How to Play Roulette as an Amateur and Still Win

Playing roulette can be a daunting task for many people. Amateur players who are just beginning playing roulette find it hard to be competitive with the big game winners who consider themselves professionals in the game. However, amateur players must take their positions among the pro and play to win alongside the big boys. If you don’t play along the professionals, where else would you learn to play roulette the professional way? A fantastic page which explains about playing roulette and the rules is at

You Must Know the Game Basics

Playing roulette as an amateur and still win is a tricky subject, but it is possible. One thing that every player must be sure of having is to know roulette basics, like how to bet. One should know roulette table in use in his chosen casino, whether the American roulette table or the European roulette table. One must also understand the meaning and how to use neighbor’s bets, straight bets and house edge for each betting system. So, the very first step towards making a win as an amateur roulette player is to know the roulette basics, including the betting rules.

Avoid a Lot of Distractions

There are a lot of materials that tell you how to win that are always available on the internet. However, before reading and trusting any sources and credible, you need to review carefully consider what they claim to know. Blind following of some advice online only make one lose more from the roulette betting game. To win, therefore, one needs to use proven methods that work. If you follow one particular authentic source of information that is verified, and keep deploying the techniques from the trusted source, you will soon start seeing a unique pattern that others are not seeing. Get glued to only one source of information, like from without mix up of the information from other sources, and you will see the winning formula. Make sure your trusted source is credible and can provide the winning formula.

Making a Winning Choice for the Betting System

One of the very first things that every winner must inculcate when playing a roulette game is the choice of the roulette wheel, table, and casino. Even when one is an amateur, as long as you are interested, you must have your selection right from the start. To select the roulette table, you may not have a lot of options as most casinos in your country will just have one of the possible two options, either the American or the European table. Familiarizing yourself with the roulette tables that is common in your country is critical.

Choosing the correct roulette wheel that you will also play most of your bets is the essential thing. Most of the roulette wheels have an inherent bias in one way or another. It’s this kind of preferences that one needs to study closely and find out before making a judgment on the type of bet they want to make. Even if you are an amateur, it is important that you make use of this unique phenomenon before you make a winning bet. However, for those who want to play for fun, it would not make much sense to try understanding his roulette wheel concept. But for those who are out to win from Roulette betting game, this is one of the priceless actions that you may take to ensure you know where to cast your bet whenever possible.

There are computer programs with much accuracy that help you identify where to cast your winning bet. If you are a novice player, you must find a way to play the game with the computer in such a way that nobody realized that you are using a computer to make a winning bet. It goes without say that however novice you are, using the good roulette computer will give you an edge over the other players, and you will win fairly above the casino bosses expectations. The best they can do is to ban you from their casinos. You finding a role to play and playing your roulette computer in a concluded way is a very sure way of making a change and winning with roulette.

In Conclusion To How Novice Players Can Win

Playing and winning at a roulette do not come at no costs at all. At least, some of the activities that one can take to help in gaining an edge over the others must include cost you some time and in some cases, some money. However, the effort that one will take studying and coming up with solutions that help them to cash out and win at a roulette table will always pay off when used correctly. Even if one is an amateur; the need to win at a roulette table must call for developing an edge. This is possible by understanding the particular bias in the physical characteristics of the when, or through the use of the computers. A great page also explaining roulette tips is

Best Betting System for Roulette Bet and Table

Many people have asked themselves and have searched for the information online about the best betting system for roulette. Similarly, many people have also written about the same topic, trying to advise people on the choice of the best system that they can take to beat the roulette gambling game. The available information on the topic is so enormous that distinguishing the truth and non-accurate information has caused even more confusion to the average roulette players who would like to participate in the then game. In this paper, we explore roulette systems that work, and possibly, they are the best-betting systems for roulette gambling game.

Real winning on a roulette game is neither spontaneous nor occurring by luck. Professional roulette players who have been big money rewards from the game have taken their time to study the game in each and every detail, bearing in account the possible weaknesses of the game, and maximizing on such weaknesses to understand the particular number that the ball stops after every roulette wheel spin. The initial advice is that to win at roulette game, there is no shortcut, and the ability to win must be carefully studied based on a given roulette wheel and roulette table.

It is important to provide a point of caution. It is always not possible to beat all the roulette wheels, in all the roulette playing casinos all the time. At some point, roulette wheels may outsmart the player if the proper analysis has not been correctly done. A simple playing modification like the change of roulette wheel or the roulette table may have significant changes on the results. The best practice, therefore, is for every average played to have fixed loss limit, and a pre-determined bankroll amounts so as to avoid disappointments playing roulette game.

