Five ways to spot an unfair online casino game

Online casino games are designed to be random and fair, but if you’re playing on a site that’s not trustworthy, then the results of your game could be rigged. If this is happening, it can mean that you’ll lose more than you should or win less than expected.

The purpose of an RNG or Random Number Generator in an online casino is to provide a random and unbiased result. This means that each time you play, the outcome will be different even if you make the same bet on the same game. You can learn more on this at We Rate Slots to help you avoid the menace of losing at online casinos unfairly.

The results also need to be fair so that players have equal chances of winning. One way to know if your online casino games’ RNGs are fair is by checking for their licensing and certification status from reputable organizations such as eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation & Assurance).

Here are other ways to spot an unfair online casino game:

1. The house always wins

While there are things that online casinos keep away from players, if you play for a long time and find that the casino consistently takes your money, then this is an indication that you’re probably playing on a rigged game. The RNGs in these online casinos will generally ensure that players will lose more than they win because this ensures profit for the website. If you notice this pattern while you play, quit and don’t come back.

2. You get disconnected when you win

Many online casino sites intentionally disconnect players who start winning too much so that they can deny them their rightful winnings. These players would normally be able to withdraw their earnings after they accumulate them, but what happens instead is that they get disconnected or locked out of their accounts, forcing them to contact customer support to unlock their account or receive their winnings. If you notice this, don’t play on these sites anymore and look for a better one. A legitimate online casino should have disconnect protection.

3. The spins are too fast

An online casino that allows you to spin quickly is designed to take your money faster because the reels will stop at random most of the time only with losing results.

To ensure a balance in profit and loss, a fair RNG has to do exactly the opposite by having its players spend more time waiting for the reels to stop so they can have more chances of winning something from each bet made. These casinos generally have slow spinning speeds which is good news for gamblers who prefer playing longer using lower stakes without feeling so rushed all the time.

4. Bad odds

If you find that the expected value (EV) is too low, then it’s likely that you’re playing an unfair game. The expected value is essentially the hidden algorithm used by the RNG to determine how much you should expect to win or lose in any given spin. The values are typically distributed evenly, which means that 50% of outcomes will be won and another 50% losses. Players who get results that differ too much from this ratio are most likely victims of unfair RNGs where they’ll lose more than they should over time.

Nowadays, many gaming portals have popped up on the web and it can be difficult to find the right one –especially with so many fake review sites popping up everywhere online. When playing at online casinos, it’s better to choose safe ones instead of questionable ones because these might just take all your money in no time at all. Look for reviews before signing up with a website so that you know if the games are fair.

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