Roulette Chips: The Secrets Casinos Wont Tell You

At the roulette table, the chips of the small plastic discs you bet with. They are a lot more than small pieces of plastic, and in fact often contain hidden microchips to track professional players. There are few companies that design and manufacture the chips. This article reveals some of the information casinos don’t want you to know.

How To Purchase Chips At The Roulette Table

To purchase chips, after a spin ends and the dealer places the marker on the winning number. Place your money clearly on the table in front of the dealer. They will then ask you which chips you wish to use.

Most roulette tables provide chip values of: $5, $25 and $100. Some casinos also provide players with the option of $1, $500 and even $1000 chips. Ultimately depends on the casino, and the table betting limits.

RFID Roulette Chip Tracking

RFID chips are basically ones that contain a hidden microchip. Over the years, the technology has involved for many different purposes. Some of these are explained below:

Tracking chip movement in the casino: all it takes is a variety of sensors around the casino, and surveillance staff from the casino can track chip location anywhere in the casino. Most commonly this form of tracking is used when the chip is taken outside the casino. More about reasons for this are explained later in this article.

Tracking bets: there are a lot of reasons why a casino would want to track bets. Firstly, under the table felt is a sensor mat. It can precisely determine the location of roulette betting chip that is placed on the betting table. Firstly, the precise chip location can determine the precise bet that has been made. This is particularly useful when a chip is in place correctly. For example, a player may have bet on the split between one and two. But if the ball lands on one, they may argue that the chip was solely on number one. The problem may be that the edge of the chip was touching on the line between numbers one and two. It’s a big difference in payout. The electronic sensor can precisely determine which bet was made. But in such a situation, it is more likely the casino surveillance staff will review recorded video footage.

A more common reason Roulette Chip tracking is used is in the case of post betting. This is when a cheating roulette player discreetly changes their bet after the ball has landed. The senses may determine that the chip has been moved after the ball lands. A sophisticated casino, with the right equipment, would instantly be alerted to the situation. In less sophisticated casinos, it is not particularly difficult to cheat with post betting. It simply requires the player and their partners to divert the dealer’s attention. It only takes a second. Keep in mind that magicians can easily fall people with simple card tricks, which are performed right in front of your eyes.

Another way RFID chips can be used is to ensure the roulette payouts are correct. This is because previously, some dealers have colluded with players to “over-pay” them.

Colored Chips Vs Standard Chips

Most roulette tables include the option to use colour chips, or the standard chips with a specific value. The standard chips can be used on all tables throughout the casino. However, the colour chips can only be used on the specific table they were purchased at. Depending on your roulette strategy, there may or may not be a significant advantage to which chips you use.

The obvious upside of using colour chips is you can easily identify which bets are yours. If you use a standard chips, it is very easy to forget where you bet, and which winds are yours. It is also much easier for other players to discreetly take your winnings. If you noticed, then it may result in the dispute that only casino surveillance video will resolve. If you are one of the players that sprinkled chips all over the table, then you would need to use colour chips.

Usually colour chips can be assigned any value you want. The roulette dealer notes the value of your colour chips when you purchase them. When you leave the table, the colour chips are converted back to standard chips. You then catch these chips in for real money at the cashier.

Where To Buy Roulette Chips For Home Play

There are countless casino chip suppliers throughout the world. Most of them are much the same, and do not contain any fancy technology such as RFID chips. Essentially they are plastic all the way through. They are not particularly expensive to purchase. But if you don’t mind spending a little extra, I suggest chips which have a slight rubbery feel around the edges. They are generally heavier and feel more valuable to hold. In fact one particular casino chip manufacturer spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, just to produce chips that had the right feel. After all, the gambling industry is a multi-billion-dollar entertainment industry. And anything that’s going to increase the appeal and excitement of a roulette game will ultimately benefit casinos. Hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop a simple plastic and rubber chip sounds like overkill. But keep in mind casinos have virtually limitless supply of money, and something as simple as a nice feeling betting chip can make a big difference to their income over decades to come.

Is It Legal To Souvenir Chips?

Most players don’t know is actually illegal to take betting chips outside the casino. Inside the casino, many jurisdictions consider betting chips to be legal tender. This means they are basically cash. But they only have value inside the casino.

It is forbidden to take betting chips outside the casino, for a variety of reasons.

For example, illegal activity could easily be financed with casino chips. All it would take is one person purchases chips, and gives them to another person. The second person then cashes in the chips for money. This would be a simple transaction, and potentially completely anonymous if done carefully.

Every casino requires photo identification when cashing out large amounts. This is to prevent money laundering, such as the example provided above. But there’s more to it. Naturally a casino wants to identify professional players who win large sums. If an individual won millions of dollars, it is prudent for the casino to know who they are. If the player is suspected of being a professional, their name and photo may be added to the database which is accessed by other casinos.

Evolution of Touch Bet Roulette

Time is money, and it is no exception for casinos. Most modern casinos still payout players manually. This means the dealer manually places chips next to winning bets. When all payouts are complete, the players can retrieve their winnings and original bet. The problem is this takes a lot of time, that would be better spent on proceeding to the next spin. From the casino’s perspective, the more spins that occur, the more players that lose, and the more money the casino makes. This is especially important if the table is busy. Nobody wants to play on a busy table. So if you approach a busy table, chances are you’ll turn the other way.

This is one of the reasons why many casinos are turning towards touch bet Roulette. This is where there are no physical Roulette chips or betting table. All betting is done through a touch bet terminal in front of you. Still the roulette wheel may be real, but it is usually situated at the front of the room, or in the centre of all the touch bet terminals. The obvious advantage of such an arrangement is payouts are done instantly, and the dealer can proceed to the next spin without delay.

Psychic Roulette Predictions: Does Precognition Work?

