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if AI can't beat it, we can't too.

Started by Silence, Feb 20, 06:57 AM 2024

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When I use AI I do NOT even tell it that it is for roulette. First key right there  ;)

 8) 8)  8)


AI can't win@=!? ... first off, casinos pay a lot of money for the public feature of exploring a casino-games solutions restricted, I'd think, or just 'knock on the door' ... Second, most importantly, depends on who trains it.

You personally are  not  training it, you are usimg it as an extension of you to potentially solve your problem. Give me an AI & I am able to in fact tell it. But that would come to my disadvantage, so why would I, & same, why would anyone successful!?


Don;t look into patterns, but how you handle the money .. is my suggestion.

That's the only two things in your control .. how much & where ... how many units & which position type (most important) .. where ecactly is that position placed (not of essential importance).