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if AI can't beat it, we can't too.

Started by Silence, Feb 20, 06:57 AM 2024

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Why do we think we can beat roulette, when even artificial intelligence can't do it.

it is obvious that there is no freaking way we can win this battle and it can be considered wishful thinking or day dreaming.

if there was a pattern in the distribution of spun numbers, AI would have been able to spot it in no time, sadly this is not the case.

Personally I have had enough and I am out of this madness.

Kimo Li

"Everything is impossible, until someone does it."

What do you mean artificial intelligence can't do it?
How do you know?

What makes you think roulette cannot be beaten?
How do you know?

It's beaten.


Dear Kimo Li,

I understand your approach on exploiting the subconscious mind's ability to recognize patterns, and I understand that in order to do that you would need to memorize the structure of the wheel head and the table layout, the relationship between the two.

And also you would need to trust the decisions made by the subconscious mind without being affected by rational thinking process, however it is difficult to measure the long term effect of such approach, assuming there is an effect to measure in the first place, although you encourage starting with the belief that it can be done before even trying.
Which suggests you have a deeper understanding of the dynamics of belief systems and how belief triggers manifestation, but that's another topic.

Based on my own roulette journey I understood that some agents have been on this planet longer than others, and beating roulette is Thier way of multidimensional inheritance, the DaVinci Code to wealth, they get paid to exist, because they do the WORK, these agents are here to optimize the system, the average joe can't even recognize that the graphical display on the retina of his eyes is being optimized by the second by these agents, you wake up in the morning and you notice that the world is more colorful than it used to be yesterday.

I believe you are one of those old soul agents that get paid to exist playing roulette because they deserve it.

I know, I know, I believe all of these outlandish ideas, yet I can't believe that roulette can be beaten, Maybe not this lifetime.

Kimo Li

The road to understanding roulette starts with the belief that roulette can be beaten.

I am not the only old soul roulette agent.
We are a group of old  and new soul roulette agents experiencing a parallel existence in this lifetime.

Why wait for the next lifetime?

Once an agent acquires the knowledge, it carries onto the next lifetime.
Armed with the basic knowledge, some wait for the next lifetime to elevate their understanding.
Why wait? I will never know, because the time to act is when a path is crossed.

The rest will never know, because the road to understanding roulette starts with the belief that roulette can be beaten.

That holds true with any idea.


Its not hard to predict the ball will more likely land in one area than another. It changes your odds of winning.

But it's impossible to change the odds with imaginary patterns and fallacies, that almost everyone here still follow. Very simple testing shows this. Anyone with even basic understanding laughs at the efforts of almost every casino player.

If you want to try something new, that's great. But start by understanding what has been tried before, and why it failed. Sound reasonable?

It has all been said before. Stop wasting your life.
"The only way to beat roulette is by increasing the accuracy of predictions"
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Kimo Li

"...impossible to change the odds with imaginary patterns and fallacies..."

Then, why have a roulette forum if you believe this to be true?

Life is short. Have I wasted my life?

I don't think so.

What everyone has read about my work publicly, and how I approach my game is just that, limited knowledge.
The allusive knowledge will never be revealed on any forum.

I agree with you. Stop wasting your lives.


I like to play with the ideas publicly shared by Kimo li, although I agree with Steve.

See, the problem is not whether you accept that it's impossible to beat roulette with imaginary concepts and ideas, Rationality, logic and math obviously show that it's impossible, the problem is that something inside us refuses to believe that we have no power in the face of pure negative or even zero sum games.

And I came to understand that the journey is not about finding the holly pattern, but it's more about knowing the entity inside us that keeps pushing us to look for the pattern.

I like to study roulette for fun and I like to create frameworks of mind using the illusive language of randomness, yes sometimes it looks as though the stream of random numbers is like an advanced alien language.

My last imaginary concepts on how to beat the wheel using kimo li's ideas and some of my own, started great the trigger to start the session is perfect but it lacks stop loss and take profit triggers.

Kimo Li

It's great to know that there are players out there who are using my ideas and integrating their own concepts or having their own concepts and integrating my concepts.

There are many players out there who are not brave enough to admit that they incorporate my ideas for fear of criticism.

Don't waste your time with my ideas. It will take you a lifetime to figure out on your own.
Having said that, the ultimate strategy does exist. It may be a waste of your time, if you can't figure it out.


Here is an image showing one of my ideas using your global pie concept, you track the order of the pies in which the ball falls into one by one, when a repeat happens you move to the next line, the first pie that repeats starts a trend, we then start betting on that pie as long as the trend is active, then we stop.

You Once said fortune favors the brave, sometimes a trend can be active for a long time.

My guess is that the secret is on how to handle the times when there is no trend in sight, and bet big when the opportunity presents itself.

That requires having no fear, and that is obviously the task at hand, remembering who you are.


Over the long run, you will lose, but that long run can last longer than your life. Luck is valuable.

Take a simple 3 spins, you have 1 dollar and the table max is $100.

(1x35) + (36x35) + (100x35) = 4795 MAX
(1x0)                       = 0    MIN

There is a huge gap between the two extremes and the future is not certain.
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Kimo Li

Luck has nothing to do with winning in the long run.
It's the precise execution of a strategy that is formulated to never lose, a perpetual motion.

It's hard to believe. It exists.

It's a paradox that defies and hinders on statistics, math and logic.

It's the absolute formula of no fear, all in.

Bull sh!t, you may say.
"If the bull don't sh!t, the bull dies."


Quote from: Kimo Li on Feb 23, 02:29 AM 2024It's the absolute formula of no fear, all in.

You can't deny you are a poker player :xd:

Kimo Li


roulette is a game of pure chance, where each spin is independent and unpredictable. While some players may employ various strategies or techniques to increase their chances, the outcome is ultimately determined by luck.

Kimo Li

I see not many want to speak their minds, express their views, or challenge roulette boundaries.

AI, something that is foreign to me, and yet it affects me on a daily basis, perhaps unknowingly most of the time.

What's intriguing to me is I win every session when I play airball roulette.

How is that possible? AI is made out to be a formidable foe when playing roulette.

I believe AI is only as good as the information it gathers. AI appears to be incapable of giving a player a sound strategy to beat roulette, only fragments success.

What do you think?