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That's very impressive :)
I am going to test it and I will let you know.
Good Job Drazen


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I've been testing this for one week and about 5 or 6 thousand spins. Live roulette, not RNG.

At first it was doing well, but in my last session none of 7 sleepers from the third dozen haven't showed up for initial 37 spins (tracking numbers), then for another 28 spins. That would kill the bank of around 10.000 units unless played stop-take loss-retrack. About 10-15 similar cases occured during this testing.

This system is a potential winner, BUT! prepare to risk and play with very, very large bank (15 - 20 thousand units) without stop/loss, or don't bother to play at all - too many stops/retrack/taking losses can NOT compensate time spent on playing, because just one stop/loss will kill about 12 sessions with around 500-600 spins (roughly speaking). During next recovering 600 spins one or more of stop-loss events will be almost certain, thus making your efforts pointless


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Anyone still playing this system?
I played for a while with ups and downs.
I am just about breaking even.
How do you play it?
To play less then 4 numbers in a dozen feels to risky for me  i have had biggest losning sessions when i have played 3 numbers. Longest streak with out hit 57 numbers in live wheel.
Maybe one could play all sleepers with progression like 10-15 numbers until first hit.
I have played a different system before based on pretty much the same thing and the longest streek of no sleeper hitting i have seen is 14 spin.
But this dozen system is so much easier to use it would be great to hear news how you are doing.


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Holy Grail seekers, look here.


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Guys, did anyone programmed this system for roulette xtreme 2.0?



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Hey Drazen,

Another member sent me a link to your post because I am also interested in the law of the third. At the end of the day, there are unique numbers, duplicate numbers and un-hit numbers. What I have been focusing on are the duplicate numbers. Specifically when the first duplicate happens. I like studying this because it doesn't take hundreds of spins for the statistics to work out to 100%. For example, the first repeat happens 97-98% of the time within 15 spins, according to my tests.

First Repeat: Percent
2: 2.63%
3: 5.12%
4: 7.27%
5: 8.94%
6: 10.0%
7: 10.43%
8: 10.24%
9: 9.56%
10: 8.48%
11: 7.19%
12: 5.81%
13: 4.52%
14: 3.36%
15: 2.37%
16: 1.6%
17: 1.04%
18: 0.64%
19: 0.37%
20: 0.21%
21: 0.11%
22: 0.05%
23: 0.02%
24: 0.01%
25: 0.01%
26: 0.0%
27: 0.0%
28: 0.0%
29: 0.0%

At first, I thought it would be simple enough to bet every unique number until a repeat happened, but gets very expensive. But, betting just be a portion such as unique 6,7,8 numbers, you end up missing out on the wins.

Your idea to bet on the outside, might just solve this dilemma. Maybe start making outside bets using a progression once 5 unique numbers hit, but then change it to the inside numbers after it gets closer to 15 unique numbers in order to keep the overall costs down.

Have you explored the set of unique number until a repeat using outside bets before?
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