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Testing zone / Re: Grandmaster Roulette
« Last post by boyd30 on Today at 11:26 AM »
Vertė good idea! Tested it and several wins, not a loss. Guess there will be but if the wins overcome the losses it doesn't matter.
Testing zone / Re: To KTF, Or not
« Last post by PassionRuleta on Today at 11:21 AM »
Make graphics so long are not necessary, you will never play 4000 balls, the graphics have to win in playable short sections ...
Testing zone / Re: To KTF, Or not
« Last post by Ricky on Today at 11:11 AM »
Evidently one spin may not be enough, but according to others 12 spins is enough???  ::)
Go figure!

I think I'm going to create a thread that explains the logic of the system junkies.
OK, I am going to be honest here, no selective data. But 4175 spins of RX simulation (random number) using Repeats with a 4 Cycle 37 spin 1-2-4 progression. So I track the first 37 spins and collect all repeats that have not appeared for 3 times. I then select from these repeats 1 number to bet 37 times using the first step of a 3 step progression. If it loses the 37 spins it goes to the next cycle with the new top repeat betting 2 units per spin. Process is repeated until it gets to the 4th Cycle with 4U bet per spin.
To determine the Single Repeat from my pool of repeats I use the following RX formula based on StdDev
 Calculate StdDev of record "TR:Numbers" layout to Record "TR:StdDev Number" Data
The Spin window used is 148 which represents the number of spins in four 37 spin cycles (4x37)
The formula will take the list of repeats from the last 37 spins and identify the repeat that has the highest StdDev from the Mean number of repeats for the 148 spin cycle.

Anyway, using the above mentioned progression 1-2-4 you can see that initially the method was working as long as you get one hit per 37 spins of the chosen repeat in 4 cycles. Where the method breaks down is when you get the inevitable 3 losses of 37 spins in a row and you need to reset the betting to 1 unit. This then gets even worse when you get a string of misses as has appeared towards the end of the 4175 spins.

So now we need to identify a progression strategy that will avoid the "death spiral". Flat betting is one solution to be able to withstand the steep losses during times of repeats not showing when expected. Positive Progression is another option to increase bets when bankroll increases accordingly. And reduce bets when in losing streak.

Any ideas on progression and strategy welcome.

Main Roulette Board / Re: Vaddis is the true grail
« Last post by PassionRuleta on Today at 11:07 AM »
Jejejej, if you saw my video?
What a pity he does not know how to speak Spanish ... can not I translate into youtube?
Or that I have to put it on YouTube? is that I do not know much about youtube ...
Greetings and thanks for your words
What’s the probability of 8 misses in a row for a bet on 17 numbers in roulette ?

Main Roulette Board / Re: Vaddis is the true grail
« Last post by stringbeanpc on Today at 11:01 AM »
PassionRuleta, well stated. If you find something that works for you, stay with it and do not let any take away your power.

I also watched your video, too bad I cannot speak spanish.
Main Roulette Board / Re: Vaddis is the true grail
« Last post by PassionRuleta on Today at 10:50 AM »
If you do not want to respect me, Eddy does not care.
I know what I have and how much I've worked for years and years in roulette, in the end I had my reward with the vaddis grail.
I do not care if you believe me or not, I know how well it works, I do not need the approval of anyone, I've seen many real sessions myself. It always wins.
It is a pity because I indicated to you to be well aware of the information of vaddis also that you have to open your mind in much simpler ideas based on balance to achieve winning.
How he says sometimes will be less than 24 balls and sometimes more, but you will always reach balance or gain and you will start again.
If you can not see how simple it is, I can not do anything else for you.
And the TURBO thing is the same, take the 8 nuneros that disintegrate more and you will see that there are very good games and other bad ones, but you always end up winning for little that is. :thumbsup:
Multiplayer Roulette Game / Re: MPR
« Last post by Steve on Today at 10:16 AM »
Exactly whats the problem?

When will you understand that I call you tuner on purpose !
I find it better than turner!

Your job is to moderate the forum and tune the discussions ... from here comes the name tuner !

no ones getting blocked. Ignore roulettebeater

He cant even spell my name right

I do, it’s
T U N E R  :xd:
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