Similarly, some systems that prove to be efficient, allowing the user to play roulette gambling game online, like the use of random number generators should be avoided when one needs the best strategy in roulette winning prediction. The system uses computer algorithms, with animated roulette pictures that do not give the player an opportunity to determine the roulette when and the table bias. This is one of the systems that do not work, and therefore, playing such games is not part of the roulette best strategy.

Strategizing using Roulette Computers

Some people have created a program that can accurately predict the outcome in roulette gambling game. The use of roulette computers is some of the best strategic systems that exactly work for many advantaged players. Because the prediction of the winning numbers is very easy, many people tend to overuse such systems, by winning large sums of money in short periods of time, and in succession. Since predicting the roulette game outcome through the use of computers is not expressively allowed, the roulette owners, dealers, and pit bosses cannot tolerate such systems. They are abhorred in and around any roulette playing table, and therefore, their use must be limited to prior use before one sets foot into the casino.

Strategizing using Roulette Wheel Bias

Mastering roulette starts with understanding the wheel, and in fact there are several legitimate ways to make money on roulette. The best betting systems from the roulette playing game, however, is based on the physics playing of the game using a real roulette wheel and roulette table. To beat roulette systems in the fairest way, one need to understand the dynamics of the roulette wheel, roulette table, and the playing frequency of the casino. The best prediction system, in this case, makes use of physics to determine the possible outcome and the winning number in every spin.

However, the correct prediction in the physics must take into account the potential wheel bias. Most roulette wheels may at one point or another have a bias that may encompass undistributed weight, changes due to wear and tear, non-uniform winning pattern and other physical attributes of the wheel. To know the wheel bias, one must take a lot of time, studying and recording the series of the inning numbers, the possible changes in the winning patterns and analyzing the physical characteristics of the roulette wheel.

After determining the wheel bias, the selection of the betting table is equally important in determining the amount that one can make from the roulette game. While average players would consider outside and sector based betting strategies, advantage players who have done the correct wheel analysis, or one using the roulette computers must only do the direct number better in the inside betting. In fact, advantage players may only do an outside bet I they want to conceal their identity, and thus deliberately losing the bet to break a patterned winning streak.

The choice of the best betting system for the roulette game depends on the individual, the level of play experience. Advantaged players must first learn the system. Average players and novice players, however, may play the game, making wild guesswork that may reward at times. The best betting systems for the roulette gamble is however based on a thorough research and more accurate analysis of the existing wheel bias.

The Roulette Table Best Strategy

Many people have asked if there is proven roulette table best strategy. Similarly, many people have given enormous table on the best strategies that on can use to get the roulette table and when advantage so as to win the roulette gambling game. Most of the information posted online, however, lacks depth and proper understanding of the roulette game, and particularly, the advantage that one can get from the roulette table and the roulette wheel. This paper gives a brief of the areas that one needs to look out for to become an advantage player in a roulette betting system.

Examining the different Types of Tables

Understanding the roulette best strategy begins with remembering that there are two types of roulette tables, including the European roulette table and the American roulette table. The characteristic difference between these two kinds of tables is the number of bet option that they have. The European roulette table has up to thirty-six straight numbers, including a single zero number. However, the emetic roulette table has up to thirty-seven bet options, including a single zero and a double zero bet options. The additional number in the American roulette table explains why the two type of tables has different house edges, with the European roulette table having a house edge of -2.7% and the American roulette table having a house age of -5.26% on the wheel. To a novice player, it is important to bet on the European roulette table that has highest chances of a win, due to the lower house edge, compared to the American roulette table that has a higher house edge.

Arrangements of Numbers on the Roulette Tables

The number arrangement on the roulette table gives the players the options to make their bets. One may decide to go for the straight inside bets while another may choose to go for the outside bets. Whichever the bet one takes, the most important thing is to determine the winning number in the game. The numbers are arranged into various sectors that can also determine the outcome. The use of rows and columns for the numbers is one way in which people can bet. The high numbers (19-36/37) and the lower numbers (0/00-18) are some of the number arrangements that every player must be skilled with. Some of the numbers are shaded black, while others are shaded red, except the zero numbers that are shaded green in most roulette tables. Even numbers and the odd numbers arrangements make the table have more features that players can use to place their bets. In most tables, numbers are also arranged in dozens, having the first dozen, second dozen and the third dozen.

Explaining the Different Types of Bets

A thorough page is here explaining types of roulette bets and the odds if you are new to the game. Roulette table strategy and success depend on the available betting options that a player can take. The types of bets are divided not two broad categories, the inside bet and the outside bets. In many cases, the inside bet is the straight number bets. The player can choose to bet on a single number that he believes will win when the spinning ball stops. The straight number bets have the highest returns compared to the other types of bets. Professional players find the straight number bets to be most rewarding since many people fear to bet on such numbers, however, once an advantaged players are certain of the winning number, placing a single bet on a single sure number saves a lot of money, and pays well. Novice players, however, find outside, and combination number bets most appropriate. In this case, a player may bet one either red number or black number, with a return of 1:1 (48.6% and 47.37% winning chances on the European table and the American roulette table respectively). Sector based bets like on large numbers or small numbers, dozen numbers and all other non-straight number bets, however, do not earn much and professional players avoid them.

