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General Discussion / When to Hit and Stand
« Last post by on Today at 12:00:15 PM »
When to Hit and Stand

Source: When to Hit and Stand
General Discussion / Learning the basics
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Learning the basics

Source: Learning the basics
General Discussion / Playing More Than One Hand
« Last post by on Today at 12:00:15 PM »
Playing More Than One Hand

Source: Playing More Than One Hand
Bet selection / Witches Three
« Last post by ignatus on Today at 11:25:05 AM »
This is a nice little system, "Witches Three" played with 3 splits and a negative progression.

TRIGGER- A NEW dozen hit. When a new doz hit, bet 3 splits- on the two unhit splits within the Doublestreet hit, AND 1 split at the unhit columnstreet hit.

For an example split 3-6 hit, (Trigger) Now you bet split 1-4, 2-5 and 9-12,

Progression; First do 6 spins, then double bets, and then double bets after each 3 losses in a row.

Bank: a minimum of 1000u playing with 1u bets.

First tests was played with 1u bets, (wingoal +200u, stoploss -1000u)

5/5 Games won
In Roulette one needs to understand what is EDGE - bets need to be placed at a different dimension to how 99.9% of systems are played on this forum - otherwise there's no advantage.

Real Roulette Spins / Re: Efbet - airball roulette
« Last post by Mortagon on Today at 07:22:24 AM »
Efbet Hemus
Europe/Sofia time (06:15 - 09:15)
General Discussion / Re: How many years before one becomes a pro gambler?
« Last post by Steve on Today at 05:33:50 AM »
Even with an effective approach, most players do not succeed. It is not because the method doesnt work. It's usually things like they get bored, or dont have the patience. In the case of my system, you cant just walk up to any wheel and start winning a fortune. A lot of the time it is many hours of very tedious work, and it doesnt always work out. But when it does work out, it can be very rewarding. But still most people do not have the stamina for it. It largely depends on where you play though. Some places are very easy, some places are a real grind.

Some players can do say $100 in about a few hours with $1 units and they're happy. But it is much more viable to play with larger stakes. Although it depends on the technology/system you are using. You can play for many hours with the system and never raise suspicion. But your time is limited with the computer before you raise red flags (although they are quicker to use anyway).

I wouldnt say it takes X amount of years. In the right conditions with the right approach, you can beat a wheel consistently with literally a few minutes of training. If you are going to travel and scout for wheels, then you need money to start because the travel alone is expensive. And you cant play with small stakes or it wont be viable.

Most players dont want to travel, so they are stuck with whatever their local casino is like. An experienced player will see good opportunities. An inexperienced player will be lost and unable to see where an advantage is, and how to exploit it. That's the difference years of experience can make. But if the conditions are really bad in a casino, and you dont want to travel, then experience is not relevant.
Outside The Box / ARV
« Last post by 3Nine on Today at 02:56:05 AM »
Lottery (any game, really) ARV direct download:

Short 4 minute video demonstration:

Direct link to user manual:

And a real-time strangeness detector?  Strange.

General Discussion / Re: Flat Earth theory questions
« Last post by Steve on Today at 02:43:11 AM »
RG, sure but its still possible NASA installed a gigantic light bending lens to make the Earth look round. Isnt it?

Also about Trump, he may have already fulfilled some election promises but he is making a mess with other things. One example is his approach to Isis. His solution is to blow the shit out of them. That's a typical arrogant attitude. What created Isis in the first place is America putting their noses where it wasn't welcome. The injustices and human right abuses are far worse in Africa, but you don't see America storming in there. I wonder why. The reason is not at all a threat to the elite.

 Isis is more an ideology than a physical enemy they can be defeated. You can't kill an idea. All more military action is going to do is piss off more people, and make the problem worse.

I said it after he was elected, that he may be a Trojan horse. One of the worst things he could do is to escalate military intervention. And that's what he is doing. He is moving towards more, and away from peace. Whether it's just his arrogant attitude, or part of the elite agenda, who knows. But really he is in making the changes he should be making. What is the Federal reserve still exist? That's one of the biggest problems.

I'm not convinced Trump is a saviour. As time goes by, he appears to be the opposite
General Discussion / Re: Flat Earth theory questions
« Last post by RouletteGhost on Today at 01:41:32 AM »
Elon Musk is starting space tourism next year

And they want to make it affordable

Nothing crazy. Stratosphere stuff I believe

Going to be such a trigger for flat earthers

Going to be just as delicious as when trump won

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