Realistic Expectations For Professional Roulette Players

Imagine walking into any casino, and winning roulette whenever you want. You would have money on tap. You can win as much as you want, whenever you want, and never be short of money again. Is this the life of professional roulette player?


I’ve been professional roulette player for over 20 years now. This article is about explaining the reality of what it’s like as a professional player.

What a Winning System Means

The winning system does not mean unlimited money from nowhere. It simply means that you have a long-term statistical advantage over the casino, but only when conditions are suitable. And conditions are not always suitable.

I see all the time on my forums that people don’t like the idea of not winning 100% of the time. With the right technique, or technology, and in the right conditions, you can win almost 100% of the time. Most people would say is simply not possible. But it is, and will explain how.

Firstly, understand that the casino has a long-term advantage over most roulette players. In European roulette, the house edge is -2.7%. This is the casinos advantage of players. But on some nights, the casino may make a loss. This might be because some player wins big, from luck. But the casino knows they will eventually make back their money. From this perspective, you might say the casino is going to win 100% of the time.

So while the casino always wins in the long-term, they might have short-term losses. It is exactly the same case for professional roulette system players. They might lose on some days, because one day of play is only short-term. But with correct application of the system, they will eventually make back losses and more. From this perspective, you could argue that professional players win 100% of the time.

But you can’t realistically say you’ll win on 100% of the days you play. It isn’t needed anyway.

Winning at Online Casinos

Let’s be realistic. No casino will tolerate a consistently winning player, if they know about it.

Although every casino has video camera surveillance, it’s not difficult to avoid detection as a professional player. It’s more about winning discreetly, and not doing anything that gives away your technique. Ultimately this need to avoid detection is what limits your winnings.

It’s even more difficult to avoid detection at online casinos, because they can see every bet, and all activity in a particular account.

If you’re playing at online casinos purely for fun, then it doesn’t matter. You can find out more about online casinos to play on many website. Websites like MrCasinova Suomi list casinos that offer bonuses that appeal to recreational players.

But if you’re looking to play roulette professionally, benefits like casino bonuses won’t matter to you. Your primary concern is ensuring you can beat the physical wheels provided by the casino. Because you can’t be all physical wheels, and you can’t realistically beat random number generator roulette. There are some limited ways of beating random number generators, although it’s extremely difficult, and realistically you would need a copy of the software used by casinos to generate random numbers.

Almost successful online players manage multiple casinos and accounts. They also use various proxies to hide their real IP address. This part isn’t difficult to do. In is not particularly difficult to beat the live roulette casinos. The problem is to process withdrawals of winnings, you need an identification verified account. There are ways of dealing with this – one of which is paying real people to set up identification verified accounts. You still have access to the account, but it is attached to the identification of another person.

Can You Win Millions?

Yes, real players have one millions. But it’s important to understand your system doesn’t limit your profits. Ultimately the casino surveillance is what limits your profits. Basically, you can’t win millions without being noticed by casino staff. Players who have one small fortunes almost always detected.

So what happens if you are detected or suspected of professional play, by casino staff? First, the casino review video footage, and try to determine how you have won. If they can’t find anything you might have done illegally, they are obligated to pay your winnings. But is the job of casino surveillance to detect you before your winnings are too large. And if the casino staff do their job, they will catch on to you generally when you start to win around about $10,000 or so.

But this really depends on where you play, and the table limit. Because in some casinos and on some tables, winning $10,000 is not much at all. So it’s more accurate to say your winnings are limited to the conditions that the casino, which include variables such as table limits.

Obviously if you can only play five dollars tables, then you might only be able to take $1000 per session. This might be an hour or so of work, which is certainly better than most 9-to-5 jobs.

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