How to bet and What to Avoid during betting

For the best table betting strategy, it is important to use physics logics to determine the roulette wheel bias before placing bets. However, even after determining the bias, there are some types of bets that one would still like to avoid. The use of neighbor’s bets, as well as the utilization of the colour bets on the roulette table, drives one closer to getting noticed by the pit boss and the dealer. Unless one is not willing to make large sums of money from the betting system, there is a need to avoid placing bets that individually identifies a player.

The best strategy on a roulette table is to avoid getting noticed at all costs. Therefore, any bet and possible outcome that would mean a player identifies him to the pit boss and the dealer should not be an option to the professional and the advantaged players. Placing bets that will remain anonymous and with moderated winning amounts is the best strategy for good money rewards from the roulette gambling game

The Best Strategy For Roulette New Players

Some people have learnt the game of playing professional roulette while others are still average players. The difference is significant regarding the payouts. Professional roulette players no longer consider themselves gamblers, but professionals who take the work of playing roulette as any other profession. They can make real money by winning from the very system that average players find tough to win. Whether the European table or the American roulette table, professional players do bet on numbers that they know would win, and continue to win despite the house edge.

One most important tip that every professional player must consider is the need to choose a roulette wheel from where they can win. Even professional roulette players agree to the fact that however good one is, it is just impossible to beat all the roulette wheels. Choosing the wheels thus is the initial step to making money out of the roulette game. It is important to note that playing roulette game on roulettes when may present the players with some bias that they can capitalize on to make winning bets. You can learn how to play roulette and basic rules here.

However, out of convincing, some people still believe that playing computer base resolute gambling game can still make them win big money. However, the truth behind the use of computer-based roulette, the ones typically called the RNG (Random Number Generator) is that they are computer based roulette systems that are tough to win. The only proven way to win at a roulette table is to use the physics prediction methods to win the bets. However, Random Number Generators are not subject to such physics prediction models; avoid them at all costs when one wants to cash out of roulette game as a professional player.

To the professional Roulette players, it is important to play it safe and avoid being noticed. This is the best strategy for a sustained winning streak on any roulette system in a casino. Professional members who have identified their betting tables and wheels are known to win consistent and big amounts of money. However, this may only work to their disadvantage as big money, and identifiable consistency attracts the attention of the roulette owners who must take action against such players. Therefore, there are some factors that may make professional players noticed, and they are the factors that one must avoid.

Regulating Identifiable Winning Frequency

Once a professional player knows their way round the roulette game, it becomes both tempting and existing to keep winning. The major danger is that the conscious winning streak alerts the roulette dealer, who then reports to the pit boss about the patterned winner. In this case, they will take stern actions against the patterned and serial winner, which may be stopped altogether from playing from that particular roulette table or casino. To win is good, but professional winners know it too well that any winning that would create a pattern to get noticed is one thing that they must avoid. To win good money in roulette, being irregular in the winning pattern is the greatest secret.

Regulating Your Winning Amounts

It is also important to avoid getting noticed by controlling the winning numbers. Once a professional roulette player identifies the bias in a roulette will or has applied the physics models to predict the figures, it is important to bet small amounts that attract small payments. The main reason is that with significant rewards, the roulette management systems may request to have the details of the winner, mostly when they want to paycheck. This is very dangerous as they get to know the advantaged winner personally. They cannot allow such consecutive win for a longer time

Always do Avoid Colour Bets

Professional players also avoid colour bets when they want to win big from the roulette gambling game. The initial problem with the colour bets is that every colour is associated with a single player. A continuous win on a given colour means a single player has an advantage over the roulette table. This cannot be tolerated by the roulette pit boss and the dealer. Therefore, professional players must always avoid color best so as not to get noticed on their winning streak.

Always do Avoid Neighbor Bets

Neighbor bets require that the dealer must be notified before the betting exercise takes place whenever one bets in such areas. The dealer must also inform the pit boss of such bets. Since they require the details of the roulette player to be taken by the roulette management, it also forms one of the best strategies to avoid the neighbor bets. Consistent winning from the neighbor bets or winning the large amounts from the same roulette table means that the pit boss and the dealer take note of the winner. A continued win must be stopped to allow the roulette management to avoid making significant losses from such players.

