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I got the Holy Grail

Started by Will1196, Jun 14, 07:34 AM 2023

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is not nonsense...

maybe the wording no accurate..

it should be..

(RANDOM HAS higher,


as it goes longer).

Thus you never see a row of 10zero, or red hit 90/100.

it very highly unlikely, though INDEPENDENTLY, red is 50/50, but

AS A GROUP, the probability is not 50/50.

So a row of RED,
the longer, to hit in row, the lower the probability.

Two red in row.
20 red in row.
30 red in row.
40 red in row.

the unlikely probabilities, go higher and higher.

Thus any pattern or grouping has their own highly UNLIKELY probability...

though, individually
next spin, red, 50/50 albeit zero.

BUT, in a row,
the longer,
the unlikely...probability goes higher and higher...

Kimo Li

@6th sense,

Thanks 6th sense, I can only control my own actions.

SWEET, I respect your interpretation of my matrix.
But, I must let the roulette community know that I do not approach roulette in this manner.
The holy grail must have the following criteria:

Proper bankroll
No tracking cards
No previous spins
Bet every spin, as live tables require
No time limit
Use any strategy, sometimes including the traditional outside bets to look like an amateur
Stop when you meet your target


Dear Sensei Kimo Li,
Thank you so much,
for your comments.

You say,

"No previous spin",

I  think you bet an EVENT,
that highly unlikely to materialize...

or , if it likely to materialize,

then you bet, not the entire number, but certain numbers...


sit at the table,
bet dozen 1 will not hit in 1st spin,
if lose,

then bet dz2, will not hit in 2nd spin...
if lose,

then bet dz3, will not hit in  3rd spin.

repeat for 4th,5th,6th spin

let say in 1st spin, number 1 hit,

 thus we bet dz2 will not hit,

 but leave out the star and pie numbers group of number 1...

then if dz2 hit in 2nd spin,say number13,

then we bet dz3, will not hit in the 3rd spin, but leave out the star and pie number of number1 and number 13.

if lose the 3rd spin, then we bet the 4th, 5th and lastly, the 6th spin..

why 6spins,
because stars and pies bet,

only effective in six spins.


Sensei say something about this?


From my observations...
1 - Each is spin is independant
Which means we should be between independence
2 - The wheel still follow a patern and got an equilibrium. Randomness got his limits.
The wheel follows nothing, but the numbers always have equalness. Only the House has limits.


to further my observations you can't win with your funds.
Everything about this game is equal if you play it the way it wants to be played.


If I had three loaded dice with different probabilities which one would you choose?
If I had three numbers how can you choose?
These questions mean something about our thinking has to change.

Kimo Li

Whether I am betting 1 number or all 36 numbers, the outcome is always the same, profit.


Kimo, try 'betting all 36 numbers' and profit!

I thought you were an expert?


He mean...

1number of SPIN...

36numbers of SPIN...

why 36spin?

there 36stars numbers...

6stars x 6group=36...

not every group will hit EQUALLY in next 36spin...

1 or 2 group of star numbers,. will hit higher than others...

Kimo Li

QuoteKimo, try 'betting all 36 numbers' and profit!

I thought you were an expert?

How is it possible?

The secret is in the amount of bets placed on each number divide in to "groups" in a series of progressive betting. Let's take a simple example.



R  R hit, B miss +1 -1 = 0
R  R hit, B miss +1 -3 = -2 black is on a progression
B  R miss, B hit -1 +9 = 8 black hits progression
R  R hit, B miss +3 -1 = 2 red hits progression
B  R miss, B hits -1 +3 = 2


Up 10 units

Each group is bet separately with it's own progression.

And yes, I am an expert.

Warning: Not for amateurs or closed minded people.


Kimo, no expert would ever bet on 'all 36 numbers.'


Sweet, if he meant 36 spins, then what does this mean -

"Whether I am betting 1 number or all 36 numbers the outcome is always the same, profit."

Kimo Li

QuoteKimo, no expert would ever bet on 'all 36 numbers.'

My point is a player CAN bet 36 numbers and PROFIT.
You obviously can't get that past your mind.

Personally, I don't 36 numbers. However, as an expert I am ABLE to do so and PROFIT.


Lol Kimo, I hope you are not using any real money.

Your statement above is ridiculous. Anyone else care to comment on this?

Kimo Li

Yes, comments are welcomed.