You would think if it were possible to be roulette with psychic predictions, someone would have done it already. But how would be know for sure it hadn’t been done?

Most gamblers have had lucky feelings, or a hunch a particular number was about to win. And then it actually wins. But looking at it logically, if you had thirty-seven hunches, statistically you will be correct one in thirty-seven times on the European wheel. Because humans are emotional creatures, we tend to see patterns where none exist. So even being correct one in thirty-seven times may appear like we have psychic abilities. We tend to easily forget the losses, and focus on the winnings. It takes discipline and honesty to yourself to properly assess the accuracy of psychic predictions. So far, few people would argue.

Why Testing Precognition Is Difficult

There have been many studies into psychic phenomena. The problem with determining whether or not it’s possible to use precognition to predict roulette spins is you need to test a statistically relevant amount of spins. “Statistically relevant” means potentially tens of thousands of spins. Such high volumes are necessary to overcome the chances that results are merely luck.

Testing ten thousand spins is relatively easy if you are testing a typical roulette system. This is because you can code the bet selection algorithms into computer software and click a button. But each spin predicted with recognition must be done manually, which takes far too much time to test a large volume of spins.

If three spins per minute were tested at an online casino, especially on a real wheel, that’s just twenty spins per hour. For one person, that’s 160 in an eight-hour day. 160 spins is far too few for any reliable results. If this was done for thirty days straight, it’s only 4,800 spins. Still it’s statistically insignificant, but the person being tested, and anyone observing the tests, will have spent 30 days for irrelevant results. The only exception is if the psychic subject was hypothetically very talented, and had extremely high accuracy. But there is no known test with high enough accuracy.

Indeed there have been well-conducted studies into precognition, for both gambling games and the prediction of other events. And there have been positive results in many cases. The question is more are these positive results due to luck, or something more?

Can We Properly Test Something We Don’t Understand?

Let’s assume for a minute that psychic phenomena is real. But if we didn’t understand it correctly, we would not fully understand and implement the required conditions for it to be effective. For example, perhaps it can only be effective when real roulette spins are used. Most testing is done using random number generators, which is not real roulette. If you understand the dynamics of roulette, you would know that real roulette spins are very different from random number generators. So is it reasonable to use random number generators to test psychic ability?

You may argue an event in the future is just an event, whatever causes the event. In this case, the event is the winning number. A paradox when it comes to predicting any future event is that knowledge of the future may change the outcome.

Say for example a random number generator was used to produce the winning number. The psychic subject may predict number 32, and the observer writes down the prediction. The time it takes to write down number 32, would be significantly different to the time it takes to write down number zero. It may appear to be a slight difference to a human, but such a difference to a random number generator will result in the completely different number. So effectively the prediction itself may have changed the actual outcome.

While this sounds largely hypothetical, consider the infamous double slit experiment. If you are unfamiliar with it, watch the video below:

Basically the act of observing or measuring alters the outcome. It is a widely replicated experiment, although no-one quite knows why it happens. Is it related to precognition? Nobody really knows that either, but it may be.

The point of explaining this is to properly test precognition, it would make a big difference to understand how it worked. Then we would be better equipped to properly test in the required conditions for success.

If the above example was correct, then it would make sense for the observer of the test to not know the predictions from the subjects until the test was over.

Successful Results In Trials

The credible trials I know of indicate that precognition may be slightly effective in predicting roulette spins. But the accuracy is only marginally better than random. For example there are 37 numbers on the roulette wheel, so with random accuracy we expect to win 1 in 37 times. A successful trial may result in slightly better accuracy than 1 in 37. However, when the volume of tested spins is so low (for reasons explained above), the slight increase in accuracy is not statistically significant.

Of course there are also tests that result in prediction accuracy below random accuracy. Naturally we assume that the trial was unsuccessful. After all it seems obvious. But the truth is it is still inconclusive, and here’s is why….

You could use the most effective method to beat roulette, which is a roulette computer. It’s a device that measures the speed of the roulette wheel and ball to predict where the ball will land. A typical edge you may achieve on a very difficult wheel is about +15%. The normal edge against players is -2.7%, so a +15% edge is quite substantial. But despite the strong edge, you could bet a single number for 100 spins and still lose. One such case is the ball lands in the correct area, but not precisely on the predicted number you bet on. So despite your edge, you still lose. The same thing is likely to occur with a test of any roulette system. Testing precognition is no exception.

Basically precognition could be effective, but we can’t realistically expect 100% accuracy. Perhaps it is more realistic to expect only a small edge, just like we achieve with professional systems.

How Can We Make Sense Of All Test Results?

Let’s say that 100 different precognition tests were done. In the tests, we simulated bets to determine whether or not the outcome was an overall win or loss. And from those tests, we can calculate the edge the participants achieved.

Let’s say the lowest edge achieved by a group was -3%, which is even worse than the normal house edge of -2.7%. And let’s say the highest edge achieved was -1.5%. Let’s assume there were an equal amount of spins for both the highest and lowest ranking groups. So then we can determine the average edge achieved from all trials combined was -2.25%. This is marginally better than the house edge of -2.7%.

Looking at this data alone would indicate we had a slight increase of accuracy. But it is only relevant and reliable if we had tested enough spins.

As it is now, the credible results I’ve seen of all precognition trials show a slight increase in accuracy. Specifically when it comes to roulette, there are trials where around 20% edge is achieved. And there are others with an edge of  around -15%. So when we look at all data combined, it appears that precognition does appear to be real, and can be used to beat roulette. But let’s be realistic. Although the overall results indicate precognition is effective, we still have the problem of not having enough data to be statistically relevant. This ultimately means we cannot say conclusively that precognition either works or not.

The way forward is further testing, and carefully testing under different conditions. In particularly the conditions must be varied as explained earlier in this article. Assuming precognition is real, we obviously don’t understand it, so we don’t know the ideal conditions in which to test. It makes no sense to test with ordinary people who don’t appear to have any natural talent for precognition. This may be an obvious variable, but certainly there would be many others we are not yet aware of.