Roulette Strategy Outside Betting

The idea of Roulette Strategy outside Betting may seem odd at first. But the step-by-step word-and-picture instructions take the mystery out of learning to enable you play the game with confidence. You soon discover the whole process is just organized common sense. Read the types of roulette bets and the odds so you know which bets suit your roulette system.

You can start from scratch with easy to read and understand instructions to learn tips and techniques of playing roulette without tricks.  Thousands of players have taught themselves how to play this game by using simple words and pictures. You can too. It’s Exciting, Challenging and Convenient

You learn in your spare time, in the privacy and convenience of your home.  There’s no one standing over you to make you nervous.  And because you teach yourself, you set your own pace.

You’ll be delighted to discover how and easy the step-by step method of leaning to play roulette is. You won’t even bother asking how effective is Roulette Strategy outside Betting?

Once you’re comfortable in one technique, move on to more advanced steps in the game because you can tell the timing is right.  Soon you’re able to play different variant roulette games with ease.  When do you know you’re doing it the right way?

Try out one method in the game at a time during practice. When you’re able to do it again without instruction manual you can tell you’ve “got it right.” Roulette game is played mainly by using Inside or Outside bets.  How do these two betting methods work? Three important steps in the game of roulette revolve around Inside and Outside Bets. They include but not exclusive to:-

  1. Picking and Placing Bets

In Roulette Strategy outside Betting, you pick and place a combination of Red or Black, Odd or Even numbers in the range of 1-18 or 19-36 bets.  If you like risk taking in chasing your dream to win large sums of money playing roulette, outside bets is the best option. Outside bets are ideal if you expect to win one game after another.

You can also settle for low chances of winning with inside bets. Inside bets refer to all bets placed on the inner section of roulette table. If you want the thrill of high risk and expectation of big returns, inside bet is your scene. A single number stands for inside bet.   The outcome price reward for inside bets has a greater return on investment in the tune of 35/1 but low winning chances.

The common ground in these betting systems is the “House Edge.” “House Edge,” cuts across inside and outside bets. House is the casino’s upper hand on every type of bet you place to play the game.

  1. Playing the Game

Playing the game of roulette involves spinning the wheel. You don’t need any specific tips and techniques for making the wheel turn. It is simple and straightforward.  Anyone keen on the game can learn by watching others do it.

The best way to learn is by doing.  You’ve ample time trying out spinning the wheel many times during practice with welcome bonus.  Once you have the hang of it, the exercise is easy as breathing.  You just do it, then watch and wait for the ball to stop on numbers in the roulette wheel.

  1. Pay Offs Outcome

Spinning roulette wheel determines the outcome of the game. If you spin and the ball comes to rest on the numbers you chose on say $10 bet and get $350 you win big time.  That should encourage you to carry on with the game.  You simply reinvest the initial seed capital you set aside for the game after withdrawing the profit margin.

In most cases the first trial run spin outcome is a loss.  That does not mark the end of gaming.  You already settled on the amount of money to spend.  You do not spend it all at once.  Give it another go using part of the remaining amount unless you lose consecutively throughout each game and run out of funds.  In that case, you know when to quit.

Winning and losing are two sides of the coin in gambling.  You can’t have one without the other. The challenge is to fix your eyes on the price. Do not to give up on the first sign of loss.  The best way of putting all theory you learned about the game is refuse to give up.  Stay focused.  The pay offs is within reach.

Whether you’re spinning American Roulette with 5.26% or European Roulette with lower “House Edge,” percentage, the casino takes advantage gain on all types’ bets. If you’re aware how the two basic types of bets inside and outside bets work, on roulette, you stand a chance of placing winning bets with Roulette Strategy outside Betting in the real game.

Five Tips For Highest Chance of Winning The Roulette Game

The best roulette tips page explains the systems with the highest change of winning roulette, and also see

All requirements needed to increase the Highest Chance of Winning Roulette are contained in 3 elements of the game.

  • Pick on the Game
  • Preference Variant of Roulette
  • Possibility of Winning

Whether you’re playing roulette in brick and mortar or online casino establishment, the above mentioned three basics stand between winning and losing.  What difference do these three elements make in the game?

One, you’re spoilt for choice to pick one out of thirty different variants of roulette game.  Picking the right roulette variant game is the first step towards increasing your probability of winning.

Two, take advantage of exclusive bonuses on offer to improve play if you’re starting out gambling.  Pick welcome bonus to practice play for free to gain self confidence in the preferred variant game of choice.

Three, choose winning numbers wisely.  You’re now ready to place bets on roulette to play for real money.  How do you get set to win?  Here is a six tip guide to stimulate Highest Chance of Winning Roulette.

  1. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

This is not just a cliché coined for business executives, and sports persons in different fields of discipline.  This time tested truth carries the same weight to increase your winning opportunities in the game of roulette.  

