How To Increase Your Odds of Winning Roulette

Let’s be honest. Most pages about winning roulette are nonsense. They are usually written by a casino affiliate or someone similarly without real experience in winning roulette. If a page has any real value, it is usually content copied from someone else.

I’m one of the few professional players. I’m one of the people who design original methods for beating roulette. So I know what I’m talking about. Learn more on my site explaining how to increase odds of winning roulette. The website has a lot of detail.

Can You Really Win at Roulette?

Anyone can win, even with random bets. But can you actually beat the game in the long-term? Absolutely. But you can’t beat every roulette game or wheel. However, you can beat enough roulette wheels to achieve consistent winnings. This is done by exploiting physical anomalies of real wheels.

So first understand there’s a difference between normal wins from lucky players, and long-term profits.

Is Is Possible To Make Millions With Roulette?

Yes, but again you can’t beat every wheel and roulette game. I’ll get to that later. The problem is not beating roulette. The real problem is avoiding detection. Because if casino staff detect you and notice you’re winning consistently, they’ll take whatever action required to stop you. Usually the steps they take begin subtly. This is because they would rather you lose, than leave entirely. Having you leave is their last resort.

Winning millions can and has been done. But it requires careful planning and usually organized team-play. It isn’t realistically possible for one player to do it alone, unless it is done over a longer period.

I’ll give some examples:

3 players in the Ritz casino won around US$2.4M in 3 days. They were noticed, of course. They allegedly applied a roulette computer. Another player won around $200,000 in a few months – he is known to use a roulette computer. And it took the casino a long time to notice him. In both cases, large sums were won. But naturally the team that won millions in just 3 days were noticed. There are countless other cases of large wins, especially ones you don’t hear about it. Because the people doing very well are also very good at remaining undetected.

But if you think you’re going to walk into a casino and win a fortune with a “holy grail” system, you’re dead wrong. Roulette systems that work aren’t really like that. Again the problem isn’t so much beating the wheel – it’s more avoiding detection.

Roulette You Can & Cannot Beat

Again understand there’s a difference between winning roulette, and beating it. You can win even with random bets, but you’ll eventually lose everything if your system is ineffective. Beating roulette means the more you play, the more you win.

Before you play any roulette, first identify the type of game it is.

If there is no physical wheel, and spins are all computer animations, that’s not roulette. It’s a glorified slot machine, and winning numbers are determined by a random number generator (known as a RNG). It is fine to play RNGs for entertainment, but not for professional play.

Ultimately you cannot beat RNG machines because you have no way to change the odds of winning. However, you can change the odds on real physical wheels.

If you’re interested in the specific methods that legitimately do beat roulette, see

Exploiting Casino Bonuses

Professional systems to beat roulette are one thing. They do exist, although most people don’t have the patience or mindset to use them. But there are other ways to profit from casinos, which you might not have considered.

For example, you can exploit some bonuses to at least increase your chances of profiting. This applies to any game – not just roulette.

Specially how it works is first search websites that detail the casino bonus of various casinos. Find a bonus for a large amount, but with low wagering requirements.

A wagering requirement is how much you must bet before you can withdrawal your funds. You can’t just get a $100 joining bonus and instantly withdrawal funds.

Make no mistake though: if your system is bad, and you play too much, you’ll lose your initial deposit and the bonus. But if your bonus is high, but with a low wagering requirement, then you can virtually guarantee profit.


Say you had a 100% bonus for a $1000 deposit. So your account ends up with a $2000 balance. But the betting requirement may be 5x. In such a case, you will need to wager $5000 before you can withdrawal all funds from your account.

If you bet $10 on one number for 500 spins, you’ll have wagered $5000, and statistically you’ll lose about $140. And because you will have passed the wagering requirement, your bankroll will be about $1860. So you will have profited around $860.

Things to be careful of:

  • Most wagering requirements are higher, and this limits what you can and can’t do. Often the requirements are so high that all the bonus does is have a similar effect to temporarily reducing the house edge.
  • You can only do it ONCE per casino (per verified ID account).
  • Only deal with reputable casinos.


There are indeed valid ways to profit from casinos. Specifically with roulette, there are valid and proven effective systems and strategies. But as per the example above, think outside the box. Often profiting from casinos involves exploiting comps and bonuses. In the case of exploiting bonuses, it wont make you a millionaire, but who couldn’t use an extra $1000 or so?

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