Slot Machines and Gambler’s Fallacy

Make no mistake, casinos exists to make money. The license and process to start and operate a casino is both expensive and laborious, which makes it almost impossible for average people. So you need to be super wealthy to begin with. The state or country that issues the casino license does so with the intent of taking their cut. Essentially modern casinos are a hidden tax on the population.

This article discusses how casinos legally get away with manipulating players for profit. Generally fraud is defined as obtaining financial advantage or property by deception. As this article highlights, casinos routinely engage in blatant deception. Of course this point is debatable because the casino argue that all the facts are plainly available for players. But let’s take a closer look.

Flashing Lights and Exciting Sounds

Slot machines would be particularly dull and boring without the flashing lights and exciting sounds of wins. This alone is not manipulation. The point where it becomes manipulation is when sounds and lights make it appear the player is about to win big. A classic example is when slot machine icons align perfectly, except for one reel. It looks like the player just missed out on a big win. The reality is many slots machines are designed to make it appear this way (not all). The intention is to make the player continue to chase the win they just missed out on. And doing this requires the player to pump more coins into the machine.

Slot machine designers can argue that casinos freely publish payouts of slot machines, and therefore players should know the results to expect. It sounds good in theory, but is not reality. The reality is gamblers are a superstitious bunch that believe in trends, streaks, luck, and all sorts of things that only exist in their mind. In reality, the gamblers allow themselves to be misled by not doing proper research.

Is it the slot machine designers fault if the players don’t do research? No. But is it socially responsible to exploit a vulnerable group of people, who in all probability can’t afford to lose money? Yes, I believe so.

Put simply, it’s your own fault if you put money into a machine and lose. You need to be grown-up enough to understand the risks, and the probability that you will lose. But at the same time, gaming regulators need to be more vigilant to ensure gamblers are not misled. Realistically a gambler is not going to consider the odds of winning. They are only going to be focused on a slot machines features, payout lines, and all sorts of things that ultimately have little to no effect on a machines long-term payout.

So when you are considering a slot machine, if your intention is to make money, carefully consider the payouts and odds. If you intend only to play for fun, with the possibility of making money with luck, then by all means choose a machine with the features and images you like. To do this without risking real money, try free spins no deposit win real money sites. Then you can at least get a better idea of what to expect without risking real money. Again try free spins no deposit sites, but don’t get carried away thinking frequent wins with play sessions means you’ll get the same result when betting real money. If you try any of these free sites, consider it a test of game features only – not a test of a game’s profitability.

Winning Combinations & Payout Lines

The earliest slot machines were very simplistic and consisted of simple reels. The player pulled the lever or pressed the button, and the reels rotated. Modern slot machines are far more sophisticated and incorporate multiple payout lines, and icon combinations that lead to features in a variety of payouts. The complexity of modern slots may interest you, and keep you entertained. Or it may overwhelm and confuse you.

An inexperienced gambler may consider multiple payout lines to be of benefit. They may believe that more ways to win increases their chances of winning. But what they aren’t aware of is that all the payout lines and factors are considered when calculating the player payout.

Put another way, you can have a machine that only wins on one line. You rarely win. But when you win, you win big. Alternatively, another machine may have thirty different payout lines so you win on almost every spin. But the wins are mostly very small. When comparing either option, the end result is much the same in the long run.

Most slot machine players prefer machine somewhere in the middle. So they don’t want to wait a long time between wins. But they also don’t want a lot of small useless wins.

The most successful slot machines have unique and exciting features, such as free spins. The term “free spins” is a little misleading though, because they aren’t free. Firstly, you need to have wagered money to obtain those spins. And secondly, any winnings you obtain in the free spins are factored into the overall player payout.

Using one particular machine at my local casino, there are only two main ways you can win a substantial sum. Firstly, you can get the free spins feature as explained above. Or you could get particularly lucky and win with rare alignment of high-paying icons. The alignment of these high-paying icons is particularly rare, and you may win a few hundred dollars. The feature with free spins occurs quite frequently, and usually you will win at least twenty dollars.

Casino Manipulation

Now let’s get back to the original topic: how casinos manipulate players.

Mostly casinos rely on the emotions and gullibility of players. From the player’s perspective, slot machine is an exciting and entertaining game. You can win real money, and let’s face it, it’s exciting. But a days worth of wage can be gone in an hour of play, even on the less expensive slot machines. As a game on a mobile phone can be addictive, so can slot machines which are specifically designed to be addictive. In my view, this is socially irresponsible.

Arguably adults should be responsible enough to know what’s best for them. This means they should be able to stop themselves from playing a losing game. But in the real world, some gamblers may be desperate for money because of large debts. And these addictive games may be worsening their problems. You can find like-minded people at forums for slots players.

Am I saying we should completely ban these games? Absolutely not, and for one reason. Most government regulations have good intentions. But some regulations exist for the sake of business and profit. In any case, a regulation is part of a nanny state, which is the term given to governments who exert control over the population, as if they were completely incapable of taking care of themselves. Yes there are some cases where individuals need professional help. But the vast majority of players are capable of something as simple as knowing whether they are losing or winning, and when to stop playing.

Ultimately, the gaming industry needs more education, not regulation. Slot machine designers should be allowed to make games is appealing as they want, provided there is no blatant manipulation. This already exists in most modern jurisdictions. But what’s missing is clear information available to be gamblers, so they know what’s real and what’s not. There could be many examples, but one is regardless of the amount of payout lines or winning combinations, the overall payout of a machine is generally the same of any other. So whether you sit at one machine or another for an hour, the overall outcome is likely to be the same. Of course there are some exceptions, such as casino staff deliberately increasing the payout of individual machines. But I’m referring to typical situations.