  1. Pick on Variant Game of Choice.

Your Highest Chance of Winning Roulette is determined by the choice of variant game you pick. You also get to pick winning numbers during practice and play. Choosing winning numbers is tricky. We’ll get to that in a bit.  For now,

  1. Practice to Perfect Performance

You gain invaluable knowledge through practice to perfect your performance in the real game. You can practice on free bonus offers as long as you’ve time to spare.

If you’re new to gambling, practice gives you the added hands on advantage in the game to learn different tricks and techniques of playing roulette. You also get acquainted with methods of spinning roulette wheel.  In addition you discover when to continue playing or quit if the odds in the game are against you.

  1. Placing of Bets.

You can place five different varieties of bets available to play roulette game. The choice of bet you place will determine the type of price money you expect to win. The bigger the bet, the better the reward and greater the benefit you get from playing roulette.

You can pick and place bet on anyone of five selections in anticipation of wining grand jackpot price in the game. Different bets have different advantages and disadvantages. You can win in one variant roulette game of choice at a time by placing one right bet. You can’t always lose.

Winning or losing is a way of life. However, the more you play, the more chances you stand to win one of many prices on offer. Make smart moves to reduce risks of losing and increase your likelihood of winning. 

  1. Play Outcome Depends on Chance.

You have the chance to spin roulette wheel but not where the ball lands. That is the downside of the game because roulette is purely a game of chance.  However, not all is gloom.

Winning in roulette game is not compromised or influenced by outside or human factors.  How it works?

  • Random Production of Numbers

In roulette online casinos, numbers are automatically produced by the program installed in the system.  No mismanagement of numbers to influence the outcome. This gives you the Highest Chance of Winning Roulette. Roulette game is challenging and comforting to play.

  • Roulette is Fun and Fascinating

Your adrenaline pumping hard, eyes glued on the spinning wheel makes roulette game fun and fascinating. No player has the upper hand in the outcome of the game.  You have the opportunity to choose the pace of movement in real roulette online. All players wait for the ball to rest on a lucky number as the roulette wheel comes to a halt.

Roulette’s other special features include best payouts and graphics.  These two make online roulette gain popularity over traditional casino roulette game.

  • Real Time Saver

Automatic production of numbers is fast, efficient and effective.  No time spent waiting.  The numbers come on instantly and so is the final result of the game.

This allows more play time and chances of winning. Besides, it all happens within the reach of your finger tips. There is no real trend and monopoly in winning the grand jackpot price in place in this game.

You can win £1,000,000 with one bet.  You do not need to engage in any brain work except guess; spin roulette wheel, sit back watch and wait for the unpredictable outcome.  Roulette is a game in which winning is made easy.



Seven of the Best Betting Strategy for Roulette

The best betting strategy for roulette is explained at but below is an article written by a relatively new player to roulette. Also read does the martingale roulette system work, which gives you a better idea of why most roulette systems lose.

Strategy counts in betting to win in all games including roulette.  Professional gamblers spend time learning The Best Betting Strategy for Roulette to play the game expecting to win. Seven of the best practices consist of Street Squad Strategy, Square Strategy, Spinning the Wheel, Worth of Bet, Withdrawal of Profits, Online gambling Scams and Sticking to Outside Bets.

Street Squad Strategy

In this strategy, you place two chips on each of the bets to cover the two double streets of numbers you’ve chosen. This works on a set of five numbers and one to cover in the double street represented by two chips. In the third slot you put four numbers and one chip to cover the corner. Favorite number 5 wind up the last slot.

This strategy offers 5 to 1 payoff deal with six chips profit margin if the ball rests on one double street bet number of choice.

Five Quad Strategy

Five Quad strategy pays 8 to 1 if the ball stops on one of the numbers in your square layout of 21 numbers.  You need a single chip in each of the five corners of this strategy and one chip favorite straight number bet.

Spinning the Wheel for a While

The Best Betting Strategy for Roulette starts with spinning the wheel welcome bonus to practice play and get acquainted with rules and regulations of the game. You learn the game first hand through observation with practice.

You risk losing if you skip spinning the wheel for a while during practice to learn the techniques of the game.  The practice allows you to gain self-confidence when you place bets to play for real money.

Worth of Bet

You know how much you want to spend playing roulette.  That is money you’re prepared to lose incase the ball stops on a wrong number outside your bet. The money you spend on the bet also determines the price reward. The higher the bet, the greater the expected reward price in the game.

Placing bets is also influenced by your state of mind.  The Best Betting Strategy for Roulette depends on how you program the mind to win. Guard against indulging in drinking to keep your mind clear and alert to make the right decision in placing bets during the game.

Withdrawal of Profits

“Do not put all your eggs in one basket,” one proverb warns.  You know how much you’re willing to spend on betting to play the game.    The Best Betting Strategy for Roulette prompts you to separate your profits from initial capital betting investment.

