don't have TheHolyGrail.


Btw there are a lot of ship companies out there in Der Haag
I don't have TheHolyGrail.


I'm would rather rename this topic in "Let's play"
I don't have TheHolyGrail.