But back to the real world. The reality is most gamblers tend not to concern themselves with odds and payouts. Their focus is usually only features and icons that interest them. In other words, they alone are responsible for their ignorance. And to make it clear, if your intention is solely to play slot machines for fun, then is perfectly fine to focus on whatever features you find appealing. But playing with intention of serious profit from casinos is a very different matter. If professional play is more your thing, I suggest focus on roulette advantage play, where you can achieve a very large advantage over casinos.



Online live roulette – the better option

Long gone are the days where the only place where you could satisfy your gambling desires was at a land-based casino or using slot machines inside pubs. With the advent of the Internet, and with almost everyone having access to the World Wide Web nowadays, physical casinos have lost their importance and online casinos have gained popularity. There are so many of them in fact, that consulting certain websites such as always comes in handy when you want to select a reputable provider. Or simply obtain more information about playing table games such as roulette.

A lot of the games offered by online gaming providers have always been controlled in a way, either mechanically or by computer. The newest generation of online games uses complex random number generators, so-called RNGs, to determine the spin of the roulette wheel for instance.

Nevertheless, some gamblers have never really trusted the fairness of such systems, even though reputable casinos are regularly inspected by eCOGRA. This is a leading independent and internationally approved testing agency which specialises in the certification of online gaming software and systems.

What is more, although many players actually enjoy the solitude of playing roulette games at online casinos, others still wish to have some sort of human interaction. This is why more and more online casinos offer live dealer options now, such as live dealer roulette.

Live dealer roulette

Allowing a computer to spin the roulette wheel might be sufficient for some players. However, an increasing number of people want a more traditional casino experience. Playing against a computer might be interesting for some, but others really prefer games played at tables with real dice, cards or roulette wheels. Playing with real dealers at real tables, even if it is in a virtual manner, is better for a lot of punters. Croupiers can handle all the physical actions required by the game, enabling players the luxury of focusing themselves entirely on betting. This is why live dealer roulette was developed and has become very popular in recent years. Live dealing technology has brought players closer to an actual casino environment.

But how does live roulette work?

Some software development companies like Playtech, Evolution and Microgaming actually provide live dealer rooms to online casinos against the payment of a management fee. These facilities can be equipped for different casino table games such as blackjack, baccarat and, of course, roulette. There are generic tables that can be used, which means that these are shared by other online casinos as well. However, the online gaming providers also have the possibility of customizing the gaming tables. Besides the studio room where the actual roulette game takes place, there is an adjacent server room where all the technological aspect of live dealing are taken care of.

A typical live studio is normally equipped with plenty of technology. More than one camera operator is required to capture all the movements of the dealer and the various features of the roulette game. The players see the dealer through one camera and it provides a general overview before beginning the game of roulette. The function of the second camera is to give an overhead or bird’s eye view of the roulette table to the player. Thus, you can see the outcome of the spin “live”. All of the images are sent to a server room where the computer uses optical character recognition (OCR) software to transfer the images and data to the player’s monitor. Naturally, an expert in IT must constantly be present to deal with any technical problems that may arise during the game. Just like at physical casinos, the dealer reports to a pit boss. This is a person in charge of overseeing the roulette tables, supervising the croupiers’ work and managing any disputes that may occur with players.

For the online casino, offering live dealer roulette and other table games is more expensive than simply using RNG games. However, the demand for such live games is quite high and online casinos that provide this “service” will definitely attract more paying customers.

A typical live roulette game

Let us imagine that you have decided to play a live dealer game of roulette at the online casino of your choice. First of all, you will see a human croupier on your screen and you can communicate with this person in real time thanks to the live feed.

The dealer will ask you, and possibly other players, to place your bets. This is much different than a simple, computerised roulette game because just like a real casino more than one person can be sitting at the roulette table. The chips used by the dealer are equipped with microchips and connected to a sophisticated computer programme. These interface with the software and you can see the action on your screen.

Once all bets are placed, the dealer will inform you that no more wagers can be made. Then the game can begin. The dealer spins the roulette wheel and drops the ball. Every movement of the little ball in the large wheel is transmitted to the participants. Unlike ordinary online roulette games, the outcome of each spin is not determined by an RNG. The final result of the game, the winning number and colour, can be seen “live”. When the little ball finally settles somewhere on the wheel, the OCR technology reads the winning number. The information is then transmitted to the software and are displayed on the screen. This allows you to keep track of your bets.

Live interaction

For players who are seeking human interaction and the thrill of playing at a casino without having to leave their home, drive many kilometres, dress up, etc., live dealer casino games are the perfect solution.

The main aspect of playing live roulette, for example, is that players can communicate directly with the dealers. This is done via a chat interface. Moreover, they can also interact with other players at the table if they wish to do so.

The live dealers at reputable online casinos have usually been well-trained and some of them have previously worked at land-based casinos for years as well. Most dealers are well-versed in customer relationship management. Very often, you can also choose the language of communication for the live dealer roulette game, although the majority of online casinos offer English-speaking dealers.

The interaction between dealers and players is not solely restricted to the game at hand. You can enjoy some small chat with live dealers and even fellow players. Whereas the live dealer speaks directly to you via the main camera, your comments are sent by typing into the chat interface. This means that in most cases everyone at the roulette table can hear and see what is going on with the live dealer but not what other participants comment. Some online casinos do offer this option, although the noise level can be overbearing sometimes.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a compromise between a physical, land-based casino and the online version, then live dealer games at online casinos are the best option. This is a subject that is often discussed in casino forums and blogs, but in the end, the choice is yours. The main advantage of playing with a live dealer is that you can play roulette anywhere, at any time and still enjoy the “company” of a croupier. Even other players if you wish to. Live dealers at online casinos combine perfectly the traditional casino experience with the convenience of modern technology.