If you settle on betting $75 and get lucky to win $150 in the first spin of roulette wheel, be sure to take out the profit and continue playing using the initial $75 you set aside for betting in the game. This allows you to gauge performance and know when to quit playing while still ahead in the game.

Online Gambling Scams

Cyber Space Crime is on the increase in many forms.  There are busy bodies out there cooking up tricks to lure unsuspecting internet users into bottomless financial scams.

Tricksters are no ordinary blokes.  Online tricks are varied, so are tricksters.  These chaps know internet landscape well.  Online swindlers inject a bit of psychology, play on your emotions and before you know it, you’ve lost money under mysterious circumstances online.

If you’ve not been a victim, count yourself lucky but be on the lookout.  It’s only a matter of time.  It could happen today, tomorrow… any minute …who knows?

You’ve heard of different approaches to play the game of roulette. You’ve tried some if not all of them out and know not all the tactics yield automatic win.   You’ve lost, won roulette games and continue to perfect playing in order to increase your chances of winning.

You know by now from practical experience there is no quick fix it for all strategy in winning the game of roulette. Beware of advertisements claiming to give instant quick roulette wins are false because the outcome of this game is 100% chance.   This is proven fact from years of research, trial and error to come up with conclusive evidence on the outcome of roulette game.

“The only way to beat Roulette is to steal the money when the dealer’s not looking,” Albert Einstein concluded after studying how to overcome the challenges of beating unpredictable outcome in the game of roulette. You don’t want to do that.

Stick to Outside Bets

Outside bets offer more winning opportunities than inside bets.  The profits are less but the overall odds are friendly.  Stick to predictable red/black high/low or odd/even outside bets to reduce huge loss margins in the game of roulette.

Roulette System For Unibet Online Casino

The best roulette systems that work anywhere are listed at on the home page. One of the most fascinating game in the casino is the game of roulette and the beauty of it is that both the online and offline roulette receives a good patronage from all and sundry. But the most beneficial advantage in online casino is the ability to play varied version like single and double wheel at a designated casino or from your very home. Though if you desire less risk and relaxing experience in roulette game, you need to choose a reliable casino like “Unibet Casino”

Origin of Unibet (Roulette System, 2015)

Unibet roulette came into existence fully in the year 2008 in Sweden and its operation begins from there, it was formally a sports book, considering the characteristic nature of the game and its desiring traits by people, it is rated as one of the best online game and its operator has above 1.8 milion patronage cutting across the globe that is why European group has the largest operators. The casino is an essential part of Unibet plc. which is recognized for its undoubting effort in securing players and gaming equity. Certification of the group was done by G4, its rules and regulation were strictly followed to enable reasonable gambling. When you decide for this game, you don’t need to be afraid by having contrary thought that it will work against you.Despite the fact that Unibet casino receives lot of patronage from the United Kingdom, it gives you a unique European standard by ensuring high performance and good customer’s satisfaction.

Never test a roulette system with free accounts from online casinos as sometimes the results are rigged. I recommend test only with the free online roulette game which uses proper fair spins, but nothing compares to a real wheel.

For an enjoyable and rewarding experience, you need to make good use of the following steps when playing online roulette(Casino Online, 2015).

  • Go for European Roulette only: the beauty of online roulette game is that it gives room for making choices between the double zero version and single zero version. The candid advice is that you should always go single zero wheel, reason being that the house edge on it is very minimal (just 2.63%). Ensure your games are played at a casino that offers 50% of your bet on and 100% bet on upon the ball landing on zero.
  • Play your game at a reputable casino like Unibet: to ensure a successful game which in turn gives cool and rewarding cash.
  • Ensure good usage of your welcome bonuses: don’t just store them up. You can have a better chances, if you start your game with bonuses especially when you go on outside bet as this enable you to turn your bonus into cash at hand.
  • Note that there is no relationship between the first and the last spin: If you live on the theory that first and last spin are thesame, you are making a life time mistake, so beware!
  • Let your bet be on column be double while that on red will be single: this enables you to minimize your loss, at any time the ball falls on red numbers. As you are aware that column numbers ranges from 3-36 which is made up of eight red numbers and just four blacks, a chips is placed on 1-34 column, 2 on 2-35 column, with these, you have taken care of 24 numbers out 36 Numbers.
  • Start on the low side: begin you bet by selecting few numbers at a lower end and increasing the amount on the high side.
  • Be wise with your earnings: when you win, don’t save your money for another round but cash out and when starting another round, don’t put all you have won, put at most 50% of the initial deposit. You need to be wise and smart with your money.

