What Game Could Be As Legendary as Roulette

Casino games like roulette, poker, craps, etc., have been around for centuries, providing gambling enthusiasts the opportunity to engage in one of the best pastimes in the world. Gambling in particular and gaming, on the whole, has seen a large number of significant changes over the years, adapting to the changing cultural and global landscape. With all the technological innovations that have transformed the way we gamble, few games have remained as iconic as Roulette.

Roulette has been around since at least the 17th century, with the concept of the roulette wheel being introduced in France. The game was amalgamated with an Italian game called Biribi, which led to its current iteration played in physical and online casinos internationally. The game has been the face of casinos for a long time. Whenever someone thinks of a casino, the classic roulette wheel is the first thing that comes to mind.

Despite the translation of physical casino games to the digital medium, the classic roulette experience has remained more or less the same. The game has managed to do well for itself over the years, adapting to different technologies like online casinos and Virtual Reality casinos, etc.


Chess is one of the most popular board games around the world, and for a good reason. The game dates back to the 7th century, with each historical era bringing new advancements in chess moves, etc. As iconic as chess might be, as of today, there is very little room for improvement within the game. The game has a set pattern that has stayed the same for centuries, with the only innovation being new moves being invented by established chess players internationally.

While Chess might be a worthy competitor to Roulette in terms of popularity and worldwide recognition, Roulette has fared far better than Chess in the digital age. While Chess has adapted to the digital age by being commonplace in almost all computers and computing devices as a built-in game, the digitization of Roulette has been more successful.


While Go might not be as well-known in the western world, it has been one of the most popular board games in the East, with a rich history dating back to 2,500 years ago. This abstract board game was invented by the Chinese, and just like Chess, there has been very little innovation in Go over the past couple of centuries.

The game has survived the digitization wave, being immensely popular in Eastern countries. However, Roulette is still better than Go because there is room for continuous innovation and growth moving forward into the digital future.

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