Different Types Of Roulette And Casino Edge In Them

In principle, roulette is any type of a game with a pocketed wheel where players bet on the outcome of a spin of that wheel, or rather, which pocket the ball will end up in. However, online casinos give players plenty of opportunity to play different types of roulette, all with their special features.

Brick and mortar casinos sometimes also feature multiple roulette wheels, some of them coming with different features or payouts, but for the most part you will encounter either European or American Roulette in most live casinos.

We take a look at some of the common types of online roulette and the edge the house has in them.

European Roulette

The most common type of roulette you will find in an online or live casino is the European Roulette. European Roulette comes with a 37 pocketed wheel, with 18 red, 18 black and one green number. The green 0 number is the one that gives the casino an edge, as all payouts are made as if the number was not on the wheel.

The casino has an edge of 2.7% as the payouts are made 35/1 , while there are in fact 37 numbers in total. This make European Roulette a reasonable game to play, while not the absolute best for the players.

American Roulette

In terms of sheer odds, American Roulette is the worst game from the players’ perspective. The game features an additional 00 field, while the payouts remain the same as European Roulette. This makes the casino edge 5.4% as there are now 38 pockets and payouts for numbers are made 35/1.

American Roulette can seem more interesting to some players, but in fact, the game has absolutely no advantage over the game of European Roulette and is worse for the players.

French Roulette

French Roulette is European Roulette with a twist. If a player makes an even odds bet such as red/black or odd/even and the ball falls into the 0 field, the player gets to use the in prison or the le partage rules, which either give the player a free re-spin or give him back half of his winnings.

This additional chance of getting some of your money back gives the player some additional winning odds and reduces the house edge from 2.7% to 1.35%. This is by far the best odds you can have in a roulette game and French Roulette is likely the best game a player can play when it comes to online roulette.

Live Dealer Roulette

Live dealer roulette in online casinos gives the player a chance to play roulette with a real live dealer, who spins a real ball in a brick and mortar casino, with the action live streamed via a web cam to the players.

Live dealer roulette games are usually European Roulette, but some online casino also have live dealer American Roulette wheels. Players who prefer to play live roulette can now play it from the comfort of their home, and the odds remain the same as the computer version of the game.

Where Can I Play These Games

There are hundreds of online casinos on the internet. However, not all of them are perfect for online casino players, so you should pick carefully before you decide on a casino to play. If you are looking for a great place to play online roulette, you may want to check out this review as the casino offers some of the best online roulette games and bonuses for the players to enjoy.

While the casino edge may be very important, we advise you to play the type of online roulette you find the most fun as the edges are slight in every online roulette game and you will want to play the game that gives you the most entertainment value.

Best Online Roulette Sites To Beat

Few casino games get the adrenaline pumping as hard as roulette. Whether you are playing in a brick and mortar casino or online, the game of roulette has the tendency to make us ecstatic when riding the hot streak and crush souls when things are going the wrong way.

This is probably what makes the game of roulette so popular, but its popularization went absolutely crazy with the introduction of online roulette. With more online casino sites founded each day, the online roulette market is becoming huge and opportunities to play roulette from the comfort of your bed are many.

So how do you pick the best site to play roulette online with so many on offer. We decided to help you out by giving you a few simple tips.

Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos’ biggest advantage over brick and mortar casinos are certainly the deposit bonuses they provide the players. Basically every online casino will award you with bonus cash you can use to play games when you first deposit, so picking the casino with the right bonus is always recommended.

Some online casinos do put certain restrictions on these bonuses, so you will want to read the fine print in order to make sure that your bonus is actually suitable for playing roulette. If you find a bonus that can actually be cleared by playing roulette, there is no downside to taking the bonus and playing at the casino with extra money.

You will also want a fat bonus, and some casinos out there will provide you with up to 400% of your initial deposit amount in extra cash. Of course, you will need to bet the amount many times over, but it’s free cash and if you get just a little lucky, you stand to win lots more than you have invested.

Choice Of Roulette Games

As a roulette player, you may easily get bored of constantly playing the same old classic roulette wheel. This is why you will want to pick a casino with many different variations of the game of roulette on offer such as the American Roulette for extra action or the French Roulette for its insurance bets that reduce the house edge to as little as 1.36%.

Additionally, many online casinos allow players to spin multiple wheels at the same time with the Multi Wheel Roulette, allowing you to place your bets and win on up to eight roulette wheels at the same time for maximum adrenaline rush.

In order to give yourself the best choice of games, make sure you find a big online casino that has roulette as one of its staple games. Fortunately, there are plenty of such online casinos out there.

Reliability And Cashouts

Every online casino will let you deposit money and play, but when you finally do win and you want to cash out, not every casino is equally reliable. Some online casinos will take a long time to pay out your winnings or will look for reasons not to pay you in full while others will simply not pay you at all.

This is why you should always play with a properly regulated online casino with a big brand and licenses from reputable licensing bodies. Only this way will you know that your money and your winnings are in safe hands. Many gambler through the years have experienced the terror of playing with unregulated casinos that answer to nobody, so make sure you avoid this type of a situation and only play where you know you are safe.

Furthermore, go through the fine print and make sure that your payments will be paid out in a timely manner and using the payment method that you prefer as some online casinos are restrictive with how much you can cash out at once and which methods you can use to do it.

How Do I Find The Best Online Roulette Casinos?

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Everything You Need to Know About the Various Types of Roulette

Roulette as we know it was initially played in Paris in 1796 and it derives from a mixture of the French board game Roulette and the British wheel games EO, Roly-Poly and Ace of Hearts. Roulette got its name from the French word for tiny wheel, and it is commonly known as the King of Games since it is with the glamour of the Casino life.