Characteristics of Unibet Casino (Roulette System, 2015)

  • It encourages the placement of constant, by dweller, and call bets
  • It gives practical experiences that are needed by players
  • It offers a significant live play providers
  • It adhere strictly to the rules and regulations governing online game
  • It gives room for reasonable play in the game
  • It offers European version to players

Significance of Unibet Casinos

  • The most desirable highlight is its software which has a compatibility nature with windows, Linux and MAC OS.
  • Irrespective of your choice, the speed loading gives you a wholesome gaming knowledge.
  • Availability of over 100 games will enable you to locate your desired card game, table game

or slot at any time you want a change.

  • Touche and Deloitte audit Unibet casino on a regular note, your financial transactions is

well covered and your personal data is in a safe hand.

  • Communication is made easy with use of encryption technology and information given at

anytime during registration which is safely secured and monitored strictly.


  • New player receives 100 % bonus (€100), as welcome grant to the casino
  • Your account is credited as soon as you made the first deposit
  • The casino offers loyalty bonuses, when you start playing with cool cash
  • Players with highest bets receive additional bonuses, this makes Unibet roulette unique, profitable and interesting.

Labouchere Roulette System

More detailed information about the Labouchere roulette system is at which discusses more about why it doesn’t work.

(Kevin, 2015) said basically, Labouchère system is based on the made believed thought that roulette is a game involving pattern and extra time without considering the budget or the table capacity because you will always be on the winning side, this is far from the truth because every spin on the wheel of roulette will give an unexpected outcome. The bitter truth is that no method of roulette game assures the player to be on the winning side even with Labouchère system, but the probability of ending up with the desired or speculated amount is certain and it also gives room for discipline when adopting the method.

What is the labouchère system?

It is a kind of betting system in roulette game that deals with even, odd and 1-18/9-36 money ratio, it is also known as cancellation system or split martingale, it is a gambling method that is used in roulette system. In this case, the player decides how much to win by writing down a list of positive numbers that will make up total sum of the amount to be won. At the turn of each bet, the player place a bet on the number that is an equivalence of the first and the last number, when it remains a single number, a bet is to be placed on it. For a favourable outcome the two numbers are removed from the list, for an unfavourable case, the desired number is added to list of numbers, the game continues in this sequence until the speculated amount is won or until the player is shot of money(Merriam-Webster, 1998). For a given player to play based on the above statement, eighteen different results could place the player on a winning side but for American roulette wheel,twenty different results couldplace the player on a losing side. Betting chances on any of the above wheel could be said to be 18:38 with the percentage around 47: 37%. On a theoretical note because the player is crossing out two numbers on the list when winning and including just one number when losing, the player will need a percentage ratio of 33: 34% for the list to be completed.

Methods in Labouchère system (Labouchère roulette strategy, 2015)

1. Cancellation method: this is a case where by winning numbers are cancelled out of the set of listed numbers, example is given below: assuming the following set of numbers is the list 1 2 4 2 4 4 6 8 to place a bet on, there will be addition of the first and the last number. The addition of the first and the last number equals 1+8=9, the amount to place a bet on is 9,after placing the bet, if that is the winning number, then the first numbers and the last will be cancelled out of the set, then we have 2 4 2 4 4 6. The process lasted until all the numbers are out for a winning bet.

2. Inclusion method: Contrary to deletion of the first theory, addition method is adopted in this case. After calculating the amount to place a bet on. If the bet is on a losing side, then the number will be incorporated in the set. Take for instance in a given set of 1 2 4 2 4 4 6 8 the number to place bet on will be 1+8=9 for a losing game the set will become 1 2 4 2 4 46 8 9, if the game continues and the player kept on loosing, the set keeps increasing.

3. Backward method: As the name implies, it is a reversal method in labouchère system, instead of deleting number after winning, the player will add the stake amount to the given set of numbers but when loosing, player delete two numbers from the sets. The player can start with a fresh set of numbers, if they run out numbers and want to continue the game. One good reason while players prefer this is simply because, you don’t have to set an amount to place your bet on but the error can be minimised by setting a specific amount for loses. This place a form of control measure on the player, as they will not place a bet they can’t afford in case the loosing amount supersedes the winning amount, thereby causing a total failure.

The detrimental effect of this labouchère system is that, players might give up easily when they suffer a considerable amount of loses causing them to put in more money without winning the money in return, this may pour cold water at their heart due to lack of fund causing them to give up this method. Another issue is that when there a greater amount of losses, table limit may be set therefore giving rise to an inability to complete the game that was fully started.

