Try The Ultimate Roulette Trainer

Want to learn and feel the difference between European, French and American Roulette? The new and free Roulette Trainer by Bojoko lets you try each of the three major Roulette variants in one single trainer.

Switching between them takes seconds, and the gameplay and design is elegant, simple and intuitive. Equally important, each game starts with the exact RTP and what makes this variant different from the rest.

Brush up on the rules and test any and all bets and strategies, until you live and breathe Roulette.

Train online or via the app

You can try the Roulette Trainer by Bojoko in its existing web version. However, the trainer has also been developed for all Apple and Android devices. You can find it on both Google Play and Apple Store.

The Roulette Trainer by Bojoko app is entirely free and has no in-game purchases.

Discover the differences

One of the greatest advantages of the RouletteTrainer by Bojoko app is that you can clearly see the differences between the games. This may lead to entirely different choices in the casino lobby.

One of the clearest differences is the Return to Player, which is the percentage of all bets that are paid back over time. In every casino game, the house has the advantage, but this varies. 

  • French Roulette RTP: 97.3% to 98.65%
  • European Roulette RTP: 97.3%
  • American Roulette RTP: 94.74%

You will intuitively see and learn why this is in the app itself, but let’s explore it a little below.

Why American Roulette has the weakest odds

American Roulette has a much worse RTP than the other two variants, and for a very obvious reason. Instead of one green zero disrupting the otherwise 50/50 split between red and black, odds and evens, and 1-18 and 19-36 bets, there are two. 

The infamous double zero expands the wheel from 37 to 38 numbers, without changing the payout. You still get 1 to 1 odds on red, black and the other so-called 50/50 bets. Worse, even the individual numbers keep the payout of 35 to 1.

European and French Roulette Are Not the Same

There is a common false myth that European Roulette and French Roulette are actually identical and that the only difference is the aesthetics.

At face value, by simply looking at the wheel and the table, this could easily be believed. After all, both wheels are 18 black numbers, 18 red numbers and just a single green zero. 

This, of course, makes both European Roulette and French Roulette instantly more lucrative than American Roulette, but French Roulette has one additional advantage. 

This is the “La partage” rule, which is almost like an insurance or consolation prize. If you have made one or more 1-to-1 bets and the ball lands on zero you actually get half of your original bet back.

The higher RTP is therefore only if you make the 1 to 1 bets, i.e. Red, Black, Odds, Even, 1-18 or 19-36, but it is still a major upset to the standard formula.

Test the Strategies Yourself

The Roulette Trainer by Bojoko also comes with simple guides to 9 of the most popular Roulette strategies. This, of course, comes with a clear disclaimer of why Roulette systems fail. 

Playing the free trainer app allows you to test out each of the legendary Roulette systems for yourself without losing your own money. 

Roulette is a game of chance, each spin is random, and as such you cannot beat the game. What you can do, on the other hand, is to get a real grasp of the bets, the payouts and just how the game moves and feels. This places you in a better position to make more informed decisions and play the type of game you wish to play.

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