Many gamblers choose to play at bet365 because of the functionality of its gaming software – the bet365 mobile app is one of the best applications for online gambling, particularly for roulette. bet365 offers two various Roulette games to its players. These are Roulette Pro and European Roulette. Here we will explain the bets that are available in these games, look at several betting strategies and discover the top ways of taking pleasure in one of the most famous Casino games. We advise you to continue reading our article to find out everything you need to know about Roulette.

The Fundamentals of Roulette

The primary elements whether you play the game online, in a land-based venue or on your phone are:
⦁ Roulette ball
⦁ The wheel
⦁ Gaming chips
⦁ Betting table

In a casino, there will also be a croupier.

The role of the dealer is automated in the Live Dealer and RNG versions of the game. The aim of the Roulette is to predict which figure the ball will land on, once the wheel manages to stop spinning. You gamble by using chips that you place on numbered lines, spots, junctions, or boxes on the gaming table. In the game of Roulette, people bet against the house, or casino, and not against other players. The rules of the game are there for a particular reason. It is to give the house an edge, or you, if you know how to properly exploit them. It should not surprise you that the casino has the edge when it comes to chances of winning.

What is The Aim of the Game

The objective for you is to predict in which slot the ball will land. This prediction could be a number, a color segment, whether the number is odd or even, or whether it is low or high. Most of the games involve a combination of these bet types.

How to Pick the Proper Variation of Roulette

We should probably talk about the elephant in the room, which is American Roulette. With it, you can play with 0 and a double 0 on the wheel. In the European version of Roulette there is no double zero. Thus the house edge for the latter is much better for you at 2.70%. At least compared to 5.26% in the American version of Roulette. We are basically saying that you are being ripped off in American Roulette. So, we strongly advise you against playing that version. recommend that you stay with the European game.
Now we will look at some of the variations of the game.

European Roulette

A standard variation of the wheel can be found in casinos all over the world. The wheel has 36 numbers as well as a single zero. Most players outside of the US will instantly recognize it.

Roulette Pro

The physical arrangement of the wheel in this variation is completely identical to the European one. There is only difference which is that when you decide to play this game, you will have the chance to place a number of convenient French bets. They are called Tier, which means Third, Orphelins, which means Orphans and Voisins du Zero, which means Neighbors of Zero. We will explain them below in this article. These wagers are quite popular with a lot of players who like to play parts of the European wheel.

Types Of Bets

There are a lot of types of standard wagers that you can place in Roulette. Moreover, it would be best to familiarize yourself with them. As well as the odds that each of them offers.

Bets for Beginners

Roulette is one of the most popular gambling games and it is obvious why. It is very easy to play, and it offers plenty of wagering options to suit the tastes of the people who are looking for a little excitement now and then as well as the hardcore gamblers.

If you are new to Roulette, the best thing to do is to keep it as simple as possible. A lot of straightforward wagers that are available and that will allow you to enjoy the game while you become confident in your betting. Try picking a specific number, odds or evens or black or red.

Players might develop their own system of betting after playing for a while, which will be based on a strategic plan. But, each new spin of the wheel produces a completely random result, no system is guaranteed to make you a profit over longer periods of time. Using significant or favorite numbers is a good strategy if you want to enjoy playing Roulette.

French Bets

Tier – This is also known as Tiers du Cylindre, it covers the 3rd of the wheel, which is roughly opposite to the zero. A total of 12 numbers are covered, with only six unit stakes. If you win this bet, you will receive 3x your initial stake.
Orphelins – This bet is called the Orphans, and it covers the two selections of the wheel which are not covered in either the Tier or Voisins du Zero bets. It consists of 8 numbers and is played with 5 unit stakes. If you win this bet, you will receive at least 2x your original bet.

Voisins du Zero – This wager is called Neighbors of zero, and it covers 17 numbers with 9 units of currency. If you place this bet, you will hope that the ball lands in the part of the wheel that surrounds the zero. If your bet wins, you will receive at least 2x your initial wager.

Betting Systems

A lot of players enjoy employing betting patterns that slowly increase the size of their wagers until they win. The most popular example is the Martingale System. Basically, every time you lose, you double your bet. A lot of players think that this is a sure thing strategy. However, the risk of this method is that a player constantly starts to bet increasing amounts of funds to a little more than break even. Even if you decide to start with a bet of one single unit of currency, if you encounter a losing run of seven spins using this strategy it will mean that the eighth wager will have to be 128 units to give you a profit of only a single unit.

A lot of casinos use betting limits to discourage this betting pattern. One of those operators is bet365. Long sequences of colors and sequences can and will occur at the Roulette wheel and it is not bizarre to see for example a sequence of many reds.
We advise you to enjoy sustained winning streaks if they happen. However, you should be careful of gambling a bigger number of chips when you are on a losing streak.

How to Become a Master at Roulette Using Science

There is a massive difference between playing the game and winning at it. Roulette is quite the deceptive game and most of the people that play it end up winning much less money than they lose. It might seem simple since with wagers like black or red and even and odd, people assume that they have a 50% chance to win. If you add this false information to the tons of misleading math systems that are being sold to the gullible, there is no wonder that casinos see love seeing their tables full. However, the pleasant news is that you can learn how to master the game. The even better news is that it might be science, but it is not rocket science.

How to understand the Fundamentals of the game

When you open an app and join a roulette table, you will observe that the wheel is separated into 38 colored and numbered slots as well as a table with the exact same colors and numbers. You can place your bets and hope that the ball that spins on the inside of the wheel will land in the slot that you bet on. A big part of understanding the fundamentals of the game is choosing the proper app for playing roulette. After all, the development of the top casino apps for smartphones and tablets made it possible to play classic betting games on any device.

In the United States, the wheel has a total of 38 numbers. It has the numbers from 1 to 36 as well as a 0 and a double zero. All of them are colored with black or red, with the exception of the latter two, which are located on green slots. The figures are placed in a random pattern, but the colors take turns to be red or black. In Europe, the wheel is exactly the same, except there are only 37 slots. This means that there is no double 0.