For further reading, learn how to play roulette at

Low Risk Roulette System

On a practical note, it may be a little bit difficult to say categorically that a particular strategy in roulette system is of low risk, every strategy has its own beneficial as well as detrimental advantages, for instance one might consider “outside bet” as low risk roulette system because it does not drain out the cash in your wallet in quick succession but gradually drains out everything, this act does not make it a low risk system because professionals called low risk system a beneficial play method. According to professional roulette system, let consider low risk roulette system (Advance Roulette System, 2015) but I also suggest the page at

  1. Roulette Electronic Machine: The electronic machine is made up obscure devices that measure the movement of the wheeland ball in order to know the winning number, this is not a typical roulette system but one of the most efficient way to put you on a winning side in the game and in most ofthe casinos they have a legal back up, although some casino still put restrictions on them so you need to use them secretly and smartly to avoid being find out. Although many roulette computers/ electronics machines are in existence but you need to look out for the right one to avoid being deceived by the sellers. On a recommended note, Uber and Hybridelectronic machine are preferred due to the following plus and minus.


  • On approximate note, its 90% better than present day’s wheel
  • Boundary line for players is between +20 to +100
  • Very efficient in roulette winning
  • Though it secretly used, you will hardly be found out when used rightly
  • Simple to comprehend for easy usage.


  • Has a legal backup in about 50% casinos


  1. JAA Intersecting Identification: This is commonly used in professional system, a very efficient system that foretells the number that win prior to the release of the ball, a very good roulette system with legal backings anywhere. This approach locate the association between the wheel’s physical mutability and the winning numbers. For a particular source, there is an outcome which is not due to the random movement of the winning number but to know the physical mutability of the ball and the wheel. Foretelling the next lucky number is having a perfect understanding of how the mutable affect the winning numbers. Essentially, this approach gives room for prediction when the mutable are not the same i.e. when the balls and wheel’s movement are not the same and when dealers are replaced.

Method: For good analysis, you need an estimate of 50 spins in a direction and this needed to be done once per wheel but you must have written down the winning numbers.


  • Its distinct
  • Its beats 30% off when compared to the present day’s wheel
  • Simple to comprehend for easy usage
  • commonly used in most casinos, automated wheel inclusive
  • very good roulette system that can forecasts before releasing the ball
  • Boundary lines for players is +5 to +15%


  • 50-200 spins is needed in a direction for wheel’s assessment.


  1. Forecasting with your eye (Optical Ballistic): This is one of the simplest method because it used just own vision, with your eye wide open, you foretell the winning number by predicting where the ball lands on but that will be towards the end of the spinning, for instance your prediction might be when you have just 6 revolutions left.


  • easy to use
  • just 60-100 spins is needed for each wheel’s assessment


  • Prediction is after ball’s release
  • Just 3% off present day’s wheel
  • your action can be easily monitor in the casino

4.      Signatory of the dealers

It is in the nature of dealer to whirl the wheel and the ball at a steady speed, which in turn leads to irregular pattern known as the “dealers signatory” that is one major reason why dealers are replaced every 20-30 minutes. Although it does not work on every wheel except the dealer and the wheel are properly combined

The methodology involve are easy to understand, take note that ball has tendency of striking

dominant diamond i.e. deflecting metals, it is difficult to predict the bouncing of the ball, take for instance, when the ball land on the rotor, your guess may not be 100% right because you don’t have an idea of its landing position. Assuming that the wheel travel on a similar speed, prediction is somehow easy because if the ball made a round of 20 revolutions prior to striking the dominant diamond, this means the movement of the ball will cover a pre designated area likewise the bouncing of the ball.From the above information, dealers signatory needs you to locate an appropriate wheel and an appropriate dealer for the wheel, getting a suitable dealer is an easy task and learning dealer’s signatory is at no cost.


  • It is not difficult to use, once there is appropriate wheel and dealer
  • Forecasting are done before releasing the ball


  • It is time sapping
  • Casinos can cause players loss by changing factors
  • Small alteration in the air pressure can cause irregularity in pattern


  1. Taking advantage of the imperfect nature of the wheel (Prejudice analysis): It is in the nature of the wheel, to make some numbers lucky numbers as against others, this is known as “biased wheel”. To a reasonable extent all wheel has a biased nature, when Joseph Jagger knew the secrete behind the biased nature of the wheel, he made an history at bank “Monte Carlo”, this caused a great headache for the casinos owners. Biased wheel is still very common in most of the casinos, although spin result are being observed closely and biased wheel are replaced immediately and the software used by most casinos requires 10,000 spins for its analysis but the interesting thing is that in a fewer spin, improved techniques will spot the bias wheel before detection by the casinos.


  • you can detect and make enough gain from biased wheel before detection by casinos
  • Know the forecast before releasing the ball


  • The beats is just 2% of present day’s wheel
  • Time consuming
  • You can be easily find out.

When developing any system I also recommend studying the types of roulette bets and the odds so you know the expected payouts. Then you can compare frequency of wins to test if your system works.