Three Fun Facts About Roulette

When it comes to gambling in casinos, there are but a few games that are considered standard. If a casino does not have any of these games, there is a good chance people won’t take it seriously. Poker and blackjack are two popular card games. Slots are something that attracts gamblers of all types. Then there is roulette, a game like no other that has captivated enthusiasts ever since its invention by Blaise Pascal in the 17th century.

Now though, with online casinos being the rage, roulette has taken on a new virtual avatar. Therefore, it only makes sense that if you are joining a new website, you first make sure that it offers roulette, amongst some of the other famous casino games. In fact, you will find that the very best betting sites merge the concept of a casino with that of a sportsbook, providing gamblers with a variety of money-making options. As a result, they can switch between real-life sports competitions and virtual gaming with only a few taps. For a roulette enthusiast, there is nothing like the excitement of the game, and here are some facts that can actually help you enjoy it more.

Roulette on the Move

Mobile technology has completely revolutionised the way we play online casinos. Not only are we able to play from our laptops, but now, it is possible to indulge in favourite games while on the move. However, many gamblers are under the misconception that the only games available on mobile devices are slots, poker, digital lotteries, and blackjack. That is not true. Roulette fans will be glad to know that many leading casinos offer mobile versions of the game that are full of fantastic graphics, sounds, and smooth user interface. And if you prefer a more life-like experience, there is also the possibility to play live roulette with a human dealer on the other side. 

Gone 3D

One reason why online casinos took a while to capture the imagination of gamblers was that they were not “real” enough. Therefore, the industry has been trying very hard over the past few years to come up with options that give a more life-like feel to their customers. Not many people know that 3D roulette is amongst the most prevalent games in its category. As a game that gives you better odds over other betting options, playing roulette in a 3D format can do both, present you with the best winning opportunities while enjoying it authentically. The next step in this direction is VR, and soon enough, we can get a little closer to reality as casino games will take us on virtual gambling tours across the globe.

Vintage Roulette

Moving from the future of the roulette to the past, here is a little-known fact about the game that should interest antique collectors. In the old wheels of the game, made specially in the US, there used to be a bald eagle symbol, which represented a zero. These wheels were soon discontinued. However, now, if you were to get a hand on one, it could fetch you quite a bit of money. Not the most direct way to earn from roulette, but still a good possibility if you have a liking for vintage stuff.

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