The table has the numbers arranged in three columns in the order they appear on the wheel. Each column contains 12 numbers. To the outside of these columns are boxes that you can bet on that range between 1 and 18 and 19 and 38, two to one column bets, a black and red diamond to wager on colors as well as odd and even bets. At the top are the spots for the zeros.
The croupier spins the wheel in a direction and after that spins the ball of the wheel in the other direction. The wheel slows down, so gravity pulls the ball where it lands in one of the slots. Usually, the ball bounces between three and five times before it comes to rest. If your bet hits, you are the winner.

How to understand what does not work

You might be tempted to wager on black or red, or even or odd, because you think that you will have a 50% chance to win, you should not. These would be your chances if the wheel did not have any green spaces. However, since it does, each of these bets has 18 positive outcomes, 18 negative, that do not include the 0 and 00. This means that you have a 52.63% chance that you will not win, even if this is a simple wager. However, math tells us that the casino keeps a 5.26% advantage every time on each bet.

According to, there are a lot of systems that are being sold online and in the casino gift shops that claim to teach people how to beat roulette using phony math tricks. Most of these strategies are almost as ancient as the game itself. However, every system has the exact same flaw. They try to tell you that the previous spins have some type of cosmic relationship with the next ones. The truth is that it doesn’t matter what has happened in the past, as each time the wheel spins, the odds of the ball to land on a specific number or color are exactly the same. Even if the ball landed on red one hundred times in a row, the chance of it landing on red again are still 48.6%, which are the same for black and 2.7% for it to land on green. These percentages do not change based on the past spins.

A lot of other systems are based on money management and make some mathematical sense. The only problem with them is that the operators know about them and they have put in place their own systems to make sure that they will not work. The oldest and most common of this type of strategies are known as progressive betting. These include the Grand Martingale and the Martingale. The thought behind them is that if you double your wager every time you lose, you will eventually win. This does make sense, but the house puts limits on the tables, so you cannot do this after the seventh or eighth consecutive loss. For instance, if you wager $10 on red, and you lose, you will bet $20 the next time. If you win, you will get $40 which is more to cover both of the bets and make a $10 profit. However, if you lose again, then you will have to bet $40, which makes your total bet of $70, but your profit will still remain $10. The next will be 80, 160, 320, 640 up to 1280. At the eighth bet, you will have put down $2550, for the chance to win $10. Some tables might have the limit of 500$, which means that you will not be able to double your bet and your money will be in trouble.

In reality, mathematical strategies are encouraged by the operators, since they do not work. Some casinos even make it easy for you, by posting the last spins on large neon boards. They are aware that a lot of players are easily fooled to believe in math that states that specific numbers or colors are due in spite of the odds.

So, what does work?

If you want to find out how to truly master roulette, then you will need to look past the math and focus on science. These might be related, but they are quite the different approaches. The science behind the game is quite simple, there is a spinning ball, a spinning wheel, ball bounce and gravity. All of these are elements of physics. When you start understanding the physics of the game, you will be able to predict the outcomes as well as increase your odds and eventually win.

You are probably wondering if this is so easy, why has no one done this before. In reality, they have. Back in 1891, Joseph Jagger found out that a percentage of the wheel would have a small bias and hit specific numbers with a higher frequency than normal. Jagger understood that there had to be only 1% bias for him to make money and beat the odds. A higher percentage meant that he would be rolling in cash. He took his theory to Monte Carlo and for a little more than a week, in spite of the casinos’ efforts to stop him, he became known as the man who broke Monte Carlo taking from them between $4.5 and 7 million in today’s value.

Recently, a group of eastern Europeans did the same thing in England in the Ritz casino, but they were using smartphones to forecast the numbers based on the speed of the wheel spin and ball bounce. What we are saying is that people have been using physics to beat the casinos for approximately 150 years. A lot of casinos do not take large sums anymore so the clever thing to do is to take tinier amounts over a long period of time, so that you would remain undetected while doing so.

There are a lot of physics lessons and tools that are available, which will teach you to find the dominant diamonds and increase your odds. However, the top way to use science to win is by using an actual roulette computer or any other computerized assistance. The benefit of the computer is that it is more accurate and can defeat more wheels. However, more than half of the casinos do not allow them, and you might be caught. So, the best thing out there nowadays is a cross-reference strategy that maximizes the advantages of all of the methods.
If you learn how to find the bias in a wheel, staying undetected while using your knowledge, and figuring out which wheels are worth playing on, you will not simply master roulette, you will also know how to make money while playing.

How to Play Roulette as an Amateur and Still Win

Playing roulette can be a daunting task for many people. Amateur players who are just beginning playing roulette find it hard to be competitive with the big game winners who consider themselves professionals in the game. However, amateur players must take their positions among the pro and play to win alongside the big boys. If you don’t play along the professionals, where else would you learn to play roulette the professional way? A fantastic page which explains about playing roulette and the rules is at

You Must Know the Game Basics

Playing roulette as an amateur and still win is a tricky subject, but it is possible. One thing that every player must be sure of having is to know roulette basics, like how to bet. One should know roulette table in use in his chosen casino, whether the American roulette table or the European roulette table. One must also understand the meaning and how to use neighbor’s bets, straight bets and house edge for each betting system. So, the very first step towards making a win as an amateur roulette player is to know the roulette basics, including the betting rules.

Avoid a Lot of Distractions

There are a lot of materials that tell you how to win that are always available on the internet. However, before reading and trusting any sources and credible, you need to review carefully consider what they claim to know. Blind following of some advice online only make one lose more from the roulette betting game. To win, therefore, one needs to use proven methods that work. If you follow one particular authentic source of information that is verified, and keep deploying the techniques from the trusted source, you will soon start seeing a unique pattern that others are not seeing. Get glued to only one source of information, like from without mix up of the information from other sources, and you will see the winning formula. Make sure your trusted source is credible and can provide the winning formula.

