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*I have been trying variants of
this: Matti1.01, Maddy1

Below is the original formula.

Procedure: Track the four
newest outcomes.  Are they unique?

Flat-bet the four uniques once.  Repeat steps with each
new spin value.  (Newest number in, fifth number out.)

Stop when in profit.

Example: 23,4,9,36 (newest spin-value)

Bet 23,4,9,36 once:    1.) 17(x)

Bet 4,9,36,17 once....

Bankroll suggestion: 144 units
(Vaddi's Bankroll rules)
Main Roulette Board / Re: *PATTERN BREAKER*
« Last post by bikemotorman on Today at 06:38 AM »
Phoenix is doing well with PB so far real money, what is the figure we have come out with for the wins to losses with PB for baccarat?????

I thought it was ten wins to one loss on baccarat, has anybody did just flat bet and just play 60 minutes a day then stop.

I had one pattern that did not come up all the time I played it was PBP so I was playing BPB.

If this holds up to being 1 loss in 10 games that is great.

No greed just a small profit.

I stop on a win and retract.

...or more numbers?-Boyd30

It could perhaps do better, according
to Madi four numbers is the key to the Grail.
The Notepad / Re: Dawna1: A Ninth Outcome Street System
« Last post by Proofreaders2000 on Today at 05:07 AM »
Test: Celtic Casino American Wheel-
Saturday, March 17,2018 @ 11:25pm CDT USA

...36,26,25,8,20,33,30,0,17 (newest spin-value)

Bet s34-36:    1.) 16(x)-1

Bet s25-27:    2.) 9(x)-1

Bet s25-27:    3.) 10(x)-1

Bet s7-9:         4.) 18(x)-1

Bet s19-21:     5.) 19(win)+11
The Notepad / Re: Dawna1: A Ninth Outcome Street System
« Last post by Proofreaders2000 on Today at 05:03 AM »
Test: Celtic Casino European Wheel-
Saturday, March 17,2018 @ 11:18pm CDT USA

...33,32,33,5,24,23,10,2,9 (newest spin-value)

Bet s31-33:    1.) 2(x)-1

Bet s31-33:    2.) 19(x)-1

Bet s31-33:    3.) 4(x)-1

Bet s4-6:         4.) 23(x)-1

Bet s22-24:     5.) 22(win)+11
The Notepad / Dawna1: A Ninth Outcome Street System
« Last post by Proofreaders2000 on Today at 04:40 AM »
*European Wheel preferred

Procedure: Note the ninth outcome. 
Bet the corresponding street once.

If win end session.  If miss
repeat steps with the newest trigger.

Stop on a win or after 12 consecutive misses.

Example: 21,16,9,14,8,27,2,13,4 (newest spin-value)

Bet s19-21 once:    1.) 13(x)

Bet s16-18 once....

*If a zero shows as the ninth outcome wait one spin.

Example: 0,21,9,3,14,27,29,3,34 (newest spin-value)

(wait one spin)...13 (newest spin-value)

Bet s19-21 once...

Bankroll suggestion: 12 units per session
Thanks for testing Boyd30. 

If you think it needs a progression you could
do +1 unit after eight consecutive misses.

Bankroll suggestion: (w/progression): 80 units
The Notepad / Re: The Rolling Nine (Turbo inspired)
« Last post by Bigbroben on Today at 12:46 AM »
Here is an idea I had thinking about the repeats and also incorporating a kind of gap methodology into the mix.

There is a rollling 9 spin window where you are waiting for a number to hit twice. When the second hit comes, cross out that number where it appeared in the previous 9 spins. You will now play this number for 9 spins. When a number hits and it's not a repeat, remember to cross out the furthest back number so you still have a rolling 9.  You can play 4 numbers at 1 chip each = 36 chips before you are in the red. I am going to try some different staking methods with it and see how it goes.

Doin' ok,

I just reread the way it is explained here: now just betting the repeater for 9 spins, hoping for a 3rd hit.
The Notepad / Re: The Rolling Nine (Turbo inspired)
« Last post by wiggy on Yesterday at 11:30 PM »
So in picture one, there are 22 spins gone and there are 4 (2 hits) the 8,12,32,34.

Then the 23 becomes a 2 hit and the 35 becomes a 2 hit.
The 8 hits on spin 26 (picture 2) for it's 3rd hit and the balance is in the + by 16 units. But if it was in the red, you would then raise ALL bets on the next spin and keep on doing it like this until the end of the short cycle up to spin 42.

The Notepad / Re: The Rolling Nine (Turbo inspired)
« Last post by wiggy on Yesterday at 11:16 PM »
Oh yeah sorry wiggy for bombing your topic

No problem, the more ideas the better when trying to brainstorm. I took a day or so off from all the reading to just clear the thoughts a bit.

Let's say you don't use a 37 spin cycle, but instead look at a 42 spin cycle. You get an average 25 (0/1 hits), 7 (2 hits), 3 (3 hits) and the odd 4 hit and a rare 5 hit. Quite often the 3 hit doesn't come until around the 20+ spin mark. Now normally around this time, you have around 4-5 2's. So what about if you then play all the 2 hits......on a win, if you are in profit, stop. If not in profit then raise all the bets and do it like this. It means you have a short window from around the 20+ spin mark until the 42 spin mark and I think this is where an aggressive progression can work and take you into a profit every other game.
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