Labouchere Roulette System

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(Kevin, 2015) said basically, Labouchère system is based on the made believed thought that roulette is a game involving pattern and extra time without considering the budget or the table capacity because you will always be on the winning side, this is far from the truth because every spin on the wheel of roulette will give an unexpected outcome. The bitter truth is that no method of roulette game assures the player to be on the winning side even with Labouchère system, but the probability of ending up with the desired or speculated amount is certain and it also gives room for discipline when adopting the method.

What is the labouchère system?

It is a kind of betting system in roulette game that deals with even, odd and 1-18/9-36 money ratio, it is also known as cancellation system or split martingale, it is a gambling method that is used in roulette system. In this case, the player decides how much to win by writing down a list of positive numbers that will make up total sum of the amount to be won. At the turn of each bet, the player place a bet on the number that is an equivalence of the first and the last number, when it remains a single number, a bet is to be placed on it. For a favourable outcome the two numbers are removed from the list, for an unfavourable case, the desired number is added to list of numbers, the game continues in this sequence until the speculated amount is won or until the player is shot of money(Merriam-Webster, 1998). For a given player to play based on the above statement, eighteen different results could place the player on a winning side but for American roulette wheel,twenty different results couldplace the player on a losing side. Betting chances on any of the above wheel could be said to be 18:38 with the percentage around 47: 37%. On a theoretical note because the player is crossing out two numbers on the list when winning and including just one number when losing, the player will need a percentage ratio of 33: 34% for the list to be completed.

Methods in Labouchère system (Labouchère roulette strategy, 2015)

1. Cancellation method: this is a case where by winning numbers are cancelled out of the set of listed numbers, example is given below: assuming the following set of numbers is the list 1 2 4 2 4 4 6 8 to place a bet on, there will be addition of the first and the last number. The addition of the first and the last number equals 1+8=9, the amount to place a bet on is 9,after placing the bet, if that is the winning number, then the first numbers and the last will be cancelled out of the set, then we have 2 4 2 4 4 6. The process lasted until all the numbers are out for a winning bet.

2. Inclusion method: Contrary to deletion of the first theory, addition method is adopted in this case. After calculating the amount to place a bet on. If the bet is on a losing side, then the number will be incorporated in the set. Take for instance in a given set of 1 2 4 2 4 4 6 8 the number to place bet on will be 1+8=9 for a losing game the set will become 1 2 4 2 4 46 8 9, if the game continues and the player kept on loosing, the set keeps increasing.

3. Backward method: As the name implies, it is a reversal method in labouchère system, instead of deleting number after winning, the player will add the stake amount to the given set of numbers but when loosing, player delete two numbers from the sets. The player can start with a fresh set of numbers, if they run out numbers and want to continue the game. One good reason while players prefer this is simply because, you don’t have to set an amount to place your bet on but the error can be minimised by setting a specific amount for loses. This place a form of control measure on the player, as they will not place a bet they can’t afford in case the loosing amount supersedes the winning amount, thereby causing a total failure.

The detrimental effect of this labouchère system is that, players might give up easily when they suffer a considerable amount of loses causing them to put in more money without winning the money in return, this may pour cold water at their heart due to lack of fund causing them to give up this method. Another issue is that when there a greater amount of losses, table limit may be set therefore giving rise to an inability to complete the game that was fully started.

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