Making a Winning Choice for the Betting System

One of the very first things that every winner must inculcate when playing a roulette game is the choice of the roulette wheel, table, and casino. Even when one is an amateur, as long as you are interested, you must have your selection right from the start. To select the roulette table, you may not have a lot of options as most casinos in your country will just have one of the possible two options, either the American or the European table. Familiarizing yourself with the roulette tables that is common in your country is critical.

Choosing the correct roulette wheel that you will also play most of your bets is the essential thing. Most of the roulette wheels have an inherent bias in one way or another. It’s this kind of preferences that one needs to study closely and find out before making a judgment on the type of bet they want to make. Even if you are an amateur, it is important that you make use of this unique phenomenon before you make a winning bet. However, for those who want to play for fun, it would not make much sense to try understanding his roulette wheel concept. But for those who are out to win from Roulette betting game, this is one of the priceless actions that you may take to ensure you know where to cast your bet whenever possible.

There are computer programs with much accuracy that help you identify where to cast your winning bet. If you are a novice player, you must find a way to play the game with the computer in such a way that nobody realized that you are using a computer to make a winning bet. It goes without say that however novice you are, using the good roulette computer will give you an edge over the other players, and you will win fairly above the casino bosses expectations. The best they can do is to ban you from their casinos. You finding a role to play and playing your roulette computer in a concluded way is a very sure way of making a change and winning with roulette.

In Conclusion To How Novice Players Can Win

Playing and winning at a roulette do not come at no costs at all. At least, some of the activities that one can take to help in gaining an edge over the others must include cost you some time and in some cases, some money. However, the effort that one will take studying and coming up with solutions that help them to cash out and win at a roulette table will always pay off when used correctly. Even if one is an amateur; the need to win at a roulette table must call for developing an edge. This is possible by understanding the particular bias in the physical characteristics of the when, or through the use of the computers. A great page also explaining roulette tips is

Best Betting System for Roulette Bet and Table

Many people have asked themselves and have searched for the information online about the best betting system for roulette. Similarly, many people have also written about the same topic, trying to advise people on the choice of the best system that they can take to beat the roulette gambling game. The available information on the topic is so enormous that distinguishing the truth and non-accurate information has caused even more confusion to the average roulette players who would like to participate in the then game. In this paper, we explore roulette systems that work, and possibly, they are the best-betting systems for roulette gambling game.

Real winning on a roulette game is neither spontaneous nor occurring by luck. Professional roulette players who have been big money rewards from the game have taken their time to study the game in each and every detail, bearing in account the possible weaknesses of the game, and maximizing on such weaknesses to understand the particular number that the ball stops after every roulette wheel spin. The initial advice is that to win at roulette game, there is no shortcut, and the ability to win must be carefully studied based on a given roulette wheel and roulette table.

It is important to provide a point of caution. It is always not possible to beat all the roulette wheels, in all the roulette playing casinos all the time. At some point, roulette wheels may outsmart the player if the proper analysis has not been correctly done. A simple playing modification like the change of roulette wheel or the roulette table may have significant changes on the results. The best practice, therefore, is for every average played to have fixed loss limit, and a pre-determined bankroll amounts so as to avoid disappointments playing roulette game.

Similarly, some systems that prove to be efficient, allowing the user to play roulette gambling game online, like the use of random number generators should be avoided when one needs the best strategy in roulette winning prediction. The system uses computer algorithms, with animated roulette pictures that do not give the player an opportunity to determine the roulette when and the table bias. This is one of the systems that do not work, and therefore, playing such games is not part of the roulette best strategy.

Strategizing using Roulette Computers

Some people have created a program that can accurately predict the outcome in roulette gambling game. The use of roulette computers is some of the best strategic systems that exactly work for many advantaged players. Because the prediction of the winning numbers is very easy, many people tend to overuse such systems, by winning large sums of money in short periods of time, and in succession. Since predicting the roulette game outcome through the use of computers is not expressively allowed, the roulette owners, dealers, and pit bosses cannot tolerate such systems. They are abhorred in and around any roulette playing table, and therefore, their use must be limited to prior use before one sets foot into the casino.

Strategizing using Roulette Wheel Bias

Mastering roulette starts with understanding the wheel, and in fact there are several legitimate ways to make money on roulette. The best betting systems from the roulette playing game, however, is based on the physics playing of the game using a real roulette wheel and roulette table. To beat roulette systems in the fairest way, one need to understand the dynamics of the roulette wheel, roulette table, and the playing frequency of the casino. The best prediction system, in this case, makes use of physics to determine the possible outcome and the winning number in every spin.

However, the correct prediction in the physics must take into account the potential wheel bias. Most roulette wheels may at one point or another have a bias that may encompass undistributed weight, changes due to wear and tear, non-uniform winning pattern and other physical attributes of the wheel. To know the wheel bias, one must take a lot of time, studying and recording the series of the inning numbers, the possible changes in the winning patterns and analyzing the physical characteristics of the roulette wheel.

After determining the wheel bias, the selection of the betting table is equally important in determining the amount that one can make from the roulette game. While average players would consider outside and sector based betting strategies, advantage players who have done the correct wheel analysis, or one using the roulette computers must only do the direct number better in the inside betting. In fact, advantage players may only do an outside bet I they want to conceal their identity, and thus deliberately losing the bet to break a patterned winning streak.

The choice of the best betting system for the roulette game depends on the individual, the level of play experience. Advantaged players must first learn the system. Average players and novice players, however, may play the game, making wild guesswork that may reward at times. The best betting systems for the roulette gamble is however based on a thorough research and more accurate analysis of the existing wheel bias.