The 100% Sure Win Roulette System

Sure win roulette system

Nobody likes risk, unless you are seeking a thrill. Certainly when it comes to money, we all want to minimize risk. Hence why you are searching for a sure win roulette system.

I’m going to tell you how it is, which is not necessarily what you want to hear. The truth isn’t always convenient. Any website that tells you roulette can be beaten 100% of the time is “not being honest”. You probably guessed I’m not going to say roulette can be beaten every time. That isn’t exactly the case. There’s a lot more to the story as I will explain on this page.

Does a 100% Guaranteed Roulette System Exist?

The simple answer is yes in some cases, but no in most cases. It’s a technical question. It depends on many variables.

The first thing to understand is roulette is not the same between different casinos. The type of roulette is the first consideration.

For example, there’s random number generator roulette, which doesn’t use any physical wheel. The winning numbers are determined by a random number generator. So essentially it is a slot machine, the real roulette wheel.

In other cases, the roulette wheel may be physically real, but spun by automated mechanisms. An example of this is the Cammegh Slingshot.

The roulette you usually encounter in real casinos involves a real physical wheel, and a live dealer. What can be achieved on each type of roulette is discussed below.

Random Number Generator Roulette

Remember this isn’t real roulette. It is just a slot machine with fancy roulette animations. The reason you generally lose on slot machines is because of the discrepancy between odds and payout. This is otherwise known as the house edge.

The typical example I use to explain the house edge is as follows: on the European wheel there are 37 pockets. So the odds of winning on a single pocket is 1 in 37. However, the payout is 35 to 1. This payout is below the odds, therefore it’s unfair. Essentially even when you win, you still lose because the payout is unfair. This is how the casino gradually erodes your bankroll.

To profit consistently, you must win more frequently than with random bets. Another way of saying it is you need to increase the accuracy of predictions. Yet another way of saying it is you need to increase your odds.

Random number generators are specifically designed to produce random outcomes. They are designed to be unpredictable. So if your system is something like “wait for 5 reds nn a row, then bet black”, you are going to lose. It doesn’t matter what patterns you think you see, it’s just your mind playing tricks.

So is there any sure or guaranteed way of beating RNG roulette? Yes, but only if the software that generates random numbers is flawed. This may be a result of poor design. You would think that significant flaws only occur with low-grade software, from smaller companies. But there have been cases of enormous multi-billion-dollar companies that released flawed random number generator software in slot machines. This was exploited by Russian hackers, who made a fortune in a short amount of time. The problem still exists with some of the slot machines, although they may have since been replaced. So this is at least proof that random number generators can be flawed and exploited.

However, it takes a great deal of statistical analysis to uncover flaws. In the case of the Russian hackers, they actually purchased the slot machines in question. This allowed them to thoroughly study the machine. If you were to apply the same statistical analysis at online casinos, you would need to spend probably tens of thousands of dollars at the casino to have enough data. And even then, there’s a very slim chance you would uncover any flaw.

Assuming the spins from random number generators are properly random, it is not possible to overcome the house edge. This means that house edge remains at -2.7% for European wheels, and -5.26% for American wheels. See for details on rules of other games.

Real Wheel Roulette

Real wheels are very different because they involve real physics. Instead of being random, there are numerous anomalies that make roulette spins predictable. Again this only applies to real physical wheels.

Where the ball lands on a real wheel depends on physical variables, such as the rotor and ball speeds. These can be physically measured, which in turn can predict where the ball is most likely to land. Prediction accuracy may not be perfect, but doesn’t need to be.

Even with only slightly accurate predictions, it’s quite easy to overcome the house edge. Professional roulette strategies are capable of achieving edges over 80%. This doesn’t mean you win 100% of the time though.

Let’s put it into perspective. Consider again the European wheel, which has 37 pockets. If you average 1 win every 15 spins, this is an enormous edge over the casino. But it would still be impossible to win on 100% of the spins. After all, there is always an element of luck.

