Roulette Chips: The Secrets Casinos Wont Tell You

At the roulette table, the chips of the small plastic discs you bet with. They are a lot more than small pieces of plastic, and in fact often contain hidden microchips to track professional players. There are few companies that design and manufacture the chips. This article reveals some of the information casinos don’t want you to know.

How To Purchase Chips At The Roulette Table

To purchase chips, after a spin ends and the dealer places the marker on the winning number. Place your money clearly on the table in front of the dealer. They will then ask you which chips you wish to use.

Most roulette tables provide chip values of: $5, $25 and $100. Some casinos also provide players with the option of $1, $500 and even $1000 chips. Ultimately depends on the casino, and the table betting limits.

RFID Roulette Chip Tracking

RFID chips are basically ones that contain a hidden microchip. Over the years, the technology has involved for many different purposes. Some of these are explained below:

Tracking chip movement in the casino: all it takes is a variety of sensors around the casino, and surveillance staff from the casino can track chip location anywhere in the casino. Most commonly this form of tracking is used when the chip is taken outside the casino. More about reasons for this are explained later in this article.

Tracking bets: there are a lot of reasons why a casino would want to track bets. Firstly, under the table felt is a sensor mat. It can precisely determine the location of roulette betting chip that is placed on the betting table. Firstly, the precise chip location can determine the precise bet that has been made. This is particularly useful when a chip is in place correctly. For example, a player may have bet on the split between one and two. But if the ball lands on one, they may argue that the chip was solely on number one. The problem may be that the edge of the chip was touching on the line between numbers one and two. It’s a big difference in payout. The electronic sensor can precisely determine which bet was made. But in such a situation, it is more likely the casino surveillance staff will review recorded video footage.

A more common reason Roulette Chip tracking is used is in the case of post betting. This is when a cheating roulette player discreetly changes their bet after the ball has landed. The senses may determine that the chip has been moved after the ball lands. A sophisticated casino, with the right equipment, would instantly be alerted to the situation. In less sophisticated casinos, it is not particularly difficult to cheat with post betting. It simply requires the player and their partners to divert the dealer’s attention. It only takes a second. Keep in mind that magicians can easily fall people with simple card tricks, which are performed right in front of your eyes.

Another way RFID chips can be used is to ensure the roulette payouts are correct. This is because previously, some dealers have colluded with players to “over-pay” them.

Colored Chips Vs Standard Chips

Most roulette tables include the option to use colour chips, or the standard chips with a specific value. The standard chips can be used on all tables throughout the casino. However, the colour chips can only be used on the specific table they were purchased at. Depending on your roulette strategy, there may or may not be a significant advantage to which chips you use.

The obvious upside of using colour chips is you can easily identify which bets are yours. If you use a standard chips, it is very easy to forget where you bet, and which winds are yours. It is also much easier for other players to discreetly take your winnings. If you noticed, then it may result in the dispute that only casino surveillance video will resolve. If you are one of the players that sprinkled chips all over the table, then you would need to use colour chips.

Usually colour chips can be assigned any value you want. The roulette dealer notes the value of your colour chips when you purchase them. When you leave the table, the colour chips are converted back to standard chips. You then catch these chips in for real money at the cashier.

Where To Buy Roulette Chips For Home Play

There are countless casino chip suppliers throughout the world. Most of them are much the same, and do not contain any fancy technology such as RFID chips. Essentially they are plastic all the way through. They are not particularly expensive to purchase. But if you don’t mind spending a little extra, I suggest chips which have a slight rubbery feel around the edges. They are generally heavier and feel more valuable to hold. In fact one particular casino chip manufacturer spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, just to produce chips that had the right feel. After all, the gambling industry is a multi-billion-dollar entertainment industry. And anything that’s going to increase the appeal and excitement of a roulette game will ultimately benefit casinos. Hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop a simple plastic and rubber chip sounds like overkill. But keep in mind casinos have virtually limitless supply of money, and something as simple as a nice feeling betting chip can make a big difference to their income over decades to come.

Is It Legal To Souvenir Chips?

Most players don’t know is actually illegal to take betting chips outside the casino. Inside the casino, many jurisdictions consider betting chips to be legal tender. This means they are basically cash. But they only have value inside the casino.

It is forbidden to take betting chips outside the casino, for a variety of reasons.

For example, illegal activity could easily be financed with casino chips. All it would take is one person purchases chips, and gives them to another person. The second person then cashes in the chips for money. This would be a simple transaction, and potentially completely anonymous if done carefully.

Every casino requires photo identification when cashing out large amounts. This is to prevent money laundering, such as the example provided above. But there’s more to it. Naturally a casino wants to identify professional players who win large sums. If an individual won millions of dollars, it is prudent for the casino to know who they are. If the player is suspected of being a professional, their name and photo may be added to the database which is accessed by other casinos.

Evolution of Touch Bet Roulette

Time is money, and it is no exception for casinos. Most modern casinos still payout players manually. This means the dealer manually places chips next to winning bets. When all payouts are complete, the players can retrieve their winnings and original bet. The problem is this takes a lot of time, that would be better spent on proceeding to the next spin. From the casino’s perspective, the more spins that occur, the more players that lose, and the more money the casino makes. This is especially important if the table is busy. Nobody wants to play on a busy table. So if you approach a busy table, chances are you’ll turn the other way.

This is one of the reasons why many casinos are turning towards touch bet Roulette. This is where there are no physical Roulette chips or betting table. All betting is done through a touch bet terminal in front of you. Still the roulette wheel may be real, but it is usually situated at the front of the room, or in the centre of all the touch bet terminals. The obvious advantage of such an arrangement is payouts are done instantly, and the dealer can proceed to the next spin without delay.

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