Although the casino has a normal 2.7% edge over players, it’s still possible the casino loses money from time to time. After all, some players may get lucky. In fact the casino counts on this, to encourage difficulties in place to continue playing.

Understanding Statistical Variance

Let’s assume you have a very high edge over the casino. Because anything can happen in the short term. Even with a strong edge over the casino, you may still lose. Again this is the same case for a casino, which normally has the edge over players. Even when a casino makes a loss, they know over time they’ll make back losses. Even when casinos offer bonuses, they are carefully weighted to ensure they don’t lose money. Visit to understand how bonuses work.

My point is technically it’s not 100% guaranteed that casinos will profit. This is again because anything can happen in the short term stop over the long-term, it’s extremely close to 100% guaranteed that the casino will profit. This is exactly the same case with you, as the player. That is if you have an edge of the casino.

So if you have a legitimate edge over the casino, the more you play, the closer to 100% guaranteed profits you’ll get. This is at least in theory, because we’re not considering the possibility that the casino can ban you if they suspect you of being a professional player.

Legal Online Casinos In The USA

There’s no doubt the internet has become a reflection of our daily lives. Things you once could only do in-person can now be done via the Internet. It isn’t just limited to shopping at home. The gambling industry has benefited immensely from the Internet. This was always going to happen, considering the profitability of the industry.

Legal Framework Of Online Casinos

The border-less nature of the Internet is great if you want to sidestep your local laws. But it’s a nightmare for government regulative authorities like the SEC. While the Internet is never completely anonymous, the difference in laws between jurisdictions makes it easy for the owner of an online casino to live in the USA, despite online casinos being mostly illegal in the USA.

Of course if you have billions of dollars, it’s not particularly difficult to own a casino in Brazil yet reside in a completely different country. But the internet has made it easier.

But for an online casino to comply with it’s local regulations, it needs to at least respect international law to some degree. This is despite the varying laws between jurisdictions, it is still possible to prosecute offenders if there exists a treaty between nations. For this reason, the majority of online casinos won’t accept you as a player if you reside in the USA.

With online gambling being “big money”, it is inevitable that the USA would want a slice of the pie. Gradually, online gambling is being legalized throughout the USA. Not doing so would put the USA casinos at a huge disadvantage, not to mention the USA’s revenue would suffer. Gaming law is generally state law, rather than national. So it is up to each individual state to legalize and regulate online gambling. One particular US state is New Jersey, and here you can see a list of NJ online casinos.

Difficulties Regulating Online Casinos

Online gambling comes with a huge set of problems. Regulation is only one facet. For example, how can a government be assured it’s citizens don’t gamble in one of the many online casinos? Especially with the rise of anonymous cryptocurrencies, any gambler can easily play online regardless of where they live – or their local laws. Why should this concern government regulators? Because it means money is leaving the country. It means lost revenue. You might argue it should be none of the government’s business where you decide to spend your money. And you may be right. But when it comes to the matter of billions of dollars, the governments are bound to step in.

Benefits Of Proper Regulation

Regulation has both a good and bad side. On one hand, regulation can infringe on your rights. After all, USA citizens may not be able to bet at casinos they like.

On the other hand, do you really want to bet at a rogue online casino that is not required to follow any laws or guidelines? Rogue and unlicensed online casinos have become a problem, although they aren’t difficult to identify with a bit of research.

Properly regulated online casinos better ensure you wont be cheated, and that you’ll be playing certified fair random games. It also gives you better assurance that you’ll be paid your winnings.

A regulated casino is not a guarantee you’ll be paid winnings. If you check the fine print of online casinos, you may notice many can refuse payouts if they suspect you have in any way breached the terms of service. This type of condition has been ruthlessly used by dishonest casinos to refuse payouts. Yes, payout refusal still occurs, and even with properly licensed casinos. And the casino knows you aren’t going to start a legal case against them to chase a payout of perhaps $1000. It just isn’t economically feasible.

Fortunately, most online casinos do honor payouts. Probably because they know if they don’t, the consequential bad reputation will cost them even more.